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Homestead Update 3/31/2018

31 Mar

Yes, I’m back. I took a break from posting this winter but Spring is just around the corner. We had a really cold winter with two different spells of temperatures in the low single digits. Before the weather turned bad, I made sure we were prepared. I laid in a supply of firewood, serviced and ran the generators, checked the battery powered lights, bought kerosene for the lanterns and heaters, and made sure we had plenty of water and food stored in the pantry. Fortunately we didn’t need any of that but it is good to be prepared.


We also had two light snow events such as this one where we received about 6 inches. I stepped out on the porch and snapped this photo just at sunrise and I thought it was pretty.


I had my trail cams out behind the house and I saw this nice buck.


I also saw this scraggly spike buck.


A nice close-up of this little Doe.


During one of the cold spells, we built a fire in the fireplace. At first, Brandi was afraid of the fire due to the popping and crackling sounds, but soon she decided “Hey I kinda like this!” She just stretched out and laid there like a big dog.


The temperatures were low enough to kill the broccoli planted in the raised beds. I have it replanted now so there should be enough time for the new broccoli to make before hot weather comes. More to come, keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update 1-31-16

31 Jan


I am under my Doctor’s order to walk for 30-45 minutes every day. I don’t like exercise walking and I never have. It always seems like a colossal waste of time. The whole time I am walking I am thinking about all the other things I could be doing with my time. So, I decided since I HAD to walk, I would at least walk through the woods on the back of the homestead. I was walking down a deer trail and I saw this fresh buck rub on this cedar tree. I’ve always heard the larger the rub, the larger the buck. Well, this one must be a trophy because that small tree is between 3-4 inches in diameter.


We are having some strange weather now. Last week the temperatures were in the teens with snow on the ground. Today the high was 74 degrees! I decided to replace this culvert that washed out a couple of months ago. The culvert ended up hung between two trees. I drug it back to where it needed to go.


I placed it where I wanted it and covered it with some of the dirt I bought last summer.


Last week I had to remove snow from the entrances of my bee hives. Today I noticed bees flying around all four of my hives. I lifted the tops and poured dry sugar on top of the inner covers. I hope they have enough honey to finish the winter, but if they don’t maybe they will eat that sugar.


I finally took down this pressed fiber swarm trap out of a tree on the front of the homestead. I hate to admit it has been hanging there still, as it should have been removed the first of July. But surprisingly, the weather hasn’t affected it, and it seemed none the worse for being out in the weather for that long. I guess these traps are sturdier than I thought.


This is a big pile of limbs, brush, and sapling trees that I cut down in the last two years. I noticed the pile was much smaller from settling down. I decided to use the front end loader on my Kubota to push the pile into a smaller concentrated pile. As I did, I saw a lot of nice compost underneath the pile. I was surprised those limbs were breaking down so quickly. I am not going to add any fresh limbs on the pile, I will just keep turning it over every so often. Maybe I will have some good compost I can use in the garden in a couple of years. So until next week, keep prepping everyone!

Game Camera Pictures And Garden Greens

14 Sep


I finally started getting some pictures of Bucks at my feeder instead of just Does. I think I can identify at least three different Bucks.


This Buck has a smaller rack


This one is different still, he has more curve to his tines.


Here is a doe with two Fawns.


One picture with a Doe and her Fawn, a squirrel and two crows.


This pictures two of the bucks at one time. This time of year they still hang out in bachelor herds, but soon the urge will hit and they will start fighting each other competing for the Does. Sounds like us guys doesn’t it?


This is another Buck with small, close set horns.


The Turkeys are still around.


Sometimes the deer and the Turkeys come out at the same time.


This is a different Buck, he actually has a half-way decent rack.


And of course, I still have those dastardly Raccoons hanging around! I haven’t seen any signs of the Foxes this year, I guess they moved on after we moved in.


I planted 4 different types of greens right before the last rain and I got a good stand of all of them. But if you look at the lower right corner you can see the greens look awfully thin.


And this is why, Armyworms! We are having a plague of Biblical proportions. The worms have been destroying lawns and pastures all over the area. When the grass is gone, they move to the nearest available host such as my greens. I hope they go away soon or there won’t be enough greens for me and the deer to eat. Keep prepping everyone!

Game Camera Pictures

18 May


I haven’t posted my trail camera pictures in a while, so here we go. Oh that reminds me, the other day I was getting lunch at a fast food operation. I placed my order and stood back while it was being prepared. The young lady behind the counter put my meal on a tray, shoved it towards me and said “there go your lunch.” I looked at her and asked “where is it going?” She just looked at me with a blank stare, you can’t help some people! HAHA! Up above, you can see the foxes are still around.


Here is a nice Tom turkey.


I’m not sure what this is, it’s too big for a squirrel and the tail is too short. What do you think?


Ah, now I see. It’s a groundhog!


Now Wilma and Jethro are sniffing around all those wonderful new scents!


There are 4 deer in this picture taken just at day break.


And of course, there are those dastardly raccoons! I hear they are quite tasty bar-b-qued or roasted with sweet potatoes. Keep prepping everyone!

