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Bird Eggs

30 Apr

As I was checking my fields, I flushed up lots of birds as I was riding through.


I see lots of these nests, these are the Kildeers I posted about previously.


These are Mourning Dove eggs. The parents get up and fly a little ways then give me the old broken wing routine.


I don’t know what this nest holds, I didn’t see the adult fly away. Isn’t the egg a lovely shade of blue? I wonder if that is eggshell blue? It should be in my opinion. And look how nice and comfy and perfectly shaped that nest is. If I was sitting at my workbench with a pile of straw, a bottle of Elmers glue, and a steel ball to use for a mold I don’t think I could make a nest that nice.

Economic Recovery?

29 Apr


If you listen to the politicians and main street media we are in the midst of an economic recovery. I have 2 main indicators to let me know when things are good economically. One is the amount of people I see eating out in restaurants. Two years ago, if you went out to eat on a Friday or Saturday night between the hours of 5:30 – 7:00 you would have to wait in line for a table at almost any restaurant in our town. But now you can just breeze right in at any place and be seated right away. That tells me people are having to cut back on their discretionary spending. Another way I can tell is circulating coins or lack thereof. I used to collect coins until I decided I could better spend my money elsewhere. But I still look through my pocket change every day to see what I can find. I always try to save a new bright shiny example of each years denomination of coin from each mint. Usually by the middle of February I start to see the new coins. This year it was April 9th before I saw even one new penny, and since then I have not seen another single new coin! This tells me the banks are not ordering any new money to put in circulation. They just keep reusing the same old coins. That tells me there is not a lot of money circulating around here. People are either holding on to their money, or they don’t have much money in the first place. So how do you personally judge the state of the economy?

Smarter Than The Average Dog

27 Apr

I thought I might be smarter than the average dog, and maybe I am. This morning when I fed the dogs I hooked their short leashes I made for them and it worked perfectly. They both made 2 lunges when they started eating, then they quickly realized it would do no good so they just settled down and ate their own food.



I know I will have to keep doing this for a while but hopefully someday it will no longer be necessary. And as requested, more kitten pictures.







After they eat, if I don’t pick them up they just climb up my leg like they are climbing a tree. They will climb all the way up to my shoulder and just lay there. Kittens are just too cute for words.

Pet Update

26 Apr


The kittens I found are really growing. They are now eating solid food out of a saucer so they won’t be as much trouble to take care of. I think I will hold on to them for 2 more weeks before I let anyone take them. I think it might be traumatic for them to be separated right now. ( or maybe it will just be traumatic for us to let them go )


The weather warmed up enough for me to give the dogs a bath. I didn’t know how they would react, many dogs just go crazy when you try to bathe them. These two just stood there calmly and let me scrub them good. I think they just enjoyed the attention. So far the only negative I can think of with these dogs is they want to fight when I feed them. I have a separate dish for each one, but invariably one of them will lunge at the other and take their food dish. And both of them do it so I can’t blame just one. But I think I am smarter than them so I have a plan. I fixed up two leashes, each 3 feet long with a clip on each end. I am going to clip one dog to one side of the pen and clip the other dog to the other side of the pen. Then they will have to stay on their own side until they are finished eating. Then maybe after a while they will learn to do that without actually being attached to the pen. We shall see.

Newest follower

26 Apr

I would like to welcome my newest follower Terry. She has a blog with inspirational stories that touch your heart and soul. So check her out if you have a moment, I think it will be well worth your while. So Terry, welcome and thanks for hitting that follower button. It means a lot to me!

Free Finds

25 Apr

I was out working and picked up a couple of good free finds.


Some of you may remember my post from last summer dealing with plastic rolls of irrigation pipe. I drove by a recycling site where farmers can dump their old used pipe to be picked up and recycled. Well I saw these small rolls of remnants which is not unusual, but to find a large roll like the big one is unusual. Not only that, but there were 2 more rolls even larger thrown out to be recycled and they were so heavy I couldn’t pick them up. I called my employee who had expressed an interest in having some of this plastic and he came by and got the 2 rolls for himself.



