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Homestead Update 12/23/17

23 Dec

Well, it’s been a while since I have been here hasn’t it? I thought about the end of the year being near and I looked back to see what I had actually accomplished around here and I realized not much. I did manage to get a few routine chores done but not much in the way of big projects.


I came home one day and found this Shepherd mix on my front porch. I checked his collar and he didn’t have a name tag. He was very friendly and I could tell he was very frightened and lost. I figured he would leave and go home on his own but after a couple of days he showed no sign of leaving. We posted him on Facebook and eventually we found his owner. Turns out, I actually knew his owner so I am sure he got back to his real home. Sweet Thing didn’t know it, but I was making plans in my head to keep the dog if no one claimed him. Smile


I pulled my professional chipper-shredder out of storage after 3 years to get it started. I checked the oil and discovered the crankcase was full of gasoline which had leaked into the case. Not good! I changed the oil and started it up. It ran about 30 seconds before bright blue smoke came out of the exhaust the the engine shut down. I took off the carburetor and cleaned it up with carburetor cleaner. I put the carb back on the the engine and it ran like a sewing machine. Hard to believe after it has been stored all that time without being properly stored or started. I guess I got lucky on that one.


I went into a convenience store recently and as I was walking in I noticed this garbage can. There were at least a dozen honey bees buzzing around it. They were feeding on the sticky residue from the spilled sodas and such. All of the natural forage was gone for the winter but since the temperature was 70 degrees the bees were out foraging anyway.



I am going to try a different style of bee hive next summer as an experiment.  This is a Layens style hive. It is like a combination of a top bar hive and a langstroth  hive. It is constructed with 2 by dimension lumber so all of the sides and bottom are 1.5 inches of solid wood. This is intended to give superior insulation power. The hive is also narrow, deep, and dark inside which more closely mimics a bee’s natural home in a hollow tree. I will let you know how this works out later next year.


I attended a business meeting last week at the world famous Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The hotel was beautifully decorated for Christmas and we were entertained by a Choral Group from a local middle school singing Christmas carols.


While I attended the meeting, Sweet Thing attended a painting class where she painted this snowman. Apparently that is the latest thing around here to hold classes where the participants are giving painting instructions. Not to mention socializing and drinking lots of wine!


Keep prepping everyone!! Oh, I almost forgot it’s almost Christmas! How about a tune from Bing Crosby? Enjoy.



Peabody Hotel, Memphis TN

12 Dec

Sweet Thing and I just returned from spending a lovely weekend in Memphis, while staying at the historic Peabody Hotel. The hotel is billed as the South’s Grand Hotel, and it is very old and eloquent. It was built at the present location in 1925 using Italian Renaissance Revival architecture. The Peabody Ducks are a famous feature of the hotel, so the duck motif is featured everywhere.



This is a little welcoming gift of Peabody logo ducks and soap.


A good shot of the duck soap in the bathroom.



We really enjoy being at the Peabody this time of year while it is decorated for Christmas. This tree in the lobby is at least 25 feet tall!


Of course, with a huge oversized tree, you also need huge ornaments.




This is a picture of some of the ornate woodwork on the ceiling of the lobby. Check out that stained glass. I have been in the lobby at 3 a.m. and watched workers standing on hydraulic lift scaffolding, cleaning and polishing this woodwork 25 feet off of the floor! ( Don’t ask why I was in the lobby at 3 a.m., that was in my younger days )Sarcastic smile


This is a piano in the lobby, often there will be someone playing it during the day. But when no one is there it plays itself! You can stand there and watch the keys and pedals moving like some ghost is playing. This time of year groups of people from area schools and churches come to the lobby and sing Christmas carols for the guests.


There is a huge fountain in the lobby, and during the day you can see the famous Peabody Ducks swimming around.


The ducks live in the duck palace on the roof of the hotel, but the Duckmaster marches them in and out of the lobby with great pomp and ceremony!



Peabody Hotel Ducks

People line up on each side of the red carpet to watch the ducks march from the elevator to the fountain, accompanied with the music of John Phillip Sousa! It is quite an event each and every day!


That is why everything has the duck logo, even the butter on the dinner table is shaped in the duck pattern!


The Peabody lobby is known as the place to meet and mingle in Memphis. The Peabody is where all of us beautiful people stay, don’t ya know. We have stayed at the Peabody about 30 times in the last 15 years, and occasionally you get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. We have spotted author Alex Haley, NFL quarterback John Elway, NBA player Lebron James, then governor Bill Clinton, actor Stephen Segal, and now this lady. You can’t tell from this crappy cell phone picture, but the red-haired lady seated right in front of the Christmas tree is…..



….that’s right, Priscilla Presley!

We had an enjoyable weekend, tomorrow I’ll tell you what else we did while we were there.