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Antique Car Show

25 Sep

Yesterday Sweet Thing and I attended the Forked Deer Car Show. And first off I want to say that some of these cars should not be considered antique, because I remember riding in some of these models of cars when they were new. If true that would make me an antique also, and I am far from it. I am young and spry and just as handsome as I ever was, so let’s just call them more experienced models! Below are some pictures I took.

This is Roscoe out enjoying the show. He looks like a big, mean, tough bully, but according to his owner he’s just a big ole baby.

This is one of my favorites. It is a Nash Metropolitan. It looks more like a clown car than something you would really drive! I guess the Smart Car is not such an original idea after all.

This was Sweet Things favorite, a Ford modified into a Hot Rod, decorated with skeletons in the seats.

What show would be complete without a pink Cadillac like the one owned by Elvis?

This one was way before my time so I am ok with calling it an antique, but some of the others like the Chevy Nova SS, not so much an antique as an oldie but a goodie.

The daughter of one of our friends rode in this vehicle from her wedding ceremony to her reception. Pretty cool, Huh?

And last but not least, this is Peanut, out enjoying the show. Her owner said she likes to meet and greet everybody! As you can see this show had a little something for everyone, and was a lot of fun.

Demolition Derby

24 Sep

Another good event at the County Fair, Demolition Derby! There was a big crowd this year, the weather was perfect for the Fair. If you have not been to a Demolition Derby you owe it to yourself to go at least once. You might want to carry some earplugs, it can get really loud. It is a real spectacle, Bone Crusher VS Skull Cracker in the finals. Go get um boys!

More from the County Fair

20 Sep

Pictured below are some of the field crops and vegetables entered into the Fair.

Blue Ribbon Winners in the Cotton category.

Blue Ribbon winners in the Soybean category.

Blue Ribbon Winners in the Home Canning category.

Blue Ribbon winners in the Corn category.

Blue Ribbon Winners in the Grain Sorghum category.

Blue Ribbon Winners in the Home Garden category.

Blue Ribbon winners in Fruits and vegetable category.

Blue Ribbon winners in the Sunflower category.

More Thoughts on The County Fair

18 Sep

After a few years of enjoying our County Fair, Sweet Thing reminisced about going to the State Fair in Memphis when she was a child. She thought it would be fun for us to go and see it together. And Boy!, was it ever a disappointment. Our little County Fair had twice as many entry’s in all the categories, field crops, fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts, jams and jellies, cakes and pies, even the livestock entry’s. I thought since it was a State Fair it would be much bigger. I have come to the conclusion, I am just spoiled because our County Fair is so outstanding. Although I will concede, there were a lot less entries this year than in the past, I don’t know why. Hopefully things will pick up more next year. Here are some more Photos.

This is an Angora Rabbit. It looks more like Cousin It from the Addams Family than a rabbit! HA!

You can’t tell from this picture, but this rooster is huge. He looked to be 25% bigger than any other rooster entered.

More chickens.

Bessie waiting for her turn to be in the show.

UH OHH! WATCH YOUR STEP!  Just a normal hazard of being around livestock.

Virgil just got hand washed, now he’s ready to go.

Some of Nieces’ lambs.

Some pigs, bathed and pampered, taking a nap!

More pics to follow.

Christmas Tree

15 Sep

I was in Lowe’s today looking at tool boxes to mount on my new trailer when I saw this. They were putting out Christmas decorations….on Sept 15…. I think “WHAT THE……..” Really Man? Really? It’s Sept 15 and you are putting out Christmas decorations? Come on, give me a break. I know most retail stores make a lot of their profit in the last 2 months of the year, but starting on Sept 15 is just too early. What about Halloween and Thanksgiving? Can’t you wait just a little while longer? I mean 2 weeks ago it was almost 100 degrees outside, I am not ready to even consider Christmas yet!

County Fair

15 Sep

Each year we have one of the nicest County Fairs you could ever attend. A good time can be had by one and all. The rides, exhibits, beauty pageants, talent shows, concerts, special events, and foods. Ah yes, what can I say about the foods. We have fried funnel cakes, fried turkey legs, fried corn dogs, french fries, home fried potatoes, fried ice cream, fried Twinkies, ( are you noticing a pattern here? ) not to mention popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and candy apples. Bring out the Maylox!  One of my favorite events is the antique tractor show. I have posted some pictures below. I will have more about the Fair later.

As you can see, there was a good selection of different brands from John Deere, IH, Ford and Allis Chalmers. There were more tractors parked around the grounds but I didn’t see them untill after dark so the pictures didn’t come out, but you can see we had a good collection.


14 Sep

That’s what I always think of when I see a pile of harvested corn, a big pile of gold nuggets. I wish this was gold nuggets, I could really use some. HA!

We are just about to wind up the corn harvest in our area. Yields have been slightly below average, so many farmers are disappointed. The prices for corn at the elevator are excellent so that helps make up for some of the lower yields. But after the year we had, extremely cool and wet in the spring, followed by near record heat and drought, I guess we should be thankful the yields were as high as they were.

Remember 9-11-01

11 Sep

I’ll just leave this here, enough said.

Friday Night Lights!

10 Sep

We finally had a break in the heat this week so it really feels like fall. And once you get that feeling you have to get ready for some High School football. This is our local team getting ready for kickoff.

This is our High School choir preparing to sing “God Bless America” and the “Star Spangled Banner” after the invocation. That’s right, we still start off with an opening prayer before the game. We just think if the atheist don’t like it they can kiss our donkeys, because around here we still love God, our country, friends and family, Mama and apple pie. Make a little time and go out and join your neighbors and support your local team. I assure you, all those young men and women out on the field, whether on the team or cheerleader or band member will appreciate it when they look up in the stands and see our support. So now, “LET”S GO OUT AND GET SOME!!!’



Homestead Trailer

4 Sep

Well, I finally convinced Sweet Thing to let me start buying a few things we will need around the homestead. I started off by purchasing this utility trailer from Darty Trailer sales in Milan, TN. And yes, it was made in The USA by North Shore Manufacturing Co. in Brownsville, TN. It is a 6X10 single axle rated for 3500 lbs. gvw. It has a wooden floor and a drop gate for easy loading and unloading. It will come in handy quite often on the homestead for hauling building materials, mulch and gardening supplies, brush and firewood, furniture, bricks and blocks, yard sale treasures, and much, much more. As a matter of fact I already used it today for hauling a purchase I made at the Flea Market in McKenzie. I bought 2 heavy-duty 4 wheeled carts that were used for transferring supplies around the factory floor where the Flea Market is now being held. I paid $30 each for the carts. At Northern Tool & Supply they sell for $200 so I think I got a really good deal. SCORE!!