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Homestead Update 7/24/16

24 Jul


I spent 6 more days in the hospital since I last posted. I think I am finally getting over this allergic reaction after 5 weeks. But, since I have been confined inside the house, I haven’t done much work around here. I have decided the raised bed garden experiment is a success. I was concerned that the plants would burn up when it got hot and dry like it is now, but just a few minutes of watering every third day is enough to keep the plants hale and healthy.


This is just a few of the tomatoes Sweet Thing picked from the raised bed. The peppers, cantaloupes, and egg plant look just fine as well. I also managed to look into my bee hives yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised how well they were doing. Two of the hives had swarms installed with an empty super on top with jar feeders inside. I was really afraid the bees would have built all sorts of comb in the upper super since they have had a month to build up while I have been down. Other than a few small pieces of comb, everything was as it should be. I even have several frames of honey I am going to harvest next week when I get set up and ready. Until then, keep prepping everyone!

Homestead Update 7/3/16

3 Jul

I haven’t done any work around the homestead in two weeks due to my illness. I had an allergic reaction to Keflex that is so severe it had me in the hospital for 4 days this week.


That is my right hip and upper thigh.


That is the back of my left leg. Looks pretty bad, huh? Yeah it feels pretty bad too. My entire body, front and back, looks like this from my neck down to my knees. I expect to have two more really painful days then the whelps and blisters should be finished and I will just have to wait for the peeling and healing to finish. I have missed 10 days of work and will miss at least 7 more. My business partner and employees have been doing my work in addition to theirs so I am going to owe them a big debt of gratitude. I have been doing this job for 38 years and this is the first time in all of those years I have missed more than 1 day of work during the Summer. Another bad thing about this is the fact that I have to stay inside all the time. I can’t get hot or sweat in the least bit or the rash will just get worse. It’s a shame I’m home and not working but unable to do some light chores around here like straighten up my workshop or check in on my honeybees. I know they need some attention, but Mother Nature will just have to take care of them for now.


This is a native American artifact I found a few weeks ago. It is actually a Paleo Point, which may be 12,000 years old! This is the old stuff PP often asks me about. I have found 3 new places to find artifacts this year. While I have been laid up in the house, I have been watching YouTube videos of people hunting and finding artifacts. I had to stop watching those videos, it is tearing me up that I can’t hunt my new locations! I hope to be on the mend soon and maybe I can hunt a little more before the crops get too big and canopy over and hide the ground. I have found some really good artifacts and I am preparing a long post with some of them. Until then, keep prepping everyone!