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Homestead Update

11 Apr

We had another warm week here with several days of rain showers. We still haven’t had the damaging winds and hail like others have experienced near us, and I hope we don’t.


I did manage to get my bath room in my shop insulated, walled up, electrical installed, and painted. Fancy colors, Huh? I got some of the trenches dug for the water lines but I didn’t have time to actually lay the lines. Hopefully I can get that done this week, but the weatherman is calling for 50% chances or more for rain all week so I may just have to straighten up and organize inside my shop. That will be a major task in itself! I also got the push mower running after sitting up all winter. I had to clean the water, rust and varnish out of the carburetor but it runs fine now. I put a new mower deck belt on the ZTR then I mowed for 30 minutes until I got it stuck. I told Sweet Thing it was too wet to mow! There will be plenty of time to mow all Summer! Keep prepping everyone!


Homestead Update

24 May

As promised, a weekly update on the happenings around here, however mundane they might be. I worked over 80 hours at my job this week so I didn’t have much spare time. But the most exciting news of all, we finally sold our former home in  town. Hallelujah! So not only do I have a nice check in hand from the proceeds of the sale, I no longer have to pay to have the lawn mowed, pay the utilities, and pay the insurance. That should help my cash flow greatly. So the first thing I did was go out and buy this for Sweet thing,,


A brand new ZTR mower. See what a considerate husband I am? HAHA! She has already decided she loves it after only one mowing.


Then this dump truck pulled up in the front. Why?


Another big pile of shredded pine bark mulch, ready to be spread. It’s a good thing I have a tractor with a front end loader. It would take a long time to spread that with a wheelbarrow and shovel!


I was out in the orchard late this evening and I noticed I had ripe raspberries! They were delicious. I guess I am now officially an orchard master! Anyway, I will try to keep you updated as I can, maybe it will rain this coming weekend like the weatherman is predicting. We are getting to the point where a rain would be welcome. Keep prepping everyone!

Girls Love Tractors Too!

13 Apr

I hired two teen-age boys to help me clean up the yard for the first mowing of the year.


I hooked up the new trailer to my ATV and drove across the yard and had the boys follow along and pick up everything they saw. A lot of this is limbs and brush that I cut, but some of it is construction debris left over from building our house. The contractor did a great job building our house but he was a little lax on his cleanup. The boys picked up three trailer loads of debris and limbs.


Then we piled it up in the back by a gully and I will take my tractor and push this pile into the gully. That is if I can get my tractor back from Sweet Thing!


She wanted to try mowing with it and every time I tried to take her place she said “NO!” We had discussed buying a riding mower or a Zero Turn Mower, but after mowing all afternoon with MY tractor she said we really don’t need a mower at all. She said she would mow with the tractor and I could trim-up with the weed-eater. Well! I guess girls love tractors too!