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Stephen King’s Under The Dome Review

25 Jun

Awful, awful, awful! In the past Stephen King has refused to have his name attached to several TV and movie adaptations of his work because they veered so far from the “heart of his work”! Really? And now you will lend your name to this? At best the show I watched only followed the novel about 20%. The basic premise and the names of the characters are the same and that is about all that matches up. From the very first minute the show diverged from the novel. Oh well, I will keep watching and see if it improves any.


Stephen King’s Under The Dome

24 Jun


The Television Event Of The Year starts tonight! Yeah, right. I finished reading the book last week and I enjoyed it very much, even though it was over 1000 pages long. I probably won’t like the TV show because it is based loosely on the book, not a page by page script. The book takes place over a 1 week period but the TV show will cover a span of months. The show will last 13 weeks and they have not filmed an ending because they are hoping it will go over so well they can continue next year. So if the show doesn’t go over big enough to be renewed, there will be no conclusion, so those of you who haven’t read the book won’t know how it really ends. Well, if it doesn’t get renewed I will tell you how it ends right here on my blog so stay tuned!