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Construction Update 48

4 Dec

We are just about finished with construction, finally!


The stairs are installed, this is the view coming in from the front door.


The view going up the stairs, as you can see they are still dusty, that is Sweet Things next project, cleaning up the construction dust.  The painter is coming in the morning to put a final coat of stain/varnish on the steps. There is a spot on the floor where the construction paper got wet and stuck to the stained concrete. We scraped up the paper but it left a noticeable spot on the floor, we are going to touch-up the stain in that spot then put down 4 layers of wax on the floor. More tomorrow!


Construction Update 46

25 Nov

The crew came back with the granite backsplash.


It is the same granite as the countertops so it matches perfectly. They drilled the hole for the faucet and ran some more grout around the edges. They had most of the pieces necessary to finish out around the fireplace with the same granite, but they didn’t bring the hearth piece to set on the floor. The other pieces were cut to be placed on top of the hearth and since it was missing the other parts were too short and could not be installed until they come back with the hearth. Come on people, get it together! The insulation crew came in today and finished the insulation so now we can turn on the heat. We have the wood flooring stacked in the rooms upstairs, but the heat needs to be on to bring the wood up to room temperature. This keeps the swelling and contracting of the flooring pieces to a minimum. Hopefully, they can get the floor down next week, then all that will be left is the staircase and cleaning up!

Construction Update 29

8 Oct

Well, I started to see a little progress on our new home today. The concrete finishers poured the front and back porches.



While it was dry they poured the first section of the driveway.


The delivery truck came from the lumber supplier and brought a big load of finish molding and other supplies.


The contractor installed some of the interior doors today.


The tile installer laid down the base for the shower today as well. I am really looking forward to seeing how the shower turns out. The shower is going to be one of our “splurge” items so I hope it is worth the extra money.



This pile of material is the stair treads and railing waiting to be installed. More to come.