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Homestead Update

4 Apr

The weather has really warmed up this past week. We had several really nice days and unfortunately I had to work so I didn’t get as much done around here as I would have liked.


I put two coats of grey paint on the new addition to my shop and I think it looks good now. I also added 10 shelves on the back wall of the open bays. The shelves are each 2 feet wide by 10 feet long so I should be able to store lots of junk excess material on them.


I was passing through town and watched a crew tearing down an old motel. The doors to the motel opened to the outside and I noticed they had removed the big plate-glass from each room. I don’t know if they hauled it away to melt and recycle or to sell as used sheet glass. If you will look closely at the picture, you can see doors leaning against the walls inside the rooms so I guess they are not going to salvage those since they were tearing it down as I watched. Seems like a real waste, that would be close to 100 metal doors that could be resold and reused. I could use a couple of those myself! I realize when you are figuring salvaging something for resale on a commercial scale, you have to figure in the cost of the labor involved. That probably makes it more profitable to just tear it down and load it on the truck and bury it somewhere. It still pains me to see that though. I am just too much of a prepper, scrounger, and pack rat to throw all that stuff away.


I also had to was privileged to attend a wedding last weekend. The theme colors were black and white, and I didn’t know they used black at weddings. I thought they reserved black for funerals, but as I think of it, black is entirely appropriate for many marriages I see!


The grooms cake was decorated to resemble a corn field at harvest with toy tractors on it for decoration. It was quite tasty as well. Maybe I can get some more projects done in the coming week, I’ll keep you posted. Until then, keep prepping everyone!


Free Finds

25 Apr

I was out working and picked up a couple of good free finds.


Some of you may remember my post from last summer dealing with plastic rolls of irrigation pipe. I drove by a recycling site where farmers can dump their old used pipe to be picked up and recycled. Well I saw these small rolls of remnants which is not unusual, but to find a large roll like the big one is unusual. Not only that, but there were 2 more rolls even larger thrown out to be recycled and they were so heavy I couldn’t pick them up. I called my employee who had expressed an interest in having some of this plastic and he came by and got the 2 rolls for himself.



I also scored some heavy oak 4X4s which had been discarded by the crew putting up a billboard by the highway. These boards were 7-8 feet long and have been laying in the weeds for a month so I decided to not let them go to waste. I picked up six of them today, which was all I had room for in my truck. Tomorrow I will go back and get the other six. There are also some 3 and 4 foot long pieces I will get. Like I always say, Waste not, want not.