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Construction Update 48

4 Dec

We are just about finished with construction, finally!


The stairs are installed, this is the view coming in from the front door.


The view going up the stairs, as you can see they are still dusty, that is Sweet Things next project, cleaning up the construction dust.  The painter is coming in the morning to put a final coat of stain/varnish on the steps. There is a spot on the floor where the construction paper got wet and stuck to the stained concrete. We scraped up the paper but it left a noticeable spot on the floor, we are going to touch-up the stain in that spot then put down 4 layers of wax on the floor. More tomorrow!


Construction Update 27

22 Sep

The contractor has been working staining the concrete floor. It looks like Sweet Thing has become his new assistant. The contractor has a full-time assistant, but he was in a car wreck last week and is unable to work now, so Sweet Thing has taken his place. She has really been putting in lots of hard work to help the contractor keep working without his assistant.


The floors have been stained and the contractor has applied grout in all of the score lines. After the grout is applied, the excess has to be wiped up with a clean, wet sponge. Sweet Thing has been hauling buckets of clean water into the contractor and hauling the dirty water out. Then she has been moping the entire floor several times, finally finishing with a dry mop to remove all the trash in preparation for the sealer.




I wanted to show these ‘before pictures’ so you can compare them to the ‘after pictures’ next week. The floors look dull and dirty now, but when they are wet they really shine. After they are sealed and waxed, they should be bright and shiny all the time. I’ll keep you posted.