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Good Friday

18 Apr


Happy Good Friday everyone, I’m beat. I have spent the last two days at the in-laws place Spring cleaning and taking down the old pony pasture fence. Posting will be brief this weekend, we have big family plans for this weekend, it is hard to blog with a houseful of people! Keep prepping everyone!


Clean-Up Projects

21 Apr

I know my postings have dropped off, but between working at my job and cleaning up around the homestead there hasn’t been much going on. I thought I would post about the bombing in Boston, but I just have no idea what those idiots were thinking. It is so out of the realm of reason to try to understand their thought process that it just leaves me speechless. I will try to put together some thoughts on the next rainy day.


This week we bush hogged around the yard again, and I pulled up some small trees and brush to clear out the view a little more.


This 4 inch pine was pretty tough to pull, just look at those roots. They look like roots on a wisdom tooth! And they held on just as tight!


We cleaned out the area in front of the house by the drains. I made a wire ring to go around the drain to catch debris before it flowed into the drain, then we placed rocks in the area where the rain falls from the valleys of the roof. We planted the monkey grass we got from the neighbors along the sidewalk and filled in the rest with mulch to keep the grass and weeds out. We are going to place some big flower pots and lawn ornaments in the area and we will see how that looks next week. In the meantime keep prepping everyone!