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Homestead Update

27 Sep


Yes, I know I have missed a couple of weeks of posting but I have been busy. My busy Summer schedule is almost over as harvest is in full swing. The weather is changing over to a Fall pattern so my barn kitties came out into their chickenwire enclosure to enjoy watching the outdoor activity.


It is really dry around here, we only received 3/10s of an inch of rain all this month. Fortunately, I disked up the area in the back where I planted the deer browse and planted my seeds just in front of that little rain so it is coming up well. Most of that greenery you see above is buckwheat. I don’t know if it will have time to make any blooms for my bees before the cold weather hits, we will have to wait and see.


My bees have been really working these past two weeks. The golden rod bloom is in full swing, but soon the Winter dearth will set in and the bees will stop flying.


I stopped by a little roadside stand last week and bought some honey. Yeah, that’s right. I have 4 bee hives in the back and I still bought honey. I am new at this and I made several mistakes with my bees so I am going to give them all of the honey they produced to help them survive the winter. Next year, I hope to be more aware of what is happening in my hives and I will harvest my own honey.


The honey at this stand is priced at $5 for a pint and $10 for a quart, that is a bargain! I know it is locally grown, you can see the hives right behind this little tent stand. The stand is unmanned and operates on the honor system. You put your money for the honey you take into this small mail box sitting on a table. I was fortunate enough to speak to the lady of the house when I was there earlier and I asked her about losing honey or money. She said most people were basically honest and in the years they have been doing this, they have only lost a couple of jars in that time. Huh, her outlook on humanity and my outlook are certainly different! I’ll soon have more time for posting so maybe I can come up with some projects around the homestead. Until then, keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update

12 Sep


The weather has finally taken a turn towards Fall, with cooler temperatures and lower humidity. I worked up a spot of ground in the back and planted some deer browse for the wildlife to eat this winter. I also put out some buckwheat seeds in this patch. I know it is late for buckwheat, but while I was at the bee keeper’s meeting, one of the old beeks showed me some pictures on his phone. He said he planted some buckwheat and after only 14 days later it was up and blooming and his bees were working it. So I decided to give it a try, maybe there will be time for the buckwheat to bloom and my bees can stock up for the winter.


I started putting up more shelves in the back of my new barn addition. I need to put up one more shelf and add the front legs and I will be ready to start adding junk valuable stuff on them.


Our local Feed and Seed store had these cats outside when I went to pick up my seeds for the deer plot. The owner said they showed up a few weeks ago and wouldn’t leave so he started feeding them and now they appear to have taken up residence at the store.


I found another piece of roadside treasure this week. I was driving down a gravel road and spotted this measuring tape in the middle of the road. It worked out really nice since I had just broken the one I carry in my truck the day before.


I was coming through an intersection in town and this auto accident had just occurred. This white car slammed into the rear of another car which then slammed into a pickup truck. The driver on the white car was probably texting and driving if I had to guess. Remember, Don’t Text and Drive!


And finally, if you look at that bright spot in the middle of the picture, you can see an aerial drone. It was hovering around the local High School football stadium taking videos of the on-field action. I have seen drones on You-Tube, but this is the first in real life. It could hover there motionless for a while then shoot off in any direction. It reminded me of a Hummingbird! People are just now thinking up ways they can use drones to make money, but I don’t see the usefulness just yet. Although they might be good for scoping out the area checking for Zombies! Until then, keep prepping everyone!

9-11-01 Let Us Never Forget

11 Sep


Some people say if we leave them alone, they will leave us alone. Yeah, right.


How many of those poor, unfortunate Muslim immigrants do you want to bring over here to live in your neighborhood?


Islam will conquer Europe in our lifetime and they are well on the way to conquering America as well. Keep prepping everyone!