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Wind Storm

29 Apr

We had a pretty severe wind blow through here Sunday night. The local newspaper reports some people saying a small tornado came through and I might agree with that. I have a lot of limbs down in the yard as well of lots of loose debris that blew from behind the shop. My neighbor has 3 small trees down in his yard and the lean-to roof on his shop was blown loose and he had a full-size freezer on his carport that blew over.


I walked back to the gully and spotted this trunk split from the main tree. I had just looked at that tree a few days before and thought that tree is going to come down any time now.


I know it’s sort of hard to see, but just 100 feet away I spotted two more trunks split.


I had this tree completely broken off at the ground.


The only thing I discover wrong with our house is a piece of steel siding trim on the eave blew loose. I hope all of the shingles are OK. All in all it could have been a lot worse. But, we were safe and snug in our storm proof bedroom and we didn’t even hear a thing. Keep prepping everyone.

Tornado Season

7 Mar

Tornado season is upon us and I saw this satellite image on the Weather Channel site and I thought it was very interesting.


This image helps illustrate how powerful a tornado really is. This tornado cut a path in Alabama over 100 miles long. It cut a path so destructive it could be seen from space. So stay alert and be safe!

Stormy Weather

22 Jan


Yikes, batten down the hatches! Stormy weather is starting early this year. The weatherman said we could have tornadoes and straight line winds up to 60 MPH tonight. Time to go check on my emergency preps one last time! Just a few days ago the weather was this…


High thin wispy clouds with jet con-trails racing across the skies and temperatures around 50 degrees. I guess it is true what they say, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a while and it will change. Stay safe!

Threatening Sky

19 Jul

We were out at the homestead last week as a storm front moved through, Sweet Thing snapped this photo of the threatening sky. We sure could have used some rain, unfortunately all we received out of this storm was wind and lightning. There have been several storm fronts come through this spring and early summer with damaging straight line winds. Luckily, we haven’t had many tornadoes in the area this year. We really could use a little rain now, forecast is hot and dry, typical July weather in Tennessee.