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31 Aug


And cowcrap too! This is what the pile of muck looks like that a farmer piled up around one of his feed lots. That pile is a combination of hay, mud, and manure accumulated over an entire winter of feeding cows hay in a hayring.


You can see what the ground looks like after he scraped up the muck. If you look in the background, you can see another pile of manure in the other pasture. I know of 5 different places where there is a pile just like that, and I sure did want some of that. I had in my mind getting an entire dump truck load of this manure. I was going to spread it out and wet it down, add some more rotting hay, throw in a few handfuls of fertilizer to aid the composting process, then take my front end loader and pile it back up and let it compost for a few weeks  then repeat the process. By next Spring I would have a wonderful pile of composted manure for my garden. I would have bet you $100 that after the farmer found out I wanted some manure he would have told me to come get all I wanted, ,,,But he didn’t! He hoarded it all for himself! I would have lost that bet. Oh well, I’ll just keep looking.

Homestead Update

30 Aug

Yes, I am still alive, I just have been too tired to get excited enough to sit down and compose a post. Things should be slowly winding down for this season so I should at least be able to getting back to working up some posts for the weekends.


Not much true homestead activity this Summer, just mowing and picking up limbs. I am still getting some ‘maters off of my plants and Sweet Thing is still eating them.


My eyes were hurting last week so I stopped into Walgreens and bought some eye drops. Talk about deceptive packaging! Look at the size of that box compared to the size of the bottle! I got taken on that deal.


I am starting to see some open cotton bolls and that always cheers me up. The end is in sight.


I am seeing a few fields of corn being harvested, and the rest should be in full swing within a week so that is definitely a good sign this season is drawing to an end.


I made a good roadside find this week. I was going down a road that has a lot of vehicles pulling boats going to a local lake and I spotted this rain jacket on the shoulder of the road. It had the logo for Ranger Boats on it and I figure it blew out of someone’s boat as they were going down the road. It is even my size! I took it home and Sweet Thing washed it with a little Lysol in the wash in case it had cooties and I am going to hang it out in my workshop in case I get caught unexpectedly in the rain. It always pays to be prepared. Keep prepping everyone!

Back To School!

26 Aug

I am always glad to see those big yellow buses running in August because that means Summer is drawing to an end! Yeah! Fall will be here before you know it. So to salute the start of school, how about a special video for Tuesday Tunes? My sister is a teacher in Elementary School, and she says this is her favorite song.

Hey teacher! Leave those kids alone! All in all, we’re just another brick in the wall!

Tuesday Tunes:Santana;Flor De Luna

19 Aug

Every time I try to check the news and all I see is the mess going on in Ferguson Missouri and my head tries to explode. How about something smooth and jazzy from Carlos Santana? Enjoy


Burn, Ferguson Burn | Fred Reed

17 Aug

This makes too many logical points for most people to agree with. And it therefore must be RACIST!!!

The Grey Enigma

Burn, Ferguson, Burn.

Random Thoughts on a Confluence of Putrescenses

August 15, 2014

Methinks there cometh three horsemen of a sorry apocalypse: First, blacks are again rioting, looting, and burning. Second, the media are as usual lying, interpreting, concealing. Third, swatted-out heavies of a bush-league police force knock reporters around, arresting them for nothing, and refusing to reveal their identities. We are seeing the birth of a nation.

What actually happened in Ferguson? God only knows. Of course we are hearing from talking heads with bargain-basement IQs that a policeman, from racial motives, shot an unarmed black kid because he refused to stop walking in the street. Did it happen? Possibly. I wasn’t there. But the story smells.

Reflect: Every white cop short of the orbit of Neptune knows that if he shoots a black, he faces dismemberment in the media, loss of job and pension, probable criminal charges locally…

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Elvis Death Week

16 Aug

Well, once again we are in the midst of what the locals refer to as death week. This is the 36th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977. He was 42 years old on the date of his death, which would make him 78 years old if he had lived. Wow! Does that make you feel old? Here is one of his best, enjoy!


