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Homestead Update 11/11/17

11 Nov


Fall finally arrived here at the homestead and the trees are starting to show their colors.


I planted an acre of greens in the back bottom right before we received an inch of rain and I got a tremendous emergence! I have more German Mustard, Florida Mustard, and Turnips than we could ever pick. Oh well, I am willing to share them with the deer and other wildlife.


I still have some flowers blooming in the wildflower garden, but I don’t know what they are. The flowers look like cosmos, but some of them are 8 feet tall! Hopefully, next Spring I will have a good emergence from the flowers I had this this Summer that went to seed. And yes, I know that bee hive is leaning badly, I will get out there and straighten it up today. Keep prepping everyone!


Naked Ladies!

5 Sep

No, it’s not what you think! I am going to post some flower pictures, not the other kind!


This is a ring of Belladonna lilies, or what are commonly known as “Surprise Lilies” or “Johnny Jump-Ups”. One of my readers last year called them “Naked Ladies” and I have never heard them called that. I guess people around here are too polite to use that term. HAHA!


They are pretty no matter what you call them. What makes them unusual is the flowers appear before the foliage appears, thus the term “Surprise”!


I saw a big spot of these wild hibiscus growing along a ditch bank.


I noticed this long row of coreopsis blooming. An insect called the Tarnished Plant Bug really likes this flower, and when the blooms dry out, the insects move into the cotton fields, then I have to recommend spraying to kill them.


I also saw these pretty weeds, although they are not really flowers. This is a weed known as Marestail, and it is difficult to kill. The weeds have been sprayed with a herbicide that bleached out the bud and turned them yellow, all be it temporarily. Within a week this weed was solid green once again. More to come, keep prepping everyone.


6 Sep


I planted a small plot of Sunflowers in the back of the homestead and they are heading out now. Some of them have some really pretty heads on them.


And the honeybees are having a field day on them. I also threw out a small package of wildflower seeds when I planted the sunflowers.






This flower has a Japanese Beetle eating the petals. The Beetles have not been too bad this year for some reason, I hope they continue to stay away. More to come.


2 Aug


I was at the old house in town and I saw these flowers. Around here they are known as surprise lilies or Johnny-Jump-ups. The flowers come up first then the foliage appears and will stay green until frost.


I also saw this coreopsis blooming here at the homestead.



I also have a clump of perennial morningglories blooming. They are nice and bright early in the morning, that is why they are called morningglories!

Wild Flowers

30 Jun


I kept noticing these wild flowers all along the road, it seemed like they were everywhere. I stopped and checked them out and I realized they are elderberry bushes. Man if I could find a good use for the berries I could have more than I could ever use. Maybe wine, jelly, pie, cobbler? I’ll have to check into it more.


There are a lot of black-eyed susans blooming on the homestead.



These are golden trumpet-creeper blooms. I recently planted 3 bags of wild-flower seeds in the area where I have the deer food plots. I’ll let you see how that turns out. I planted the seeds and we had 1/2 inch of rain last night so hopefully they will come right up.

Native Irises

16 May

I found a clump of Native Irises growing right on the edge of a field I am checking.



I am going to dig these up the first chance I get and transplant them to the homestead. I always have a shovel in the bed of my truck but it was early in the day when I saw them so I couldn’t dig them and haul them around all day. Next week I will make it a point to go by there late in the day just before I head home. I think they will make a nice addition to my flowers and best of all, they are free!


24 Jun

I took some more pictures of flowers this week.



I saw this hibiscus growing in the ditch alongside the road.


I saw these light pink morningglories on the ditchbank.


I was riding my ATV along a field edge and came upon a big bank of honeysuckle in bloom. The scent so intense it almost took my breath away.That is nothing compared to what a Gardenia will do to me. I like that smell so much I will just keep inhaling, forgetting to exhale. Sometimes I think I am going to swoon!


But these are the prettiest flowers of all, cotton blooms. This is what makes my world go around, without these all else fails to naught. I will leave you with a famous quote to remember and repeat.


A rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet, but none is as lovely as a cotton blossom to a true Southern Belle.                  Swamp Dog