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Homestead Update 3/31/2018

31 Mar

Yes, I’m back. I took a break from posting this winter but Spring is just around the corner. We had a really cold winter with two different spells of temperatures in the low single digits. Before the weather turned bad, I made sure we were prepared. I laid in a supply of firewood, serviced and ran the generators, checked the battery powered lights, bought kerosene for the lanterns and heaters, and made sure we had plenty of water and food stored in the pantry. Fortunately we didn’t need any of that but it is good to be prepared.


We also had two light snow events such as this one where we received about 6 inches. I stepped out on the porch and snapped this photo just at sunrise and I thought it was pretty.


I had my trail cams out behind the house and I saw this nice buck.


I also saw this scraggly spike buck.


A nice close-up of this little Doe.


During one of the cold spells, we built a fire in the fireplace. At first, Brandi was afraid of the fire due to the popping and crackling sounds, but soon she decided “Hey I kinda like this!” She just stretched out and laid there like a big dog.


The temperatures were low enough to kill the broccoli planted in the raised beds. I have it replanted now so there should be enough time for the new broccoli to make before hot weather comes. More to come, keep prepping everyone!


Winter Storm Damage

5 Feb


Even though we escaped the brunt of the last winter storm, the freezing rain continued long enough to finally cause a tree to fall across the driveway to my barn.




It was a fairly large tree, and half of it fell into my yard and half of it fell into my neighbor’s yard. The temperatures are predicted to stay below freezing until Sunday; after that I will cut the tree up for firewood. The trees are still coated with ice and even though we are not expecting any more freezing precipitation for a while, so there won’t be much melting going on. If the wind starts blowing we might have more tree damage. We lost power for 2 hours yesterday so I am really hoping for some solar radiation to help melt some of the ice. I was in Lowe’s today and I watched an employee wheel in a display of garden seeds, so I guess Spring must be on the way!


I spent a half of an hour forgetting about Winter and thinking about warm, sunny Spring weather and planting some garden plants. Spring will be here someday, until then, keep prepping everyone!

Ice Storm

4 Feb

The sun came out after I took my early morning pictures yesterday and made for some pretty scenery. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


This is the view out of our backdoor.





Ice is pretty to look at, but treacherous to navigate! Be careful on those steps!

Hornet’s Nest

21 Oct

The trees are really taking on their Fall colors.



We had a cool front pass through last night and dropped an inch and a half of rain. It also left some wonderful, low humidity bluebird skies.


Even the dogwoods are getting in on the act with their blood-red leaves and bright red berries.


As I was walking around admiring the scenery, I spotted this big hornet’s nest. They are still flying around going in and out of the nest. It is too high for me to reach, or I might cut it down this winter after they are gone. When I was a teen, I found one like this and cut the limb and kept it in my bedroom for several years. Even years later, my mom was always worried some hornets would come out of the nest. Get out and enjoy the Fall Weather if you can, Winter is on the way!

Winter is Coming

23 Nov

The weather has been dreary and rainy these past few days. It has been so bad, Frank can’t even go out and patrol his territory and you can tell it really perturbs him. But you wouldn’t know it from these pictures, he seems pretty content.



I saw this little bee trying to get some last bit of nectar from this dandelion. Sure looks like autumn is over and winter is coming.