Game Camera Pictures And Garden Greens

14 Sep


I finally started getting some pictures of Bucks at my feeder instead of just Does. I think I can identify at least three different Bucks.


This Buck has a smaller rack


This one is different still, he has more curve to his tines.


Here is a doe with two Fawns.


One picture with a Doe and her Fawn, a squirrel and two crows.


This pictures two of the bucks at one time. This time of year they still hang out in bachelor herds, but soon the urge will hit and they will start fighting each other competing for the Does. Sounds like us guys doesn’t it?


This is another Buck with small, close set horns.


The Turkeys are still around.


Sometimes the deer and the Turkeys come out at the same time.


This is a different Buck, he actually has a half-way decent rack.


And of course, I still have those dastardly Raccoons hanging around! I haven’t seen any signs of the Foxes this year, I guess they moved on after we moved in.


I planted 4 different types of greens right before the last rain and I got a good stand of all of them. But if you look at the lower right corner you can see the greens look awfully thin.


And this is why, Armyworms! We are having a plague of Biblical proportions. The worms have been destroying lawns and pastures all over the area. When the grass is gone, they move to the nearest available host such as my greens. I hope they go away soon or there won’t be enough greens for me and the deer to eat. Keep prepping everyone!

Ornamental Plants

13 Sep

My post yesterday got a little picture heavy so I saved the plants I took pictures of to post today.


All around the buildings on the campus of the West Tennessee Agricultural Research station there are a lot of interesting plants. There is an Ornamental Horticulturist on staff to take care of the plants and answer people’s questions about plants you might have in your yard. In addition to agricultural research, they also conduct Forestry research and turf and grasses.



I like those “Black Magic” elephant ears planted in amongst those yellow Coleus.



I’ve never seen this shade of Coleus for sale around here. The station sometimes gets plants that are just being developed and are not for sale yet. I think the local chapter of “Master Gardeners” help tend these displays as well.





This is one of my favorites, I have a thing for giant Elephant Ears. Two years ago, Elephant Ears were the featured plants and there must have been nearly 100 different ones, miniature specimens all the way up to giants. We have finally got most of the brush cleared from the area in front of the homestead so I am about ready to start doing some landscaping. You can bet I will have some Elephant Ears included in the design.

empress wu

The plants I most have an affinity for in the landscape are Hostas. This is a picture I found on the web of an Empress Wu hosta, I will definitely have to get one of those! Keep prepping everyone.

Ornamental Plants And Bottle Trees

12 Sep


Last week I was at the West Tennessee Agricultural Research Station to tour the cotton test plots for 2014. At one of the stops on the tour, the young man pictured above is presenting the information about this plot. This young man worked for me during four Summers while he obtained his BS degree in Agriculture. He has since gone on and obtained his Masters Degree in Ag and is now working towards his PhD in Agriculture. He must have learned a lot working for me! Who knows, someday he may have a high-up job with some big Ag Company and he might give me a job and I could be working for him the next time around. It goes to show the old adage in life has a lot of truth to it, “To get far in life, it’s not what you know, but who you know.” While I was there, I saw some interesting ornamental plants around the campus buildings on the station and I brought Sweet Thing back on Saturday so she could see them as well.


Last year, there was a lot of metal objects such as these old disc blades used for decorations. The primary objects  used last year were old bicycles and they had them placed strategically all throughout the displays. I can’t say I was too impressed with the way they looked.


When you first enter, there is a big wall of hanging bottles greeting you. This year the decorating theme is bottles.


This is a metal sculpture representing a caterpillar.


There were strings of bottles hanging in the trees.


There were objects created with small beer bottles.




They also had the usual bottle trees.


If you look closely, you can see strings of colored pill bottles hanging from the trees. Those are actually clear hobby bottles filled with colored water to create the desired effect.


They added metal wings to some of the bottles to make them resemble insects. I actually kind of liked those, but they look way too time consuming to make! This post is getting a little long and picture heavy so I will save the plant pictures until tomorrow.

Sept 11, 2001 Remembrance

11 Sep

sept 11

Once again we find ourselves on the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Centers. Once again, most people are sticking their head in the sand and just going about their business and not even thinking about world events. On this day I choose to not only remember those who died on that day, but to also think of the thousands of our military members who have died since then fighting to keep us safe. So how about we all send up a prayer to ask for the safety of the men and women serving our country today? For those of you who are against war (and what sane person is not) I remind you the threat of Islam is still out there. You will notice I just said Islam and not radical Islam because I consider them to be mostly one and the same. If you don’t believe that most Islamist want to kill you just do a little reading on the groups called ISIS, ISIL, or IS. Their stated goal is to take over the world and to convert you or see you dead. I think the scariest thing about these groups is the amount of money they have supporting them. It is one thing to have a group of haters wanting to kill you, but it is another thing when that group has untold millions of dollars backing their efforts. So before you go to sleep tonight, how about saying a prayer for our troops and the troops from all the other countries that are helping to protect us. God Bless America, and God Bless Our Troops!

Tuesday Tunes:Dean Martin;You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

9 Sep

Classic Stuff from Mr. Cool with an assist from Shelby Lynn and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, enjoy!

Homestead Update

6 Sep


The garden is almost finished for the season, we are picking the final tomatoes and cantaloupes.


We went to the Farmer’s Market and bought some nice fresh Okra and Vidalia Onions. Sweet Thing used our Tomatoes and the Okra and Onions to make some delicious Okra and Tomatoes. This dish is so good I’ll bet even Pioneer Preppy would like it!


I hooked up my disc and worked up a spot in the back and planted 4 different winter greens. We will pick what we want and leave the rest for the deer to eat this winter.

20140830_100649-1 (2)

I bought a piece of culvert to go into the gully in the middle of the homestead. As things are now, we have 16 acres of woods in the back and the only way to get there now is on foot. After I get the culvert installed, we can go to the woods on the tractor or the ATV. I expect we will spend more time back there when it gets easier to get to. More to come.

Naked Ladies!

5 Sep

No, it’s not what you think! I am going to post some flower pictures, not the other kind!


This is a ring of Belladonna lilies, or what are commonly known as “Surprise Lilies” or “Johnny Jump-Ups”. One of my readers last year called them “Naked Ladies” and I have never heard them called that. I guess people around here are too polite to use that term. HAHA!


They are pretty no matter what you call them. What makes them unusual is the flowers appear before the foliage appears, thus the term “Surprise”!


I saw a big spot of these wild hibiscus growing along a ditch bank.


I noticed this long row of coreopsis blooming. An insect called the Tarnished Plant Bug really likes this flower, and when the blooms dry out, the insects move into the cotton fields, then I have to recommend spraying to kill them.


I also saw these pretty weeds, although they are not really flowers. This is a weed known as Marestail, and it is difficult to kill. The weeds have been sprayed with a herbicide that bleached out the bud and turned them yellow, all be it temporarily. Within a week this weed was solid green once again. More to come, keep prepping everyone.


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