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31 Jul

I was driving down the interstate today and I thought I saw an owl on the shoulder of the road. I was coming upon a turn across for authorized vehicles, so I authorized myself to turn around to have a look. Sure enough, there was a dead owl, obviously hit by a car during the night. You don’t get to see one up close and personal like this too often, so I checked him out before leaving him in the grass on the shoulder of the road. I don’t know if owls are protected species or not, but I was about to go check some fields inside a wildlife refuge and I certainly didn’t want it to be riding in the back of my truck.


He has a wingspan of about 36 inches.



I was really surprised how soft and downy the feathers under the wings and on the breast were. They were so soft they didn’t feel like feathers at all, more like silk.


But he did have some wicked looking talons. Anybody know what kind of owl this might be? I did a little Google research and I am pretty sure it is a Barn Owl.

Mist Cooling System

30 Jul

I’ve had this item for 3 weeks now, and I can’t believe I have waited so long to tell you about it. It is the Orbit Mist Cooling System; I bought it online from Lowe’s. We have been having 100 degree temperatures here for nearly the entire month of July. It is hard on people and animals alike. My dogs are out in the back yard, and they have a little shade but it is still stifling hot in the pen. I put 2 fans to blow on them and added this misting system.


It blows a light mist and really helps cool the air, especially in front of the fans where I have it blowing. I was worried the dogs wouldn’t like getting wet but they love it. The mist must make them really cooler because when I turn it on around noon, they just stand there and lap it up! It is really designed to go on a patio umbrella or something similar.


I just clipped it onto the fence above the fans and the dogs just lie there and sleep all afternoon. So If you or your animals are suffering through the heat, you may want to check this out. This only cost $15.00, but they have larger and more elaborate systems if you want to get something bigger. I might get another one and put it out under the patio for us! Stay cool.

Construction Update 18

29 Jul

All of the windows were installed this week.





They are very well insulated and have a high e value. They are brown on the outside and white on the inside to match the décor.



They brought the shower/tub units in before they sealed up the outside walls. The units are so big they won’t come through a doorway.


There are a couple of places where we will have sliding pocket doors and the frames have been installed for those.


You have to be careful where you walk, there are air hoses and electrical cords running everywhere!

Newest Followers

29 Jul

I would like to welcome 2 new followers. Bark Up Today has a blog all about dogs and Alberto Monnar is a composer and singer. Both of them have blogs so check them out. Thank you both for hitting that follow button!

Construction Update 17

28 Jul

A lot of things are going on this week. For one, the roofers got started.



They started off in the front, it is slow going with all those valleys to work with.



That is some hot, miserable work in this weather for sure.



The roof on the front is complete.


Now, they are on the west side, using those rickety ladders as scaffolding.



I’m going to stay down here on the ground.

Construction Update 16

27 Jul

A lot of things are happening at once now. We made a mad dash to Memphis to pick-up the fireplace insert we bought last April.


Here it is sitting in it’s proper place in the corner so they could get the chimney installed.



This is the double-walled pipe we are using. We went with an insert because it was less expensive and safer. The manufactured box is rated for a hotter fire than most brick fireplaces and is still cool enough on the outside to allow wood walls to be within 2 inches of the metal.


This is the chimney box, covered with roofing felt. The bricklayer will install some sort of thin stone veneer to the outside once Sweet Thing picks it out. More to come!

Boss Hoss Motorcycles

26 Jul


My building contractor came to the homestead riding this last week. I must be paying him too much! This is a Boss Hoss Motorcycle. This is a custom-made bike with an 8 cylinder GM engine. That’s right, the same engine some of you may have in your car is powering this bike. How would you like to be riding along with your legs wrapped around a 445 horsepower car engine? For those of you wanting to know more you can go to this site, Boss Hoss. I told my contractor he needed to be careful and stop riding that thing until he finishes our house, we can’t have him getting hurt or killed! Be safe!

Newest Follower

26 Jul

I would like to welcome my newest follower, Daniel Abram. Thanks for hitting that follow button. Feel free to comment or ask questions anytime.

Fresh Fruit

25 Jul


My niece recently bought a house in the country. There are some fruit trees in her yard and she sent a picture of her first fruit. She was really excited! She was looking up recipes to make something out of the fruit. I have convinced her to start preparing for hard times coming, so she is wanting to learn to cook and can and to be more prepared and self-sufficient. I’m glad my message is getting through to some people at last!

Extreme High Temperatures

24 Jul


Last week I kept seeing this on my truck thermometer (and worse). The temps finally moderated back down to normal and below. (85-92) And we finally got some rain on most of my fields.


We even had a couple of overcast days. That is not too good for the crops, but it sure felt nice after 2 weeks of blazing sun and temps in the 100’s! P.S. I wrote this post 2 weeks ago and kept delaying it for other subjects. Now we are back to sweltering weather with no break in sight until October!