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Snake Bite!

8 May


My sister was cleaning up some old firewood on the patio and she was bitten by a Copperhead! You can see the fang marks in the center of the circle by her little toe. She said she knew she needed to be careful and watch for snakes and spiders but this one got her anyway. She said the doctors didn’t give her any anti-venom. They told her the anti-venom could be as bad or worse than the bite itself. They are giving her intravenous antibiotics and meds to control the pain. I sure feel bad for her, get well soon, Sis!


Speaking of snakes, I was riding along a drainage canal when I looked over the edge and spotted this Moccasin curled up on a limb soaking up some sun.


I picked up a clod of dirt and threw it at him. I partially dislodged him from his perch and needless to say he was not pleased! He is coiled up in striking position flicking his tongue like a whip!


I have been going out in the fields checking on crops, and I found a new spot to look for Native American Artifacts. These are some bits and pieces of artifacts as well as some pottery shards, so I know I am searching in a good spot.


I found this nice, round smooth stone as I was searching. I can’t be sure it is an artifact, but it sure fits my hand well and could be very useful to a Native so I am hanging on to it.


I did find one decent piece so I am excited to come back and check this spot again. It is in a corn field so I will only have a few weeks before the corn becomes too big and hides the ground.


I wondered what might have attracted the natives to this spot so I looked around and sure enough I spotted this naturally occurring small river at the head of this field. Of course, modern men have cleaned all the trees and brush out of the channel for faster drainage, but it still would have been here 500 or more years ago to provide many of the things a primitive man would have needed. The river would provide water for drinking, cooking, bathing, as well as providing fish, frogs, turtles and act as an attractant for game animals and birds.


Just a quick update on Brandy. Here she is in her favorite spot, nestled up in the crook of my arm. She is making good progress on her biting control and house breaking. She might end up being a good dog after all. Keep prepping everyone! Get ready for Hillary 2016. Heaven help us all!


Homestead Update

18 Oct


It rained nearly every day this week, we probably had a total of 5 inches total so not much was accomplished this week. You might remember I planted 4 fig bushes in the orchard last Fall, and after the hard winter we had they all froze back to the ground. Well,  3 of them came back from the roots and I eventually pulled up the 4th one, trunk and rootball together. I was going to throw it in the gully and I spotted a washout where the ground was eroding so I just dropped it in the hole. As I was throwing away some junk last week I noticed the bush was regrowing from the roots. I thought for sure it was dead! Now I have a fig bush where I definitely don’t need it to be growing. I guess I will dig it up next spring and move it somewhere else.


A few weeks ago I also discovered these red pears in the grocery store. I have never tasted red pears before and I think they are delicious so I went on-line to find some trees to plant in the orchard. I ordered 4 trees from a nursery in Georgia and they shipped the trees via FedEx. Before I ordered the trees, I watched a video on their website showing how to plant the trees after they arrived. In the video, the box arrived and when it was opened up, the tree was 5 feet tall with pretty green leaves and a large rootball. Well, that wasn’t what I received!


My box arrived looking like this! (not the nursery’s fault ) The package looked like it was run over by the truck, repeatedly!


This is 4 trees chopped off about 3 feet tall, leafless, and with a few miserable feeder roots attached. I don’t know if they will survive or not but I planted them the day they arrived and watered them in so we shall see next Spring. Oh, on the right side of the trees you can see 3 twigs sticking out. Those are 2-year-old bearing age Muscadine vines. Not too impressive are they? I planted them as well so we shall see if they survive. I am definitely keeping my receipt and if they are dead next Spring I am going for a refund even if I have to drive all the way to Georgia to get it, I have their address!


I also encountered this Cottonmouth Moccasin last week. He was a little sluggish from the cool weather but he was still nasty, nasty, nasty. But no one will have to worry about encountering him anymore, I beat him to a pulp! keep prepping everyone, and watch where you step!

Snakes and Frogs and Turtles and Lizards, Oh My!

