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Tuesday Tunes: Fleetwood Mac; Rhiannon

25 Feb

Here is a tune from 1975. At that time EVERYBODY had a copy of this album. Even if us guys didn’t like it, we had to have a tape to put in the deck for our dates to enjoy!

Santa Is Ready For St. Patrick’s Day

24 Feb


Sweet Thing dressed up her Santa for St. Patrick’s Day. Man, this is starting to just get plain creepy!

Freezing Rain And Ice

23 Feb

Our weather has definitely taken a turn for the better around here. Instead of being 15 degrees below normal we are now 15 degrees above normal. The frogs in our stock pond are out and singing up a storm! Back when we had the ice storm, I was working in my office and I heard the heating unit outside my window making a funny sound. I looked outside and discovered this,,,


The rain dripping off of the house was collecting on the unit and it was now covered with a solid sheet of ice on the top and all four sides! Normally the rain drip just misses the edge of the unit, but the ice freezing on the roof moved the drip outward just enough to catch the unit and it froze there just like it was freezing on the trees and grass. I discovered this just one hour before I was to leave for a meeting in the city. Great. I called the dealer who installed the unit and he suggested the first thing to do was to take warm water and pour it all over the unit to thaw the ice. After that he said I should be OK, but if I still wanted him to come check it he would. I figured it would take much longer to thaw the unit than the hour I had available but I got right on it and in 45 minutes it was completely ice-free! I am going to build some sort of roof to put over the unit the next time the weatherman predicts freezing rain. Keep prepping everyone.

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Found Guilty

22 Feb



The conviction of Ray Nagin occurred on Feb 12 and I am just now writing about it. Why? Mainly because the main stream media buried this story deeply and hoped people wouldn’t find out about it. If you read the story, nowhere does it mention he was a Democratic Mayor. Again, why? Just another example of the way the media tries to protect it’s chosen party, the Democrats. If this had been a Republican Mayor convicted of corruption, the media would still be talking about this case everyday. I actually found better coverage of this conviction in the UK press than anywhere in the US outside of the New Orleans media! I am really surprised that this investigation even occurred, after all, it must just be RACISTS! Most of the time the politicians will all band together to block any of the cases from going forward, not to protect the accused, but to protect themselves. All of the politicians are doing exactly what Mr. Nagin did and they don’t want anyone looking too closely into their own corruption!

CNN) — Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin faces prison with few of his former constituents shedding any tears for the man who led them through the biggest disaster in the city’s modern history.

The two-term mayor quit New Orleans after leaving office in 2010 and now lives in the Dallas suburbs. He swore off public life on his way out, and much of the city appeared ready to wash its hands of him after his Wednesday conviction on federal corruption charges.

“At one point or another, just about everybody voted for Nagin,” said Clancy DuBos, political editor of the New Orleans alternative weekly Gambit. “And we all got fooled.”

Nagin has four months before his scheduled sentencing June 11 — his 58th birthday. The most serious of the 20 counts on which he was convicted carry terms of up to 20 years, but most observers expect he’ll receive somewhere between 12 and 20, DuBos said.


Oliver Thomas, a former City Council president during Nagin’s administration, said the ex-mayor now “has an opportunity for reflection” and to take responsibility for his actions. Thomas speaks from a certain degree of experience, having served three years in federal prison in a 2007 bribery case.

“Everybody in political office should probably go to prison, just so you can come back to the people and humility,” said Thomas, who now hosts a radio show in New Orleans. “I’m tired of seeing gloating political people and then you see they have weaknesses, also … We got too many halo-shiners in the world.”

Thomas criticized the “bandwagon” he said was now cheering Nagin’s conviction, but added, “We all have to take responsibility. And when you’re a leader, especially an African-American leader, your integrity can’t be 99%. We have to be better.”

Federal prosecutors said Nagin was at the center of a kickback scheme that brought him more than $200,000 in bribes, plus personal services and free travel from businessmen seeking contracts and favorable treatment from the city. Several of those businessmen had already pleaded guilty, and they testified against the ex-mayor during the two-week trial.

Nagin maintained his innocence after Wednesday’s verdict, which made him New Orleans’ first mayor to be convicted of federal corruption charges. His defense was outgunned from the start, DuBos said.

Homestead Update

21 Feb


The rainwater runoff from the farm across the road from the homestead drains across the homestead and it has cut a small gully or ditch over the years. I tried to get someone to give me some rocks to fill in the washout to protect it from washing out more, but everyone wanted to pass the buck. I contacted the State Hwy Department and they said they were only responsible for the pavement, past that point it was up to the county. I contacted the county road department and they said that was the State’s problem. I knew at that point it was going to just be MY problem. I put some old concrete and bricks I had collected from around the homestead into the wash and it has helped a lot. The road side shoulder began to wash out where the rainwater flowed across the road and the State finally decided to do something about it. I went out where they were working to put some gravel on the shoulder and talked to the supervisor. He said he would write up a report requesting a larger pipe to be put under the highway and a load of riprap to be placed downstream from the pipe. He said it might take several months before anything got done, but it would eventually happen because the Sheriff’s Dept. had complained about the water running across the highway being a traffic hazard. Maybe that same supervisor will be there when the job is done because he agreed I needed some rocks placed in the washout, and hopefully I can be here when they do the job to remind him! Keep prepping everyone!

Farmgirl School

21 Feb

For some reason the reblog of the post from Farmgirl School didn’t show up so just click this link to go visit her site. Farmgirl School

Eight Reasons You Must Have a Farmstead

21 Feb

I found another blog from a person who should be an inspiration to us all.

Pumpkin Hollow Homestead

farm sign

1. You need  less money to live.  In our culture one of the most stressful parts of our day to day life is trying to find ways to make ends meet, to find ways to make more money.  This is a vicious circle, because the more you make the more you spend.

Our journey may have began way back when we took the Dave Ramsey courses at our church at the time.  We cut up fourteen credit cards and have not looked back, nor do we hold a single one now.  Our “emergency credit card” is cash stashed away for an emergency.  One that we saved for and add to every month.  If we don’t have the money now to buy it, we won’t have the money when the bill comes either!  The course also showed us the follies behind borrowing and loaning.  We never borrow money (from banks or relatives)…

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