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Swarm Traps And Feral Bees

24 Apr


I put out my first swarm trap today! My queen lures which had been backordered from Mann Lake arrived in the mail today, so even though I was feeling puny, I got up off of my duff and did a little something. I’ve had a bad sore throat for 3 days and yesterday (Tuesday) I had a high fever to go along with it. I went to the Doctor this morning and told her my symptoms. As she was looking at my throat she said “ it’s no wonder you have fever, you have Strep Throat.” Wonderful! She gave me some anti-biotic and said if I was not better in 5 days to come back. Hopefully the drugs and salt water gargles will knock it out. Anyway, I really wanted to get my trap out, I know bees are swarming because I drove through a big cloud of them yesterday. As they were splattering on my windshield I thought this is the pits! Bees are swarming and I don’t have a single trap out. Now I at least have one out. This is the trap I made out of the used 10 frame medium super. I stapled the lure to the lid and added a few drops of lemongrass oil so hopefully I will catch something. I put the trap on the back tree line of our property with the hole facing South and hanging about 7 feet off of the ground. That is as high as I can reach up to take it down without using a ladder. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


This is another reason I am hopeful of catching a swarm. This tree is about 100 yards down the fence line from where I hung the trap. If you look in the center of each picture you will notice big knot holes in the tree limbs. I sat there and watched bees working around and checking out those holes. I don’t think they were actually going in and out, I think they were just scout bees looking around. Maybe they will move on down to my trap and find it to their liking. Keep prepping everyone!