I also scored some heavy oak 4X4s which had been discarded by the crew putting up a billboard by the highway. These boards were 7-8 feet long and have been laying in the weeds for a month so I decided to not let them go to waste. I picked up six of them today, which was all I had room for in my truck. Tomorrow I will go back and get the other six. There are also some 3 and 4 foot long pieces I will get. Like I always say, Waste not, want not.

Tuesday Tunes; Sweet Baby James

24 Apr

For todays tune how about some James Taylor? He has so many great songs it was hard to choose just one. He has his full band on this version. A friend of mine saw him in concert in 1977 at Northeast Louisiana University. As he was sitting in the arena before the show he noticed there were no instruments on stage. When the lights came down and the spotlight shown on a single stool in the middle of the stage as James came out with his guitar and sat down and started to play my friend thought what a rip-off. He doesn’t even have his band. But after about 15 minutes he realized it didn’t matter, he didn’t need a band; he was that good! James kept a college aged audience entertained by himself for two and a half hours. Let Justin Timberlake try that. HAHAHAHA! That would be too funny to even imagine, there would be a riot of fans rushing the ticket counter demanding their money back. So let’s listen to Sweet Baby James.

Dog Update

24 Apr

I wanted to give you an update on the two dogs I found the last week. I put them in a pen at our house in town, it is only 12X12 but that is the best I can do for now. So we took them out to the homestead yesterday to let them run and get some exercise.


This one is named Wilma. I originally named her Wilbur, but I looked closer and said OOOps! I need to change your name.


This one is named Jethro. They ran and played and chased each other for a good while. All the time they were doing this they never got more than 50 feet away from us. I thought I would have to chase them and keep calling them back while they were loose, but they stayed right with us.


After a while they were all tuckered out and had to take a nap.


After their nap I decided to take them for a tour of the homestead. We walked a big loop around the perimeter and they stayed right along with us, not running about wildly. So I thought let’s try this again with a leash and see how they act. They stood there calmly, not jerking and pulling or fighting the leash like many dogs do. I couldn’t believe it! I hope I can train them to sit and act properly, and they are smart enough I think I should be able to. ( if I’m smart enough ) I need to give them a bath because they stink to high Heaven from the mange and neglect, but it turned really cool so I’m going to wait a few days until it warms up a bit. Then we can see how civilized they act.


While I was at the homestead I decided to finish mowing. My tractor has been in the shop for 3 weeks getting a repair on the backhoe, so the grass got way too tall. I could have baled this up for hay if I had the right equipment. It looks really streaky and clumpy now, but I’ll mow it again going the opposite direction and it will look better. Stay safe!

Gumbo Mudders

23 Apr

I was working today and I came across several turtles. They are coming out of their water holes and laying eggs on the shore. First I came across this snapping turtle.


They are called snapping turtles for good reason, I poked at him with a stick a little and he bit the end of the stick off. It could have just as easily been a finger, so kids, don’t mess around with this kind of turtle.


Then I found this painted turtle. She was so recently out of the water she still had moss growing on top of her shell.


Then I saw this turtle and when I stopped to take a look I knew something was wrong. She appeared to be high centered on something, and she was flapping all four feet but not going anywhere. I picked her up and discovered what the problem was.


In places we have a sticky soil type we refer to as buckshot or gumbo. This soil has a high clay content and gets very sticky when it gets wet. If you walk on this soil when wet, it will adhere to your feet, and with each step the mud on your feet will get bigger and bigger. Well this turtle had the misfortune to try to crawl across the ground when it was exactly the wrong time to try it. The soil was just wet enough to be extremely sticky. As she crawled along, it stuck to the bottom of her shell. The farther she crawled, the more the soil built up until she was so high off of the ground her feet could not get any traction. Some of the good-ole-boys around here have 4X4 trucks with big old aggressive tread tires made for this type of mud. We call these tires Gumbo Mudders. I guess this turtle needed four-wheel drive and gumbo mudders on her feet! I took my knife and scraped the mud off of her shell, pointed her back toward the water and off she went.


The last I saw of her she looked none the worse for her experience. So just let this be a lesson to us all, keep the mud off your belly, and keep your shell right side up!

Newest Follower

23 Apr

I would like to welcome my newest follower Ladyromp. I certainly appreciate you hitting my follow button. Feel free to comment or ask questions, I will always answer. Once again, thanks and welcome.