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Fishing Hole

31 May

One of the fields I check near the Mississippi River has a nice fishing hole on it.


From the field you can look through the trees and see this one little spot of water. But if you step through the gap you can see these views.




I really enjoy fishing, but now-a-days I just don’t have the time. This looks like a really quiet secluded spot to spend a few hours catching a few fish and contemplating the meaning of life. Oh well, maybe someday I’ll have more time to do some fishing.

Old Bessie

30 May


One of my farmers has a pasture full of cows next to one of his cotton fields. I walked over and took a picture of this cow standing under the shade tree contentedly chewing her cud. If someone had this cow on a farm I could imagine her being named Bessie and being the family milk cow. I thought this made a pretty picture. Got milk?

Newest Follower

30 May

I would like to welcome my newest follower. maGic has a blog where she has created a form of exercise she calls maGic. Thanks for following and welcome.

First Tomato Harvest

29 May

Sweet Thing picked her first tomatoes from the plant I set out.


These are some nice salad tomatoes, but she likes all kinds of tomatoes. I myself do not care for raw tomatoes, but cook up a mess of okra and tomatoes and I’ll go to town on them! Someday I’ll have a nice big garden on the homestead, but until then we will have to be satisfied with buying fresh vegetables from our local Farmers Market. That’s almost as good as homegrown!

Tuesday Tunes; Conway Twitty, Hello Darlin’

29 May

How about a country classic from Conway Twitty?

Giant Tree

28 May


I took a picture of this giant Oak Tree at the entrance of one of my fields today. It is at least six feet in diameter and would have yielded a lot of lumber in the past. There once was a house at this site, but it is gone now. It makes me wonder about history, how many people have sat under it’s shade and what stories could it tell if it could only talk. But this tree has seen better days. It has been struck by lightning and hit by cars, burned by fires, attacked by insects and ravaged by disease but it still keeps hanging on. Like most things in nature, our number one instinct is just to survive. So like this old Oak Tree, let’s keep hanging on and survive as long as we can. Better days are ahead!

Memorial Day

28 May


I would like to take a moment to thank all the veterans out there on this day, as we remember those who gave all in service to our country. We should all thank God we live in this country, even with all our problems the USA is still the best country in the world in my opinion.  So if you are out and about just enjoying a day off, at least take a moment to think about those who serve so that we may enjoy our freedoms. Thank You, and God Bless You.

Kitten Update 2

27 May

Maybe I should say cat update instead of kittens, they are really growing. They are out of the cute kitten stage and are in what I consider to be the teenager stage. Any of you that have raised teenagers, especially boys, will know exactly what I am talking about. They are all gangly legs and feet and their heads are too small to fit the rest of their bodies. They are growing so fast, no matter how much you feed them you can’t fill them up!



We have them in “kitty jail” right now. They are in a 12X16 storage shed behind our house in town. We go and let them out to run and play several times a day, but I am afraid to leave them out because we are on a busy street and I am afraid they will wander into the street. The weather is getting hot so I had to make a screen door to let more air into the shed. I took a livestock panel and cut it off to fit the door opening and covered it with poultry wire so they could not get through. I hung it up with nails for the hinges and it swings open and closed easily. We just use some electrical wire to secure it closed. We set 2 fans outside the door blowing into the shed so they get plenty of air. My niece took the solid white one to her house for her children to play with. She also has a Doberman, so I was a little concerned but I didn’t need to be. The Doberman mothers and cares for the kitten. The kitten stays inside the carport during the night but is out sometimes during the day. If the kitten wanders too far from the carport, the Doberman picks the kitten up by the nape of the neck and brings it back to the house. We still have 4 cats and we are looking for good homes, but it looks like I may end up with these 4 as barn cats on the homestead.

Construction Update 2

26 May

The contractor laid all the blocks for the foundation, filled them with concrete and re-bar, then braced the wall with wooden braces.


Now he has filled in the area inside the blocks, that would traditionally be a crawl space, with sand. This is a technique that builders have been using around here for about 5 years. As soon as I saw this method of construction, I thought this is a good idea and when we build our new house we would use this method.




All that space in the old crawl space area is now filled with sand. This will eliminate problems with moisture condensation, mold, spiders, snakes and vermin. He used sand instead of topsoil because the sand packs tighter and will not settle later. The plumbing will be buried in this sand and the concrete slab poured on top of the sand. Then he can start framing up the walls!

Unsafe Driving

25 May

Our new neighbor at the homestead sent me this picture and text yesterday. Unfortunately, one of the deer we have been feeding at the homestead got hit by a car.


He said he usually sees 2-3 deer killed each year along the half mile of highway footage we share. So it should go to remind us all to be more attentive to our driving. I myself am guilty of talking on the phone while driving and not paying close attention. In this instance it was only a deer that was killed, some other time it could be somebody. So let’s be careful out there!