Game Camera Pictures

14 Dec


I checked my game cameras for the first time in over a month and I finally had a couple of small bucks show up here at the homestead. That young fellow above sure has a bad set of antlers on him, I might try to harvest him next year to get him out of the gene pool.


This one looks a little better, I would definitely pass him up until he gets bigger.




Of course, I had my usual bunch of does that hang around all the time. I’m glad to see them still around, I have seen at least 6 deer run over between the homestead and town. As a matter of fact I hit one myself.



We finally had a coyote show up at our homestead. I think the foxes have taken to their den for the winter so I guess this coyote has taken the opportunity to sneak around. I am going to keep my eye on him in case he starts to become a problem. Keep prepping everyone.

Game Feeder

15 Sep

My neighbor saw me putting up my game feeder and filling it up with corn. He said I was just wasting my time putting out corn this time of year because the wild game had plenty of  grain to eat in the fields. He suggested I wait until November to fill the feeder. Being hard-headed and not prone to listening to unsolicited advice, I filled up the feeder anyway.


This young deer was going to check it out.


The turkeys look to be really enjoying the corn.


Even the fox had to come check it out.


Here are the turkeys strolling through the back yard up towards the house, they just keep getting closer and closer to the back door. Keep prepping everyone.

Deer Feeder

25 Aug


I built this simple PVC deer feeder and placed it in front of my game camera. I think I have about $20 invested in the PVC so if I can lure some of the game animals up closer to the camera I will consider it money well spent.


I constructed it with 4 inch PVC so the opening would be large enough for the deer to get their snouts into the feeder, maybe they won’t waste too much corn that way. Game pictures to follow soon!

Game Camera Pictures

18 Aug


I checked my camera today and I had a lot of pictures of the deer and turkeys on the homestead, I even have this one with them both in the same picture.


You can see three poults with the hen in this picture. One morning I went to the back and flushed her up with 8 poults and they scattered in all directions. I stood there quietly and in about 60 seconds she started clucking softly trying to draw them back to her in the weeds. In the background of the picture you can see some tall looking vegetation, that is where I tilled the ground and slung out a bag of mixed bird seed and it sprouted and came up. There is a lot of millet and other seed crops that put on a seed head and the birds are having a feast on it.


One afternoon Sweet Thing looked out the back window and told me to come look. There are two foxes in the backyard just lounging around like they own the place. She asked why they weren’t more afraid of us or the dogs than they were and I explained we have never given them any reason to be afraid of us yet. When we get some chickens and other small livestock that may have to change, but for now I guess they can stay.


The young one sure is pretty, it looks just like a long-legged, gangly teenager doesn’t it?


Speaking of Wilma and Jethro, here they are resting after we took a spin around the homestead. Maybe when it cools down more I can get a picture of them without their tongues hanging out! Be prepared everyone.

Game Camera Pictures

14 Jun

I thought I might post some pictures from my trail camera tonight. I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have a good excuse. I have been leaving the house at 6:30 am each morning and by the time I return and take a shower in the evening it is usually 8:30 pm. That’s 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past month dealing with other people’s problems, after all, that is what I do, I go look at farmers fields and I give them solutions to their problems. And the way the weather has been this year we have had many problems! But, I know you don’t want to hear about them and I don’t want to talk about them so let’s talk about something better. One of my game cameras said I had 1479 pictures. Great! Well, 1470 of them looked just like this;


A vine grew up in front of the camera lens and anytime the wind blew I got a picture of a leaf! Oh well, that is one of the good things about digital as opposed to film, you just delete the bad pictures and start over.



My game camera caught the usual squirrel .


Here is the Ole’ Possum.


Here is one of the deer.


Here is one of the Wild Turkeys.


In one of my earlier posts I had remarked I had not seen a raccoon on the homestead, well you can scratch that because here is one.


Here is the mama fox. We have a new member of the homestead. The foxes have a young kit! I have seen him following the mama around several times and I finally saw them in the daytime when I had a camera handy.


I know, I know! This is a terrible picture but if you look closely at the circled areas you can see the mama and the kit.

I still don’t know how comfortable I am having foxes on the homestead. After all, I still have my big kitty boys going out in their outdoor play area.



They are enclosed but it is only a thin layer of chicken wire so I am a little worried. I have even read stories of foxes and coyotes befriending domesticated dogs to lure them away from home, then the pack will attack and kill the dogs! They are just too wily and devious for comfort! More to come.

Game Camera Pictures

27 Apr


I finally got a picture of one of the turkeys walking past my game camera. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to have proof that we have wild turkeys in our back yard.


I had more pictures of the deer browsing through the food plot eating the green vegetation.


This is from the camera near our back door. I have seen the foxes enough to know this is the bigger one and I assume it is the male.


This is the smaller one, probably the female. They have started coming out late in the afternoon and I can get a good close up view of them from our back door with my binoculars. Besides these animals, I had the usual possums, squirrels, and rabbits. I haven’t seen any coons but I guess that is a good thing. I have read they are bad about getting into the henhouse and they are clever and hard to control. That will be just one less critter I have to worry about someday.