Prepping Your Water

9 Aug


Why should I go to the trouble of storing water? I am on the public water system and we have never had a problem here. Well, that is exactly what most people in Ohio thought. Over the weekend 400,000 people were ordered to avoid using the water from the system for any reason.

A post to the city’s Facebook page urged the residents of Ohio’s fourth largest city not to drink or boil the water until the city cleared the water for consumption.

The post went on to explain that consuming the water could lead to a series of health complications, including “abnormal liver function, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea numbness or dizziness.” Attempting to boil and drink the water would only worsen those health effects because it would “increase the concentration of the toxins.”


That doesn’t sound good does it? We actually had occasion to use our stored water here at the homestead this past weekend. The main line from the water system was cut by a construction crew and our water was off most of the day. They finally got service restored, but the water coming from the tap was dirty and cloudy for 2 days so we drank and cooked from our stored preps. Imagine if this lasted for several days or even weeks! This has reminded me to call the well driller and get a hand pump installed on the homestead. Keep prepping everyone, and go drink a nice tall, cool glass of pure sparkling clean water!

Roadside Treasure Finds

8 Aug


I spotted three of these plastic objects on the side of the interstate today and I just had to turn around and pick them up. Now, I don’t know what they are. I first thought maybe some sort of packing material inside a box, but the plastic is hard enough if it was against something like a piece of furniture or an appliance, it would scratch the finish. I have seen objects like this as packing material, but they were made out of wax coated cardboard. I think they might be used to cover the corners of something being hauled such as a steel I-beam so that a wide nylon strap could tighten down and secure the beam without the strap being cut on the sharp corners. What do you think? I’ll keep them in my shop, surely I’ll find a use for them someday. Keep prepping everyone!

Tuesday Tunes:Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels; Jenny Take A Ride

5 Aug

Here is a classic from 1966.

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny won’t you come along with me? Jenny, Jenny, WHOO! Jenny, Jenny! Enjoy!

Homestead Update

2 Aug

It’s been a rough week at work, the insects are needing to be sprayed everywhere and the farmers are not happy, especially since the prices of all the crops have taken a severe tumble downward the past few weeks.


Most of the cotton fields are starting to have a few bolls so I can see the end is in sight for this season.



I saw this tractor in one of the fields I check, and it reminded me to put my 15 gallon tank on my ATV and spray Roundup around the fences on the homestead to keep the Poison Ivy killed back. You will notice the bar on the front of the tractor has three old automobile seats mounted on it as well as umbrellas for shade. Three men (or women) sit in the seats as the tractor drives through the field and the each hold a spray wand in their hands to spot spray pigweeds as the tractor moves slowly through the field. I have to believe this is a violation of so many OSHA regulations I don’t even want to think about it. Five years ago, you never saw these rigs anywhere because Roundup killed everything in sight. But now we have the scourge of Palmer Amaranth (pigweed) which Roundup won’t kill, thus the resurgence of spot sprayers and chopping crews.


I found a couple of pieces of Indian artifacts and a marble in the same spot. It is not unusual to find Indian artifacts and modern artifacts in the same spot because people lived in these same sites for the same reason. The Indians were here long ago, and as they looked for places to live, they had a list of needs to fulfill to find a good site. First, they preferred to be by a running body of water such as a river or creek. The creeks provided them with water for drinking, cooking, and washing. It also held aquatic creatures for food such as fish, frogs, turtles, etc. These creeks also attracted game such as deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc. which was a necessary source of food. As an added feature, if they could find an open and elevated area, preferably with a sandy soil, it was even more desirable.  Being elevated kept water from standing after a rain, and the open area helped provide a breeze to cool them off and keep the bugs away. Remember, they had no electricity for fans or AC and no insect repellant. When the white settlers came along and the Indians were killed off or forced out, the settlers recognized these places as a desirable spot to build a homestead for the same reasons the Indians lived in those sites. You could have someone living on the same location for 200 years or more, thus the mixture of relics from two different cultures. That ends your history lesson for today, keep prepping everyone!