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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct



We have received light rain all day so I was not able to do any outside work. I planned on working at my desk and catching up on paperwork today, but I discovered a station on TV having a Christopher Lee movie marathon with horror movies from the 1950’s and 1960’s so I didn’t get much paper work done!


I don’t expect to have many Trick-Or-Treaters here at our new home, but you can’t say the same thing about our former home.We lived there 14 years, and we were warned ahead of time about the huge mobs coming on Halloween. The first year we gave out 400 small candy bags with 4 pieces of penny candy in each one. (are you old enough to remember penny candy?) The next year we gave out 500, the next year 600, and the last couple of years we gave out 700 bags and still ran out. As you might imagine, most of these people drive here from other parts of town, even other towns. We would just go inside and turn off the lights after we ran out. It was fun at first, but it became too much of a hassle. We would dress up in our costumes and have the older children we knew come over and help us give out candy to the Trick-Or-Treaters. Now there are so many teenagers (I don’t mind if they are polite) and adults who are rude and surly. Many times the adult would herd the children up to the door and then hold out two more bags and say I got two more at home, they sick, I need some for them. Not, may I have some for them, but I need some for them. So we just got tired of putting up with the hassle. But hopefully it will be a better experience for you at your house. I just want to remind everyone to drive carefully. There will be lots of little ones out on the street this evening, running around all hyped up on sugar and adrenalin, so be careful, we don’t want any accidents. I will leave you with a little tune this evening, it’s a classic!

2 Year Old Boy Had His Pumpkin Stolen

30 Oct


This little boy was upset because someone stole his pumpkin and I know how he feels. I grew a prize-winning giant pumpkin once, and someone stole it off of my porch. I was upset at the time and I was an adult! I’m glad the Mom gave the thief a piece of her mind through this sign, but what would have been even better is if the thief’s parents had taught him when he was little, stealing is WRONG! You are breaking one of the 10 Commandments and if I catch you stealing I will punish you in a manner you will never forget. That is what happened to me, so now I know right from wrong. In case you have forgotten some of them, here are the 10 Commandments.

Exodus 20 ten commandments

Have a Happy  and Safe Halloween!

Newest Followers

30 Oct

I would like to welcome my newest followers, Buncie and Denis Miller. Neither of you indicated you have a blog but if you do, let me know and I will post a link up from here. Thanks for hitting that follow button, I appreciate it!

Tuesday Tunes: Frank Sinatra; It Was a Very Good Year

29 Oct

Ah, to be young again, this song gives me goose bumps everytime I hear it. Frank was the master of lyric phrasing, let’s give it a listen.

Cats and Dogs!

28 Oct


I saw this fellow sitting on the desk greeting people coming into the local Humane Society office. I took his picture and sent it to Sweet Thing and said he was looking for a good home. She said “NO!”


I saw this girl sitting outside of a store and sent the picture and said she was looking for a home and Sweet Thing said “NO!”


A local rescue society was outside of Tractor Supply trying to find home for these puppies, Sweet Thing said “NO!”. I knew she would, we have plenty of animals to care for already, I was just jerking her chain a bit!


I also encountered this Great Pyrenees as I was working this week. I was on my ATV and I needed to go down that dirt lane to reach a field, and this lane just happened to be right beside his house. Usually he doesn’t come this far from the house, but today he did and he would not let me pass. I wasn’t going to argue with him, he is the size of a small pony! After I get the homestead completely fenced in, I am thinking about getting one of these dogs myself. Shhh! Don’t tell Sweet Thing, she doesn’t know. Any of you have a Great Pyrenees?

Ammo Update

27 Oct


Some stores in my area finally have some bulk ammo for sale. I picked up these two boxes at Wal-Mart, and I picked up some 9MM from Gander Mountain last week. The ammo from Wal-Mart was priced the same as it was prior to Sandy Hook, but the Gander Mountain ammo was about 20% higher. I am glad to finally see the supply increasing a bit, but there is still not any 22LR to speak of, and what little there is on the shelf is selling for 20 cents a round. No thanks, I’ll pass.  I haven’t shot any since last winter. I had a supply laid by, but I wasn’t sure when or even if I would be able to replace it, so I have just been holding what I had. Now I feel comfortable enough to put one box back for later and shoot the other box to keep in practice.


