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Wind Storm

29 Apr

We had a pretty severe wind blow through here Sunday night. The local newspaper reports some people saying a small tornado came through and I might agree with that. I have a lot of limbs down in the yard as well of lots of loose debris that blew from behind the shop. My neighbor has 3 small trees down in his yard and the lean-to roof on his shop was blown loose and he had a full-size freezer on his carport that blew over.


I walked back to the gully and spotted this trunk split from the main tree. I had just looked at that tree a few days before and thought that tree is going to come down any time now.


I know it’s sort of hard to see, but just 100 feet away I spotted two more trunks split.


I had this tree completely broken off at the ground.


The only thing I discover wrong with our house is a piece of steel siding trim on the eave blew loose. I hope all of the shingles are OK. All in all it could have been a lot worse. But, we were safe and snug in our storm proof bedroom and we didn’t even hear a thing. Keep prepping everyone.