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Future Home

29 Jun

This is what our new home will look like. Sweet Thing met with the contractor last week and gave him a set of plans and told him what she wanted. He will be putting together a bid, let’s hope it is within our budget. We are keeping our fingers crossed.


28 Jun

This is our niece and nephew showing their lambs at the FFA lamb show. They have won several ribbons at other shows and fairs. Good Luck!


28 Jun

I stopped by a local farmers pen today as he was feeding his goats. You can see one of the nannys and her two kids as well as Rudy the red rooster. The goats are being kept by his children to enter into the local county fair. I told him I didn’t need any prize-winning goats for my homestead. I need some scraggly, half-starved, briar and bramble eatin’ goats!

Fresh Produce

28 Jun

Some of the area farmers are starting to sell their local produce. I stopped at a roadside stand and bought these tomatoes for Sweet Thing. I really don’t care for raw tomatoes, but she can take them, slice them up, put a little salt and pepper and eat a whole plate full.  YUCK!

Here is something I can’t stand. Cantelope. Sweet Thing loves them, but she has to eat them out on the patio, not in the house. The smell alone is enough to make me gag! I can’t wait until I can have my own garden spot at the homestead. I guess I’ll plant these nasty old melons for her.


22 Jun

This is our cat, Samantha.  ( note Frank asleep in the background ) Samantha is a big-time Diva. She thinks she is the Queen of the world and all us lowly serfs exist only to satisfy her every desire. If she is unhappy about anything , she will let you know immediately!

Fathers Day 2011

20 Jun

I just got back from a quick trip to visit my Dad. I usually don’t get a chance to be with him on fathers Day due to my work schedule, but this year I was able to do so. We were all very happy to be together today. So once again, Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.

New Driveway!

17 Jun

This is the entrance to our property, which was recently opened by a local contractor with a D-3 Bulldozer. Looking straight ahead you can see the site for our future home. I will slowly clear out more of the brush and trees in the front as I have time.

Looking toward the right side as you enter, you can see the site for my future barn/workshop.  You can’t see very well from this picture, but the Soybeans we planted are starting to emerge. We knew we had a lot of preliminary work to do before construction could begin, so we chose to go ahead and farm the 8 acres of open ground in the front. Hopefully,  as soon as harvest is over we will be ready to do some real work!

As I began a little cleaning up on the front, I discovered we had a good bit of useable livestock fencing already in place. That will come in handy for holding in the dogs, chickens, goats and other animals we are planing on having. You might also note most of the small green plants you see on the ground are Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. Huray! I’m not allergic but Sweet Thing has already suffered through a major outbreak, so I have a lot of clearing to do. I’ve been told the goats will eat the Ivy like it was candy. Let’s hope so!

Happy Fathers Day

17 Jun

June 19th is Fathers Day and I wanted to be sure and get this posted on time so here it is. This is a photo of Sweet Thing’s Dad ( fourth from the left ) on leave from the Navy circa 1944. Pictured with him are his brothers and sisters.


This is a photo of my Dad home on leave from the Army Circa 1954. Thankfully, both our Dads are still alive and kicking so we would like to send our love to them and say Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there.

Frank, the mouser

17 Jun

This is our cat Frank. He often comes to the door carrying a mouse, rat, vole, mole, squirrel or rabbit. He just meows his head off wanting to bring his prize inside, which Sweet Thing objects to strenuosity. He just can’t understand why he can’t come  inside and share his trophy with us!

Hello World!

16 Jun

You can call me Swamp Dog and my wife Sweet Thing. Come join us on our big adventure as we start our new life on our homestead in Tennessee. We recently purchased 24 acres outside of town, and we are in the planning stages of our new home. We will keep you updated with all the ups and downs we encounter along the way.