21 Jun


Last week I stepped out on the back porch to listen to the rain and there was such a cacophony of noise I couldn’t hear the rain. The frogs were raising such a racket it was unbelievable! There must have been a million of these little guys out there to make that much noise!


I also encountered this soft-shell turtle as I was checking a field. His shell must have been 18 inches across. I couldn’t believe he let me get this close, as a matter of fact, about two seconds after I took this picture he went dashing off into the water.


I saw this small rat snake as I was riding my ATV.


I saw another 24 inch snake on a gravel road.


I saw this snake on a turn-row and fortunately he was dead because this is an infamous Blue Racer! When I was a kid, we lived in a little community about 4 miles outside of town. We rode our bike all over the community and rode into town to the baseball parks and swimming pool. Quite often we would see a snake slithering along as we rode our bikes down the gravel roads. If you swerved towards most snakes they would get back into the bushes as fast as they could. But, if we tried that with a Blue Racer they would come after us and chase us! It was a test of our bravery to mess with a Blue Racer. Part of the gravel lane we rode to get to town went through a small copse of woods just on the edge of the city limits, right before the lane crossed the railroad tracks. This area was known as Hobo Lane, because supposedly, Hobos would hop off of the trains before the trains entered the switch yard. The Hobos were said to camp in those woods and we were sternly admonished to avoid those Hobos at all cost because they all carried butcher knives and would cut your throat for your loose pocket change, then hop on the train and be long gone before anyone ever even missed us. I never saw a single Hobo riding through there, but still, if I was riding alone I rode as fast as I could until I got out of the woods!


I also saw a lizard like this Five Lined Skink, only the one I saw was at least 12 inches long. It was the biggest one I have ever seen! How many of you remember the County Fairs having games of skill such as the ring toss, and one of the prizes you could win was a lizard inside a small cardboard box? Well, if you remember that you are old! Now-a-days you could never get away with that, PETA would be all over that. The lizards were about 4 inches long with a bright blue tail. The older boys would tease the younger boys by saying if you broke the tail off of the lizard, the lizard would regrow the tail. BUT, the broken tail would keep growing and become a SNAKE! YIKES!


We were cleaning up around my shop one day, and one of my employees found this snake-skin. He wondered if he might encounter the owner and I said he might because I had encountered him several times this Spring. We would both stop and look at each other for a few seconds, then he would slither off on his business and I would go on about mine. Keep prepping everyone, and watch out for those snakes!


26 Aug


If you look in the center of the tree, that is not just a crack, it is a snake crawling up the crack! I guess he was hunting for insects to eat. I don’t know for sure what kind of snake it is, but I know it is not one of the venomous kind. Still, I just don’t like snakes, I never have and I never will. I don’t understand people who keep snakes for pets. Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess! Keep prepping everyone!

Yardsale Treasure

30 Sep


Some of you might remember I found one of these Burton propane stoves at a flea market. Well, I found this one at a yard sale with a canister of propane included for $8,,,SCORE!  I have two of these exactly alike. Great little stoves for indoor emergency use.


I found this nasty looking creature in the road today. I don’t know what kind he was, but he is now recently departed to the next realm. The weather is definitely taking on a Fall feeling. The temperatures have moderated and we have started to get weekly rains now that it is too late to do the crops any good. We need 6 weeks of dry weather, then it can rain cats and dogs for all I care.

Rice Fields

29 Jun

This is a picture of a nice looking rice field I drove by today.


Rice is one crop I refuse to work. They hold a flood of water on the fields all summer long. The water doesn’t hurt the rice, but it keeps weeds from growing in the field. Once they pump the water on for the permanent flood, it becomes foul and stagnant. There are always swarms of mosquitos, as well as lots of snakes! And you have to walk around in that awful water, it smells just like a teenager’s gym locker. Pee-Yew!


10 Jun

We were out in the yard today and this snake and one of the kittens were staring at each other eye to eye.



I don’t know what kind he was, but he was not one of the venomous kind we have in the area so I let him live. He slithered off, even climbing upside down on that big Oak tree limb. Watch where you step!