It feels good to have ole’ Bessie bucking in my hand again! How is the ammo supply in your area?

What Did You Do To Prep This Week, Everything’s A Dollar Store

26 Oct

One of the well-known Prepper Blogs asks the question “What Did You do To Prep This Week?”. So let’s review my week. I added some ammo to my supplies, I cut some firewood, I put up some fencing, I picked vegetables from my garden, I fixed some barrels for fuel storage and filled them up, I went to the grocery store and bought canned goods for the pantry, and since I needed some containers for small parts storage I made a trip to our local Everything’s A Dollar Store. I really like that price!


I picked up a couple of different sizes of these Tupperware type containers to store small loose parts. You can stack them on a shelf and since they are clear you can see what is inside, very handy!


I picked up two different sizes of measuring spoons for mixing chemicals or oil.


I also have a supply of these plastic bathroom drinking cups for measuring. The cups have convenient little ridges embossed into them which makes it handy for measuring. I just remember the middle ridge marks up to 2 ounces, the upper ridge is 3 ounces, and when completely full is 4 ounces.


I picked up some cheap glow lights for emergency lighting.


I also picked up a few tubes of waterless hand cleaner. And remember, everything is just a dollar! Dollar Stores are a great price to pick up items for your long-term prep supplies. What did you do to prep this week?

Grape Vines, Firewood, and An Update On Old Man Arms

25 Oct

I was unhooking the bush hog from my tractor ( hopefully for the last time this year ) and as I was unhooking the PTO shaft, I realized my arms were pressed solidly up against the lift arms on the tractor. Ah, so that is where those “old man” bruises came from, mystery solved. That makes me feel a little better, at least there was a good cause for the bruises and they didn’t just appear out of thin air.


Pioneer Preppy mentioned in one of his recent posts the difficulty and the danger in cutting firewood caused by wild grape vines. As you can see, I cut this 8 inch diameter tree and even though it is cut completely free, it is still standing upright!


If you look up, you can see all sorts of vines running all directions through the limbs, holding the tree up and keeping it from falling. I had to hook a chain to the base of the tree and pull it loose with my tractor. I usually don’t cut good healthy trees for firewood but this tree was standing right in the middle of the path where I am going to install a culvert to cross into the woods on the back of our property. I hope to get that done this fall before the ground gets too wet and soft for a truck to get back here. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Garden Update

24 Oct


Check out this volunteer mustard plant growing by the stepping stone going into my shop. This thing is at least 24 inches across, way too big and tough to eat. I am just letting it grow to see how big it will get.


The greens I planted are ready for picking now.


We still are picking some cantaloupes for Sweet Thing, I don’t like the nasty things!


The heirloom tomatoes are still making, again just for Sweet Thing, I don’t eat them either. The purple hull peas put on a lot of pods and I am letting them dry to save the seeds for next year as an experiment to see if they will produce. This might be the last gasp for the garden, the weather forecast is for freezing temperatures tomorrow night. How is your garden doing?

Fuel Supply

23 Oct

A few weeks ago when The President was threatening to bomb Syria, I got concerned with our fuel supply. I got 2 steel barrels from one of my farmers last year, but I still had not done anything with them yet.


I finally got around to filling the drums with diesel to make sure I have some extra in case the supply gets tight. I just went to a local convenience store to fill them up, and believe me it was painful to buy 110 gallons at retail price! I am keeping my eye on Craig’s List for an actual 300-500 gallon fuel tank. If I get one like that, I can have the wholesaler come by and fill it up. Now, that will really be painful to buy that much at once!


Another reason I was inspired to fill those barrels is the hand pump I found at the flea market for $12.00. I operated the handle and I could feel the pump working so I thought it was a good deal. Little did I know how much the other equipment would cost. After I purchased the hose, filter, and fittings I have about $100 tied up in this project. I guess that is OK, a complete set-up like this at Tractor Supply costs $200 so I am still ahead. Keep prepping everyone.