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Roundup Wick Applicator Update

31 Jul


After I had the problem of leakage with my home-made handheld rope wick applicator I went out and bought one ready-made. It looks almost like the one I made myself doesn’t it?


The only two differences are the rope is a tighter weave and it has this rubber seal. I had already been told that if you put straight water in this rig, it will leak because the water is too thin. When you mix in the glyphosate it will be thicker and not leak so much. So I filled this with a 50/50 mix and I had major leakage! Maybe my homemade model wasn’t so bad after all. I called the manufacturer and was told after I used and refilled the unit a few times the rope would get “broken in” and would not leak as much but there could always be a little leakage. I was cautioned to not hold it above the desirable plants. Well, that is hard to do in my sod.


I wiped the grass coming through my sod and as you can see the glyphosate is working. I hope the barnyard grass dies and goes away, that is the plan anyway. More updates to come.

Native American Artifacts

30 Jul



I found another nice Native American artifact today. I was really lucky to find this one because I was in a field of tall cotton that had almost lapped the middles. I was spreading back the foliage to look at the fruit on the stalks and there the artifact laid, right between my feet.


This is one of the nicer fields of cotton I am checking this year. When the crop is tall enough to shade the middles where you can’t see down to the ground we say it has canopied up or is laid by. We like it when we reach this stage because it helps keep the weeds from coming up. I’ll be glad when all my fields look like this one. This year has been pretty rough and it is not going to get much better until it is over. I am not posting regularly because I am still working 13 hours a day. Every day as I am out I take pictures and compose blog posts in my mind. Sometimes I compose 2 or 3 a day. I like to think my posts are interesting and informative, and often humorous and witty! (at least in my mind anyway) But after I come in and shower it is nearly 9 pm and all I feel like doing is sitting in my recliner for an hour before bedtime and reading some of your blogs. My motivation for writing has left me after a 13 hour day! Elvis has left the building! So I just sit quietly and read. I am usually envious of your goats, chickens, rabbits and other livestock and your beautiful gardens. Someday I hope to have the time to do more of these type of homesteading activities. Wait a minute, isn’t envy one of the 7 deadly sins? Yeah, number 6 on the list. I guess that will just be another check mark against me in Heaven’s big ledger book of life. Be good.

Tuesday Tunes: Nat King Cole;Unforgettable

30 Jul

How about a duet with Nat and Natalie Cole? Enjoy!

Antiques And Collectables

27 Jul


My Sister-In-Law gave me this sign to hang in my barn. It is made from recycled metal parts to spell out TRACTOR. It is made from old tools, hardware, a horseshoe, a hinge, a gear and a pet comb. The US ships boatloads of scrap metal to China to be melted down to make steel for their booming infrastructure, but some enterprising entrepreneur intercepted these pieces before they were melted to make this sign and sell the scrap right back to us! Why can’t I think up stuff like that?

Case XX Knife

27 Jul


I also have this Case XX pocket knife I bought back in the early 1970’s. I carried it in my pocket on Sundays, it was my good “going to church” knife. I never used it to clean game or cut much of anything, it has not even been sharpened, it still has the factory edge. I still have the box and wrapping papers that came with it. It might be worth a little something but it is not for sale, I think I will hold on to it and maybe have them put it in my pocket when they bury me. I don’t know for sure where I’ll end up but it is a good bet I’ll need a good pocket knife when I get there!

Livestock Cooling Fans

26 Jul

Well, actually mine is a dog cooling fan. Even though I Put the dogs’s pen under the shade trees it is still stifling hot in this weather we are having. I put two electric fans out near the pen to keep the dogs cool, but I needed some way to protect the fans from the rain just in case a shower came our way.


So I took some scrap wood I had lying around and put together this lean-to type roof.


So now the fans can stay out by the pen at all times and we won’t have to worry about them getting rained on.


Now Wilma and Jethro can lay in front of the fan and keep cool. I hope all of you keep cool and well hydrated this hot Summer.

Old Fishing Lures

23 Jul


Some more of my treasures I have collected like this box of old fishing lures I got from my Grandfather.


I have these two decks of cards with wildlife scenes on them.


I have this balsa wood float and a bamboo float and something else that came with the set and I don’t know what the heck that is! And yes, that is Oreo helping hold down the backdrop for my pictures.

Tuesday Tunes: Elvis Presley; Suspicious Minds

23 Jul

We haven’t had any Elvis in a while so how about one of his #1 hits. Enjoy!

Antiques And Collectables

22 Jul


I won this jolly little Buddha as a prize at the county fair when I was 10 years old. It was inside a glass case and you operated a miniature crane with 2 cranks to try to pick up a prize. I have held on to it for almost 50 years, it is amazing it has not been lost or thrown away in all that time!


I bought these toy soldiers made of lead at an antique mall. The tag said they were made in the 1930’s although I have no way to verify that. Toy soldiers made from lead were even before my time! But I can still imagine some little boy sitting on the floor playing with them and having hours and hours of fun. No electronic games back in those days kids!

Handheld Roundup Rope Wick Applicator

21 Jul

If you remember we recently laid a lot of Bermuda sod around the house. Well, now we have a lot of our old grasses such as barnyard and goose grass growing up through our new sod. This just won’t do! So I need a handheld Roundup rope wick applicator . I tried to find one locally in some of the area farm supply stores but none were available. I found some on the internet for sale but I also found some instructions for making your own. How hard can it be?


So off to Lowes I go and come back with these PVC fittings and 3 feet of nylon rope.



After you put it together it looks just like this, exactly like the ones I saw for sale on the net. You pour the Roundup solution into the handle of the applicator and the rope at the bottom soaks up the Roundup and you carefully wipe the rope across the weeds while avoiding contact with the desirable plants. You can use this in your yard, or around your shrubs and flowers or in your garden. It would really cut down on that hoeing wouldn’t it?

After I got it together I poured a pint of water into the handle to test it out.


Then I saw this; water just streaming out of the fitting dripping everywhere. That just won’t do, I can’t have Roundup dripping all over my desirable plants. So I go back and reread the instructions and I decide I don’t have enough twine wrapped inside the cap to provide a good seal so I go back and re-do the twine.


Still dripping! That is when I realize I have a failure of epic proportions! After looking at it more closely I think my rope is just way too loose and porous. The water is not coming out around the rope, it is coming out through the rope. I am going to find a tighter weaved rope and give it one more try. If that doesn’t work I guess I will have to break down and just buy one.