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Trail Cam Pictures

28 Sep

I looked at my game camera pictures this week and once again proved my neighbor wrong about game not coming to the feeder this time of year.


Even this skunk likes a little corn for dinner.


The crows like corn but I already knew that from watching Saturday morning cartoons.


No wonder I lost all my corn to the coons, there is a whole stinkin’ family of them!


Those young turkeys are starting to get big. Just about right for the roaster aren’t they?

Now I need your help with these next pictures, click on them to enlarge them and give me your opinion. I guess this animal is a tall, lanky house cat. I first thought it might be a small bobcat, but the tail is too long.





What do you say, big house cat? I am going to swap cameras tomorrow, I think the other camera takes better pictures, maybe I will get another chance at him. Keep prepping everyone.

Fall Garden

27 Sep

I went out to check my fall garden today and I wanted to post some pictures. The weatherman said it would rain last Friday and he was right for a change. I went out on Thursday and planted some seeds and we had a slow, all afternoon rain that totaled 1.25 inches, just perfect.


In the center row I set out 9 cabbages and 9 broccoli. This is my first try at growing broccoli, I just recently discovered I really like it! On the left side of the row I have a 4 foot wide strip of turnips and on the right of the row I have a 4 foot wide strip of mustard greens.


You can’t see it too well but I also planted about an acre of deer browse composed of wheat, oats, greens, clover and winter peas. All of it is coming up nicely.


I picked the last of the squash.


I still have several heirloom tomatoes still coming on.


I have some late cantaloupes growing over the outdoor cat enclosure. As you can see Kensey is helping me check out this one.


I had a good bit of purple hull peas mixed in with the sunflowers. I am going to let them dry on the vine then save the seeds for next year to see how they do. Sweet Thing already saved some tomato seeds and I am considering saving some of the squash and cantaloupes just to see if it can be done.



The cosmos are still blooming.


The sunflowers are dried up and the birds are really working them. As a matter of fact, the little yellow colored finches have stopped coming to my feeders, I think they like eating the seeds off of the heads better. How is your fall garden coming along?

Happy Birthday Amanda!

27 Sep

It’s the BIG 24! Whoo Hooo!

Some People Get On My Nerves!

25 Sep

Today I needed to stop at Wal-Mart and that set my nerves on edge having to fight my way through crowds of people like this gentleman,,


Ah man, I didn’t need to see that! Then I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I decided to stop at McDonald’s! Yeah, I should know better. I probably eat at McDonald’s about once a month and I always wonder why I bothered, the only thing they have that is fit to eat are their french fries, other than that everything else is nasty. Anyway, I was in a hurry and it was 1:30 so I figured the crowd would be gone and I could get in and out quickly. Just as I was approaching the counter to order a group cut right in front of me. This group consisted of a woman about 35 years old, her mother, and two girls about 10 years old. They proceeded to spread out all along the counter (blocking all three registers) and looked up at the menu and pointed out and discussed the relative merits of each and every item on the menu. Come on people, this is not a 5 star restaurant, this is McDonald’s.


You knew what was on the menu before you came in here so just order the number 4 meal and get out of my way! I love everyone, I really do. Have a nice day! Smile

Tuesday Tunes: Van Morrison; Moondance

24 Sep

Let’s have a tune from 1970 shall we.

Newest Follower

24 Sep

I would like to welcome my newest follower Bell Wether Farms. Thanks for hitting that follow button, I really appreciate it.

Just Think About It

23 Sep


Read this and just think about it for a minute. If guns become illegal, only the criminals will have guns because they don’t obey laws anyway. How will you protect yourself or your family? Point at the thugs pointing a gun at you and say “Oooo, you’re in trouble now, that’s illegal!” I sure that would give them pause. Be safe everyone.