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Drainage Problem Solved

28 Nov

I have never liked gutters on a house because of the problems with the rot they cause from being stopped up and overflowing or just otherwise leaking. But this house has a steep roof and all the water on the front side drains off at these two points on each side of the porch.


That is a lot of water concentrated into a small area so I needed to do something about the runoff to move it away from the house.


I bought two of these drain catchers to bury in the ground to catch the runoff from the roof. This is a 2 foot heavy-duty plastic box with knockouts to attach drain pipes.


We placed one on each side of the porch and attached flexible pipe to drain the water down the hill.



After the pipe was attached, we put plastic groundcover down to help control erosion. We are going to put rocks around the grate and some sort of large bark mulch over the plastic.


As for now, the pipes are running down the hill into a ditch. In the future I could place a large tank at the base of the hill and run the pipes into the tank for a secondary source of  (free) water. Hummm, just thinking.