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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct


When we move to the homestead I don’t expect to have many  Trick-Or-Treaters, but you can’t say the same thing about our current home.We have been here 14 years, and we were warned ahead of time about the huge mobs coming on Halloween. The first year we gave out 400 small candy bags with 4 pieces of penny candy in each one. (are you old enough to remember penny candy?) The next year we gave out 500, the next year 600, and the last couple of years we gave out 700 bags and still ran out. As you might imagine, most of these people drive here from other parts of town, even other towns. We would just go inside and turn off the lights after we ran out. It was fun at first, but it became too much of a hassle. We would dress up in our costumes and have the older children we knew come over and help us give out candy to the Trick-Or-Treaters. Now there are so many teenagers (I don’t mind if they are polite) and adults who are rude and surly. Many times the adult would herd the children up to the door and then hold out two more bags and say I got two more at home, they sick, I need some for them. Not, may I have some for them, but I need some for them. So we just got tired of putting up with the hassle. But hopefully it will be a better experience for you at your house. I just want to remind everyone to drive carefully. There will be lots of little ones out on the street this evening, running around all hyped up on sugar and adrenalin, so be careful, we dont want any accidents. I will leave you with a little tune this evening, it’s a classic!

Fall Foliage Pt. 2

30 Oct

Sweet Thing and I took a ride around the area, the Fall colors are really showing now. We didn’t get the freeze the weathermen were predicting so maybe the colors will hold up a while longer.


A stiff breeze blowing the flag atop the bank building.








Even the hostas in our yard are turning colorful.


This is a Japanese Maple in our yard. You can see it is showing 2 colors. The red is the lacy style leaves which were grafted onto a rootstock. The rootstock put out a shoot from the bottom, It has yellow leaves as opposed to the red leaves of the grafted variety.

Stanley Chipper Shredder Pt. 2

30 Oct


We went to the homestead and used the Stanley Chipper Shredder today. After the second time of using it I still am happy with it. It started a lot easier today since it has been run a while. It did not use any oil after running 4 hours last week and 4 hours this week. I think I might have to sharpen the blades now. The directions said chipping hard dried wood would dull the blades faster than soft green wood and that makes sense. We chipped a good bit of dried limbs with it. I’ll let you know how the sharpening and blade replacement goes.

I made a video of Sweet Thing using the shredder. It is so easy even a girl can do it! Git it Baby!

The barn crew came back and worked on the sixth day of construction.


They have both sides up as well as the front. The windows are in place as well as both walk-out doors. I hope they get to finish the back and roof by Tuesday!



Flu Shot

29 Oct

I went and got a Flue Shot today. OUCH! Now I have to rip this band-aid off my hairy arm. DOUBLE OUCH! We have to stay strong and healthy this winter, we don’t want to be weak and sickly. Usually when one of us has to go to the doctor to get a procedure done, we get to pick some where to eat as a special treat. I picked my favorite italian restaurant with unlimited Pasta and Breadsticks, YUM!. UH-OH, NOPE not going to happen. Sweet Thing says Flu shots don’t count. Besides, I’m now on a diet, eating healthier, trying to get back to my lean, mean, fighting machine self as I was in my younger days.

So instead I had this, a Subway veggie delight on Honey Oat bread. It had Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, olives, jalapenos, spicy mustard and red vinegar. Pretty tasty. You might ask why I don’t get any meat on this sandwich, I’m glad you asked. When you put all these veggies on the sandwich with the spicy mustard, I can’t taste any of that meat anyway. Besides, it is just a bunch of over processed, preservative laden, cholesterol filled, bad for you junk anyway. When we get to live on the homestead, we will have lots of home-grown vegetables to eat!


28 Oct

I am trying out a new tool for blogging, Windows Live Writer, so this is just a test. I went to a friends house and took pictures of his dog!


I gave her a doggy bone to chew, and she immediately buried it!


I guess she wanted to save it for later.


She is a Chow mix rescued from the Humane Shelter.

Let me try this! Just kidding Click on the button below to play the video!

Enter video caption here

Oh Yeah!  This is getting good now!

Fall Foliage

28 Oct

We are finally starting to see some fall colors in the foliage now. It is a little later than normal, and probably won’t be as pretty as it could be because of the hot dry summer we had. I think the peak viewing will be the next week. We are predicted to get freezing temperatures tonight so that might turn them brown instead of turning nice colors.

I’ll try to get some better pictures next week.

Barn Construction…Day 5

28 Oct

The construction crew of two men came out the day after the slab was poured, which was day five. They put up the trusses and nailed on the purlins.

It is starting to look like a barn now.

Over to the left you can see where the three windows are going. You can see how smooth and slick the floor looks too! The crew said they would go get the metal siding and roof panels and put them up Thursday and Friday. That would finish everything except the roll-up door in the front. Last night we had an inch and a half of rain so I don’t expect them to come back until Monday. RATS!

Concrete Floor

27 Oct

This is day four of barn construction. The concrete truck came and poured the slab.

The workers finished the concrete out really smooth. They actually finished it out smoother than what I wanted, it is glass smooth. It is just smooth enough so that if you get a little moisture on it you can slip and bust your butt. I really wanted a little rougher finish, but I was not there when it was done so I didn’t get to talk to the finishing crew.

They have the floor finished, looking really good


And on the third day……

27 Oct

The two-man construction crew came back for the third day and finished leveling up the base of the form to pour the slab. They dug some footings around the edges and braced up the forms on the outside of the walls. Progress slowly but surely.

Rant And Rave!

25 Oct

I am going to allow myself a short rant today. Recently Sweet Thing went to a local store, a discount salvage grocery. They sell almost out of date food, dented cans, overstocks, oddball generics, etc. She usually doesn’t buy many food items, just cleaning supplies. When she was checking out they gave her these:

These are Banana Shortbread cookies that are 3 months past date. I thought “What the hay, I’ll give them a try”, they were free. I tasted them and decided not bad at all, pretty tasty for out of date cookies. I was reading the label while I was munching them and discovered, Made In Brazil. What! Really? You can bake this little sleeve of cookies in South America, load it on a ship, transport it to the US, truck it to here and do it cheaper than you can bake them here? It just doesn’t seem right.