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Homestead Update

11 Jul

Well, let’s see if anything of interest happened this week. I was reading PP’s blog and he was complaining about all the rain he has been getting. We have been getting rain just as frequently although not in the amounts he has received. The rain still has made getting things done quite challenging to say the least. But the worst thing is all that rain PP has been getting runs downstream and now we have literally thousands of acres in my area under flood waters.


This is one of the fields I am supposed to be working this year.


This is another one of many in the area. You can see the irrigation pivot in the corner of the picture. It’s not doing much good right now is it?


There have been miles and miles of temporary levees built around fields to try to keep the waters at bay. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.


I spotted something on top of one of these levees, and I first thought it was a cat. Turns out it was an owl. He was just sitting there out in the bright sun, watching me as I went by. When I got closer he flew away so there was nothing wrong with him that I could see. I also saw a solid white fox this week. I sure would have liked to had a picture of that, but he ran across the road right in front of me and ran into a corn field before I could even get stopped.


I was watering some of Sweet Thing’s flowers and I took this pretty picture!


I also bought this honey bee made from metal at a local flea market. I wanted to put it by my hives but she took it away from me and put it in her flower garden!


I have some Sunflowers blooming and the bees are working them a bit.


I saw this pile of children’s toys thrown out in a ditch. I thought if they were closer to my house I might pick them up. I probably could use those tires and axles to make shop carts or chicken tractors. I went back by a few days later and they were gone, somebody beat me to it! Keep prepping everyone!



6 Sep


I planted a small plot of Sunflowers in the back of the homestead and they are heading out now. Some of them have some really pretty heads on them.


And the honeybees are having a field day on them. I also threw out a small package of wildflower seeds when I planted the sunflowers.






This flower has a Japanese Beetle eating the petals. The Beetles have not been too bad this year for some reason, I hope they continue to stay away. More to come.


13 Jul


This is a field of Sunflowers planted for attracting Doves for hunting this September. By then the Sunflowers will be mature, and the farmer will mow down most of them to scatter the sunflowers and attract the Doves. I am going to plant Sunflowers on the homestead, but not for hunting. I will harvest some of them to feed the birds in the winter and leave the rest for the birds and animals to eat. Anytime I see a field of Sunflowers like this, it always reminds me of the old campy Sci-Fi movie “The Day of the Triffids.”


It is a movie about mutant, man-eating plants. Any of you remember it?


Anyway, I just thought this field was pretty and you might enjoy seeing it.


There were all sorts of bees, wasps, and insects enjoying them, even this big ole bumble bee.


27 Feb

I plan on planting food plots on the homestead to help feed deer and other animals and birds. One of the plants I will grow is sunflowers. This is a field I saw last Fall just prior to dove season.



These sunflowers had already started to mature out and turn their heads down. People plant these fields of sunflowers to attract doves for hunting. I might harvest some of my crop to have birdseed for the winter months, and I can also feed some to the deer. There are a lot of nutrients in oil-seed sunflowers, this should help the deer grow larger and healthier. Maybe I can grow a large buck on the homestead.