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Tuesday Tunes:ZZ Top; Blue Jean Blues

29 Jul

How about so good old dusty, funky, down home blues from that little ole’ band from Texas? Enjoy!

If I ever get back my blue jeans,

Lord, how happy could one man be.

If I ever get back my blue jeans,

Lord, how happy could one man be.

‘Cause if I get back those blue jeans

You know, my baby be bringin’ ’em home to me!



Homestead Update and Cute Cats!

27 Jul

Hey, tagging with cute cats always gets extra hits, so here we go.


Poor ole Kensey had to go to the vet last week to check out a bad sore place on his nose. The Vet said it looked like a fungal infection so he scraped it off and gave me some medicine to smear on his nose twice a day. Kensey sure doesn’t like it, he avoids me now when I go into the cave with him. If you look at the picture you can see his one gold eye and one blue eye.


Oreo says why all the fussing over Kensey and not me?


It was a hot day even with the AC running so they like to lay on the concrete because it’s cooler.


They have been getting on my nerves lately because they were turning over their water pan every day. I had to come in after work and build this wood contraption to hold up the water bottle so they couldn’t tip it over. Now if they will just not take their paws and splash the water out just for fun!


There are a lot of these wild morningglories blooming in the area. Pretty aren’t they?


I saw these bee hives near one of my fields and this is the first time I have seen them in this area. These hives are old and worn looking, so I guess someone just found this new place to set them out.


I also saw these nice healthy calves. When I stopped at first they ran and hid behind mama.


I sat there for a minute and they became curious and came out to see what I was doing. Hopefully I will have a calf or two on the homestead someday. Until then, keep prepping everyone!

When Seconds Count,,,,

25 Jul

We had an interesting experience here a few nights ago. It was 3am and we were awakened by the doorbell ringing and pounding on the front door. What in the world? I jumped out of bed and put on my pants that were on the stool at the end of the bed. (I keep my pants at the ready on the stool every night, don’t you?) I grabbed my 9mm from the nightstand and headed for the front of the house. I looked out of the front window before going to the door and I saw 2 Sheriff’s patrol cars in the drive. Well, that took some of the high anxiety away. So then I thought to myself, have I done anything lately that the Sheriff would want to talk to me about in the middle of the night? Nah, I’m ok, I’ve been too busy working to get into any mischief. Then I laid my pistol on the kitchen counter, I didn’t want to answer the door with a pistol in my hand.


The deputy said they had an open line 911 call from this address and I said there must be some mistake. There was no one here except me and Sweet Thing and until 2 minutes ago, we were sound asleep. He called in to the dispatcher and verified the number and address and the dispatcher said the line was still open. He asked us to check the line so Sweet Thing brought one of the portable hand sets to the door and I checked and no dial tone, just static. He said he was glad all was well and we should have the phone line checked out tomorrow. After he left, I thought about what had transpired and I was a bit concerned. I know I have an honest and sincere face, but he didn’t even come inside to check around. Sweet Thing and I could have been a pair of serial killers with the real residents of the house bound and gagged in the back room. Or some crazed killer could have sent us to the door with orders to get rid of the cops while holding a gun to our children’s heads. The deputy would really have no way of knowing anything was truly safe without checking further. I guess my bright smiling face convinced him everything was A-OK. So just remember,,,

440 When Seconds count 10x3.5

Keep safe everyone!


22 Jul

I picked up an old tire behind my shop to shake out the standing water trapped in it so it wouldn’t be a breeding ground for mosquitos and underneath it I found the old black snake that lives around the shop. YIKES! He gave me quite a start but he slithered away as fast as he could.


I also encountered this Copperhead as I was driving a lonely back country road. I made the curve and as soon as I spotted it in the road I knew it was a venomous snake so I aimed right for him and SCORE! A perfect hit. I wish he wasn’t so mangled up, that skin has some beautiful coloration. It sure would make a fine hat band wouldn’t it? Anyway, since it is Tuesday, how about a silly little ditty from Jim Stafford, Spiders And Snakes. Enjoy.

Burn Barrel

21 Jul


This is a picture of my burn barrel I made from rabbit hutch wire. I think I have about $6 worth of wire in this project. The barrel seems to burn that garbage just fine doesn’t it? It will get about half full of unburned items such as glass and cans in about 3 months, then I will pick it up with my front end loader and dump that stuff in the back gully on the homestead.

burn cage_r

Well, if you don’t like my home-made model you can buy this spiffy-looking super-duper factory model from DR Manufacturing. It looks like it should work just fine. It should because this one is on sale for ONLY $459.99 plus shipping. No way baby, no way! I think I will keep my home-made version and if it burns out I can build another one for $6 and I will still be $447.99 ahead. Keep prepping everyone!

Tuesday Tunes:James Brown;I Feel Good

15 Jul

How about a classic from the Godfather of Soul from 1966, James Brown on the Ed Sullivan Show. Enjoy!

Homestead Update

13 Jul

Not much happened around the homestead this week, again due to my full work schedule.



I found several nice marbles while working in the field.


I also found two more Indian artifacts. I probably won’t find much more this year, the crops are large enough now to shade the ground so it is getting hard to see much below the canopy.


It has finally dried up enough we have started watering the cotton, although the weather forecast is for rain and cooler temps starting tomorrow.


Most of the cotton is blooming and that is right on schedule to be normal.


I drove up to where one of my farmers was working and he had backed his sprayer off into the ditch and was hung up. He was waiting on someone to bring a tractor and pull him out, and he was really POed!


I bought this little push mower to take to MILs house so Sweet Thing could help mow her yard. This was one of the $149 Wal-Mart specials. I took it out of the box, poured in the oil and gas, pulled the starter rope and it started on the first pull! A few years ago this mower cost just $99, and I mean only just 5 years ago. This goes to show how inflation is creeping in slowly and steadily and most people don’t even see it. This economy is tanking folks, you better be prepared for it, so keep prepping everyone!

Tuesday Tunes:Bob Seger;Night Moves

8 Jul

How about this one for a bit of nostalgia? I woke last night to the sound of thunder, how far off I sat and wondered, started humming a tune from 1972, ain’t it funny how the night moves? Enjoy!


4 Jul

I saw a new product in Lowe’s last week so I picked one up to try. It is an EnduraCool Multi-Cool Pro. You wet this thing down and wring the excess water out and the evaporation helps keep you cool. I wore it most of the day in one of the twelve variations you can wear it in and I have to say it will actually work. I rewet it about once every hour and it definitely will help cool you down. The only problem is when you wear it you look like a geek!


I will have to just wear it around the homestead and not while I am working at my job. I can’t be wearing something like that, I can’t afford to hurt my “street cred”!  Check it out for yourself, I think you will be pleased. Keep prepping everyone!

Tuesday Tunes:Eric Clapton;Layla

1 Jul

This is the live version from 1985, Live Aid. Enjoy!