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Trail Cam Pictures

28 Sep

I looked at my game camera pictures this week and once again proved my neighbor wrong about game not coming to the feeder this time of year.


Even this skunk likes a little corn for dinner.


The crows like corn but I already knew that from watching Saturday morning cartoons.


No wonder I lost all my corn to the coons, there is a whole stinkin’ family of them!


Those young turkeys are starting to get big. Just about right for the roaster aren’t they?

Now I need your help with these next pictures, click on them to enlarge them and give me your opinion. I guess this animal is a tall, lanky house cat. I first thought it might be a small bobcat, but the tail is too long.





What do you say, big house cat? I am going to swap cameras tomorrow, I think the other camera takes better pictures, maybe I will get another chance at him. Keep prepping everyone.


Trail Camera Pictures

8 Mar

I put my game cam back out after having it sit in my office since Christmas. I put it on a trail real close to the back door of our house.


I had a picture of this rabbit.


Right about the same spot Mr. Fox came sniffing around. This is within a stones throw of our back door!


I got a new camera for Christmas, and I put it in the back bottom where I had the food plot. Wilma and Jethro are romping and playing and sniffing all the deer tracks. This camera takes really good pictures in the day time, but really lousy pictures at night. I have several dozen night-time pictures of deer in this same spot, but you can barely even tell what they are.


Here is a big flock of blackbirds swooping down like something out of a Hitchcock movie! Stay prepared.

Game Camera Pictures

12 Nov

I have noticed the animals are moving more at night lately.


I still have not seen any bucks, just does.


Got one up close of the squirrel.


The coon and the possum are still coming around.


And the big red fox is still around. More to come.

Game Trail Camera

29 Oct

I am still getting lots of pictures of the does on the homestead, but I’m still not seeing any bucks.


Here is the doe with the two yearlings coming by for their daily feeding.


This is a big ole nasty Possum coming for a meal. I don’t have any use for Possums, I don’t know if I would ever be that hungry.


This squirrel came by for some corn.


Here is Rocky Raccoon standing up and looking around as he comes by for his free meal. I’m still hoping for a Buck, so stay tuned.

Game Camera Pictures

10 Feb

I captured these Does on my trail camera last week. When I retrieved the card out of the camera I moved the camera to a different trail. I saw a Doe on this trail 3 different days, each time about 9-10 am. Maybe if I move to the other trail I might see a young Buck. I am still finding rubs and scrapes, so I know there is at least one Buck in the woods.


She is right up next to the camera on a foggy morning at 8:59 am.

PRMS0001 Printed

There are 3 deer in this picture, one is so close all you can see is a back at the bottom of the picture. If you follow the arrows, you can see 2 more in the background. I could zoom in closer and see them move through the sequence of 12 pictures on my 22 inch desktop monitor, but none of the pictures were any clearer than this one.


I pointed out this pile of poop to Sweet Thing so she will know the signs to look for.


This is another fresh scrape nearby.


And another small pine sapling with a buck rub, I know he’s out there somewhere I just need to get a picture!

Trail Camera

17 Jan

Santa also brought me a Primos Trail Camera, this is the first week I’ve had to put it out on the homestead.


And here she is. For the time being, no hunting allowed, she is just a pretty animal to watch. BUT, if times get tough, meat on the hoof.