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Fresh Corn On The Cob

30 Apr


I was in the grocery store today looking for baking potatoes and I spotted a display for fresh corn on the cob. HUH! I wonder where this came from. I think it would be too early to have corn from California, Texas or Florida. Maybe this corn came from Mexico or even South America. I don’t know where it came from, but I cooked it on the grill with a small steak (a small one was all I could afford, the price of meat is outrageous!) and the corn was delicious! I am going back for more tomorrow! I don’t think I can grow corn on the homestead until I work up a permanent plot and surround it with a solar electric fence, but that is in my future plans. Keep prepping everyone!

Wind Storm

29 Apr

We had a pretty severe wind blow through here Sunday night. The local newspaper reports some people saying a small tornado came through and I might agree with that. I have a lot of limbs down in the yard as well of lots of loose debris that blew from behind the shop. My neighbor has 3 small trees down in his yard and the lean-to roof on his shop was blown loose and he had a full-size freezer on his carport that blew over.


I walked back to the gully and spotted this trunk split from the main tree. I had just looked at that tree a few days before and thought that tree is going to come down any time now.


I know it’s sort of hard to see, but just 100 feet away I spotted two more trunks split.


I had this tree completely broken off at the ground.


The only thing I discover wrong with our house is a piece of steel siding trim on the eave blew loose. I hope all of the shingles are OK. All in all it could have been a lot worse. But, we were safe and snug in our storm proof bedroom and we didn’t even hear a thing. Keep prepping everyone.

Tuesday Tunes:The Zombies;Time Of The Season

29 Apr

How about some good old hippie music circa 1968? Enjoy!

Homestead Update

27 Apr

Well, I finally found the time to do some mundane chores around the homestead this week.


This is a before and after picture where we ran the bushhog. It looks like we could have baled that grass up for hay! I am still debating whether or not to buy a ZTR mower to cut the grass. I could just continue to use the Kubota for cutting grass, but it doesn’t give a smooth “manicured” lawn. I have been advised by several people a ZTR mower would be much better to cover a large area such as we have, but Sweet Thing doesn’t think she will like those mowers and she will be primarily in charge of mowing. So I have a plan in mind. I am going to the local dealer and see if he has a used trade-in or a demo mower we can try-out for two weeks and if she likes it I will buy a ZTR from him; if she doesn’t like it I will buy a lawn tractor from him. I might just buy a small, inexpensive lawn tractor for the area near the house and continue to use the Kubota for the rest of the property. But on the other hand, if we had a ZTR I wouldn’t have the bushhog hooked up on the tractor everytime I wanted to use another implement. Attaching the PTO shaft from the bushhog to the tractor is a major pain in the butt!


While we were picking up limbs and sticks preparing to mow, I spotted this birds nest on the ground underneath a pile of limbs. I left the limbs where they were and eased back later to check the nest and flushed a Brown Wood Thrush off of the nest.


I am surprised she let me get close to take these pictures, those Thrushes are usually very aggressive.


I was planning on buying some mulch to put around the fruit trees I planted and I discovered these rubber mats at Lowe’s. After going on-line and reading the reviews I decided to give them a try. I bought 30 of them at $10 each, but if they last for years like the reviews say, then in the long run they will be less expensive than buying and replacing loose mulch every year. I approached two different cattle ranchers last week and inquired about the big piles of muck they rake up around their feed lots.


These feedlot areas end up becoming a big pile of rotting hay, manure and mud. I thought I sure would like to have a trailer full of that to pile up in the back of the homestead and let it compost into a fine black compost during the summer. Unfortunately, both of them also farm and they scoop up the muck with a front end loader and spread it out on the weak areas of their crop fields. They both said I could bring my pickup truck and a shovel and get some, but that is not what I had in mind! I guess I will have to keep asking around, maybe I can find someone who just wants to get rid of a bunch at one time. Keep prepping everyone!

Tuesday Tunes:Billy Idol & Lisa Marie Presley;White Wedding

22 Apr


I attended a White Wedding this past weekend for my Niece so I thought Billy Idol would be appropriate. As I was looking on YouTube I found this version you probably are not familiar with. Enjoy!


AR-15 Build Complete

19 Apr


I finished my AR-15 rifle build. This kit was a Del-Ton and I don’t like the adjustable stock, it rattles! I might try a different brand next time and see how that works. Keep prepping everyone!

Good Friday

18 Apr


Happy Good Friday everyone, I’m beat. I have spent the last two days at the in-laws place Spring cleaning and taking down the old pony pasture fence. Posting will be brief this weekend, we have big family plans for this weekend, it is hard to blog with a houseful of people! Keep prepping everyone!

Freeze Warning

15 Apr

After two weeks of nice weather, the temps are headed down for two nights and the NWS has issued a freeze warning. Great!


Yesterday I planted two large tomato plants in these pots and I don’t want them to freeze.


I used two large garbage bags to make mini greenhouses to protect them from the low temps. I hope this works out because I paid $6 each for those plants! I knew it was too early to be setting out tomato plants.


We received 2 inches of rain last night and today so I know my puppies were miserable. It didn’t stop them from coming out of their houses and watching to see what I was doing! Keep prepping everyone!

Tuesday Tunes:Eurythmics; Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

15 Apr

Here’s one from the golden age of MTV. (Back when they actually played music)  Enjoy!

Tomorrow Is Tax Day!

14 Apr

I hope all of you have your taxes done so you can send your blood money in to Uncle Sam so all the non-productive citizens of this country can keep getting their checks. After all, it is up to us to provide for their living because we are the fortunate ones! So how about a bonus tune for all you hard-working patriots out there? You load 16 tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt!