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Homestead Update 12/24/16

24 Dec


Tonight is Christmas Eve and Santa stopped by the homestead to have dinner with all of his little friends.


Sweet Thing has the table set with her festive holiday décor so Santa can dine with reindeer and bears.


His other friends are Elves, Snowmen, and a Christmas mouse!


Sweet Thing has also been busy making her world famous Chex Mix. She worked three afternoons and made 30 gallons of mix.


Here is some of it all bagged and all ready to go. A lot of people really look forward to her Chex Mix!


Brandi helped her make the Chex Mix so now she is asleep beside me in my recliner because she is all tuckered out! Keep prepping everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Holiday Tune:Bing Crosby;White Christmas

24 Dec

This is the ultimate Christmas song. Now its time to put the kids to bed to wait on ole’ Santa and then snuggle up on the couch with the one you love. Enjoy!

Holiday Tune:Bing Crosby;Deck The Halls & Away In A Manger

5 Dec

Here is a classic from Mr. Christmas himself, Bing Crosby. Enjoy!

Holiday Tune

1 Dec

Well, it is that time of year again, only 24 days until Christmas. Wow, can you believe this year is almost gone. It certainly is true, the older you get the faster time moves. Let’s start out this season with a classic from Mr. Christmas himself, Bing Crosby. Enjoy, and get ready, Christmas will be here before you know it whether you are ready or not!

Christmas Tune:Bing Crosby; White Christmas

23 Dec

I am only going to give you this one version of this song. As far as I am concerned, it is the only version of this song I will listen to. Enjoy!

Christmas Tune:I’ll Be Home For Christmas

21 Dec

Several great versions, enjoy!

Christmas Tune:Walking In A Winter Wonderland

20 Dec

More Classic Tunes!