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Yes, I Am Alive And Well!

31 May

And as promised, I will give a brief update about the goings on around the new homestead. As I have been working 70 hours per week lately, I haven’t had much time to work on projects around the homestead.


We are in the midst of cotton planting season, but this 3 inches of rain pulled us up to a screeching halt.


I took the time off to finish my “Man Cave” and I brought my old recliner from the house in town. I might need to kick back and take a little nap after a hard morning working around the homestead.


I bushogged around the property again, I even cut down the deer food plot. It was turning brown and going to seed so I am going to plant something else for the summer. I did leave a small area still standing, as I was mowing, I saw lots of birds working the plot. I don’t know if they were eating the seeds on the plants or eating bugs, but they sure were working it hard so I left some of it for them.


I got a load of topsoil to spread around the area where we are planning to lay sod. We need a dry, rain-free weekend to lay the sod and we haven’t had one of those all year! Maybe we can get it done next weekend. More to come tomorrow.

Memorial Day 2013

27 May


I would like to take a moment to thank all the veterans out there on this day, as we remember those who gave all in service to our country. We should all thank God we live in this country, even with all our problems the USA is still the best country in the world in my opinion. So if you are out and about just enjoying a day off, at least take a moment to think about those who serve so that we may enjoy our freedoms. Thank You, and God Bless You.

Newest Followers

26 May

I would like to welcome my newest followers, Colonelof Corn and Home Gun Training. Thanks so much for hitting that follow button. My postings will continue soon and you will actually have something to follow. I am working 12-13 hours per day now so I need to take a little time-out from blogging until things get on a little slower schedule!

Man Cave Progress

19 May

I have been working on my “Man Cave” in the barn and I about have it finished.


I put together this combination tool chest/work bench that I bought at Sam’s.


These 2 heavy duty work benches are also from Sam’s. Do you see those really nice wooden tops? They look like something that would be right at home in your kitchen. And now I am supposed to put my old oily, greasy weed eater on top of them and work on it. UH-UH, no way! I am going to cut some 3/4 inch plywood and cover the tops to keep them from getting all messed up.



I wired in the lights and plugs myself, I hope everything is correct. The contractor wired in the first set of lights and plugs and I just copied what he did so I should be OK.


I also have this big heavy file cabinet that I bought at a flea market for $30. P1010984

It has 8 drawers that are about 6 inches deep. I don’t know what I am going to put in here, but I’ll think of something!

Farming Progress

18 May


Well, the weather finally dried up and warmed up enough for farmers to get in the fields and work. This is one of our farmers planting a cotton variety trial for us. We are planting 12 rows each of 14 different varieties of cotton. we are planting 4 varieties we really like, 4 varieties that are available but we don’t think we really like, and 6 experimental varieties that have not been released yet. If any of the experimental varieties do well, they may be released in the future. This gives us an opportunity to check them out before they become commercially available. We usually plant 4 of these trials every year so they helps us stay on top of the best varieties for our clients. I’ve got my fingers crossed the weather will hold out for one more week, we can make a lot of progress in 7 days. Then I will be hoping for a little rain, in the farming business we are never satisfied with the weather!

New Water Line

17 May

I need a water hydrant down by the dog pen so I decided to run the line today.


First I hooked up my middle buster plow and ran a trench down to the pen.



It only dug down about 4 inches but I used the same anchor spikes I used to hold down the fence on the dog pen so I think the pipe and wires will stay down deep enough. I ran the pipe and the wire in the same trench, I asked my contractor if this was up to code when he did the same thing out to my barn. He said as long as I used the heavy duty underground wire I could use the same trench. Even though the trench is only 4 inches deep it will be much better than having a hose and extension cord laying on top of the ground all year long!

Native Irises

16 May

I found a clump of Native Irises growing right on the edge of a field I am checking.



I am going to dig these up the first chance I get and transplant them to the homestead. I always have a shovel in the bed of my truck but it was early in the day when I saw them so I couldn’t dig them and haul them around all day. Next week I will make it a point to go by there late in the day just before I head home. I think they will make a nice addition to my flowers and best of all, they are free!

Tuesday Tunes:Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds; Don’t Pull Your Love Out On Me Baby

14 May

How about a tune from the early 1970’s. Enjoy.


12 May



My in-laws have a female dog in a pen in the yard and recently she got out for a day and now SURPRISE! We have 10 puppies, YEAH! But believe it or not, we put a sign up beside the road that said FREE PUPPIES and nine were given away in one week. I haven’t put up pictures of my puppies in a while so here they are.


The two stock ponds on the homestead are filled to the brim with all the rain we have received. When I let the dogs out to go run and exercise the first thing they do now is head for the water. They are a year and four months old now, Jethro weighed 99 pounds at last check and Wilma weighed 67 pounds. They are pretty big puppies now, huh?

Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May


I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Being a mother is the hardest, most thankless, least paying job in the world. So let’s all wish our mothers a wonderful day, tell them we love them, and thank them for all they put up with to raise us!


I got this for my Mom at a local Nursery. They put a pot of assorted plants inside a metal watering can and I thought it looked like something she would enjoy. Happy Mothers day, Mama!