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Gravel Parking Pad

29 Feb

I bought a load of crushed limestone, grade 33C, to spread around the barn for more parking area.



That’s $580.00 dollars worth of limestone, by the way. Sure seems like a lot of money for one load of 23 tons, but that is what it costs around here. How does that price sound to you?


I spread it around the front of the barn to have a parking area, and a place to work and stay out of the mud.


I fixed a small area to the side where I can back around off the driveway and not get stuck. I have a small pile left so I can fill in the low spots after it settles down a bit.


I haven’t had much rain on it yet so it is not fully settled, but for now it almost looks like concrete. I also used some of it around the drip line of the barn.



The water dripping is starting to wash out a furrow around the building. Someday I plan on having a rain water capturing tank system to make use of the water, but for now I need some gravel beneath the drip line to prevent any further erosion.


But Sweet Thing got after it with a shovel and wheelbarrow and went all the way down both sides of the barn and now that problem is solved! So now we can move on to the next project whatever it may be.

Jamaican Holiday

28 Feb

It may be cold and wintry where you are, but it is warm and sunny in…                JAMAICA!

Sweet Thing and I spent 4 days in Jamaica where I had another of those educational and informational meetings. It really felt good to lay on the beach and soak up some sun. I really enjoy being in the Caribbean but I don’t know how much longer we will keep going on these trips. We enjoyed the times we spent in Cancun and Cozumel, but things got dangerous in Mexico because of the drug gangs. While we were away, I read where a gang of bandits robbed a group of tourist on an excursion off of a cruise ship while in Mexico. That is why we stopped going to Mexico, and that kind of stuff is just spreading and getting worse. We might stop going out of the country all together and just stay on a US beach somewhere. We could drive to a beach on the gulf of Mexico. We might even drive to Stephen’s neck of the woods in Florida and go to a beach there. It’s bad enough having to go through the hassle of flying to your destination and subjecting yourself to being groped by the TSA goons, but you have to disarm and leave your personal protection at home. One of our group was reading a gun magazine while laying on the beach and we got into a discussion with our waiter about guns. He said no one in Jamaica had guns except the police, but crime is very bad away from the resorts. People are killed and robbed everyday with machetes and clubs. It just proves the idea that guns are not the problem, criminals are the problem. But enough about that, we will save that serious discussion for later, so back to our vacation.


This was the view from the balcony of our room. Nice huh?



As I was laying by the pool, if I looked to my left I saw this view. This resort was all-inclusive, so as long as you had your wristband anything you wanted to eat or drink was included at no additional charge. This is our friendly waiter Adrion making sure the cool, frozen libations kept coming.


If I looked to the right, I had this view. A nice cool breeze and the waves just kept rolling in.


But this was my primary view most of the time, laying on my back underneath an umbrella just dosing. Even if you are going to lay under an umbrella, be sure and lather up with plenty of sunscreen, especially if you have that winter pasty white glow like me.


And be sure and not forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet. If you forget you’ll be sorry. Owwww!

Tuesday Tunes, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams Jr.

28 Feb

I’m feeling like a country boy today so how about a double dose of country boy? First, Hank Williams Jr, A Country Boy Can Survive.

Then Alan Jackson, Country Boy.

Newest Follower

28 Feb

I have another follower to welcome. Debi, thanks for following and feel free to comment anytime, you are welcome here.

Newest Followers

28 Feb

I would like to welcome my newest followers. Adam has a blog all about TV and movies and gives his personal ratings and reviews at eat, sleep, television.

Malou is a lady originally from the Philippines now living in Holland with her husband and son. She has a blog about her life in Holland and her experiences travelling around Europe. Check out her blog at Malou Prestado.

Millican Pecan Company has a web site where they sell anything related to pecans. They also have articles and links to articles about growing pecans and interesting facts about pecans. Check them out at Millican Pecan Company.

Welcome and thanks for following my blog and feel free to comment or ask questions.


27 Feb

I plan on planting food plots on the homestead to help feed deer and other animals and birds. One of the plants I will grow is sunflowers. This is a field I saw last Fall just prior to dove season.



These sunflowers had already started to mature out and turn their heads down. People plant these fields of sunflowers to attract doves for hunting. I might harvest some of my crop to have birdseed for the winter months, and I can also feed some to the deer. There are a lot of nutrients in oil-seed sunflowers, this should help the deer grow larger and healthier. Maybe I can grow a large buck on the homestead.

Spiral Saw

26 Feb

This is another of my Christmas gifts, a spiral saw.


I have never owned one of these so I am looking forward to finding some good uses for it. I found one use for it, I cut a hole in the plastic cover on my truck bumper to install some bolts through a bumper hitch. The saw also has an attachment which turns it into a hand-held grinder. This tool looks like it could come in mighty handy on the homestead.