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Turn Around, Don’t Drown

23 Dec

I know most of you have heard this slogan, well this is why. On Saturday we had 8 inches of slow, steady rain in 24 hours and many of the ditches, creeks, and small rivers overflowed their banks. And even though there were flood warnings out for several days beforehand, some people just chose to ignore the warnings.



The person driving this vehicle was very fortunate. The water was washing across this road and it probably didn’t look too deep, but it only takes 6 inches of water to float a vehicle and cause the tires to lose contact with the road. And why were they lucky, this doesn’t look too bad? Well you can’t see from the picture, but there is a 5 foot deep ditch just on the other side of that fence.


The rushing water moved the vehicle off of the road and the fence caught it, otherwise it would have toppled off into that 5 food deep ditch and would have been completely submerged. The people inside should thank their lucky stars that fence was there. So remember, Turn Around, Don’t Drown!


Oh, I also discovered this out in our yard, a great big sinkhole! This appears to be right over the spot where the solid lines join into the field lines for the septic system. Just wonderful to discover 2 days before Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!


Reverse Parking; Or Back-in, Head-out Parking

9 Jan


Recently I was riding in a vehicle being driven by an employee of a major international corporation. When he arrived in a parking lot, he backed into a parking space. He had a bit of trouble getting lined up, so I asked why didn’t he just pull into the space. The corporation he works for is so large, they are self insured, and it is company policy for the employees to back into the parking spaces. Apparently, the company feels it is safer to pull out of the parking space into traffic instead of backing out into traffic. After doing a little Google research, I came across this article. You can learn something everyday.

Backing into traffic in parking lots is more hazardous than you might think. Parking lot crash statistics are a bit hazy, particularly for crashes involving only property damage, but a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2001 and 2002 found that 14 percent of all damage claims involved crashes in parking lots. More seriously, there is a whole category of crashes, often fatal, tracked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, called “backover crashes“: These typically occur in driveways and parking lots, often involve children, and happen at a higher rate to drivers of SUVs and “light-duty trucks,” owing to the reduced visibility they offer (not just to their drivers but to those parked adjacent). Indeed, the last crash I was involved with occurred when a driver backed his SUV from a parking space into my driver’s side door as I waited for traffic to clear. The driver said he never saw me, even though our cars were only a few feet apart, and it’s almost certain the crash would not have happened had the driver employed “back-in, head out” parking.

So there is the explanation. I might just start backing into the parking spaces myself. Be safe out there!

Safety First,,,Again

2 Dec

Construction is about complete on our new home. The weather here is unseasonably warm, near or at record highs. I decided to take this opportunity to clear up some more of the brush and vines in front.



All along the highway was overgrown with dense sapling trees and briars and honeysuckle.


We had thinned them down quite a bit during the past year, but I left some of them until I could decide just which few I wanted to keep in the front of the house. I took out all of these trees right in the middle so now the view is this;


You can look over towards our house from the road and get a really nice view. We can also get a nice view across the road towards our neighbor’s farm shop.


You can see he has several barns for his equipment and livestock. That is one of the good things about where we live. This is a small community, with a local community grocery just a mile and a half down the road where a lot of people meet and mingle every day. You can drive down any road near our home and you can see this is an agricultural community. Many of the houses you pass have all sorts of livestock, cows, horses, goats, sheep and chickens. Most of them have big gardens and fruit trees. There are many people here with the self-sufficient and being prepared mindset, just the kind of people you need to be with and get to know. You can meet and greet many of them at the local gathering place, the community grocery. Lately when we go in the store, all we hear is “When are you going to move in? The house looks ready to me.” Well, it is 99% complete, the final gas inspection will be tomorrow and the final electrical inspection will be Tuesday. The painter has a few spots to touch up and the tile installer is putting the grout around the tub tomorrow and that will be everything! Then it will just be a matter of cleaning up and putting the wax on the floor and we can start moving in. Finally! Oh, back to safety first.


This is the same fence line shown above in the second picture. We cleaned it up over to the old wire fence and gained 30 feet of new space. We are going to cut out the old metal fence and thin out some of the smaller trees to open up the view a little.


To clear out those 2-6 inch trees, I usually cut them off about 3 feet high. Then I hook a chain around the stump and pull them up with my tractor. The chain is attached to the front end loader, the other end is wrapped around the stump, I put the tractor in reverse and usually a good jerk or two and it comes up roots and all. This doesn’t leave any stump to have to mow over or dig up. Well, I got a little impatient and tried to pull one without cutting it off. I thought “that tree is not too tall, and I’ll just pull it easy”. Well it was taller than I thought and it came right up with one good pull. Then it fell directly at the tractor,,,and the driver. WHAP! The upper part of the tree slapped me right on the side of my face. Fortunately, I was wearing my safety goggles but not my helmet. The tree knocked off my hat and my glasses and really slapped my ear and the side of my face. My ear was really stinging, at first I feared I may have cut my ear, but it turned out to just be on my cheek.


Now I have this inch and a half gash on the side of my face with a flap of skin hanging down and blood streaming down my face. As I am walking to the house to get it taken care of Sweet Thing says “what did you do?” I said “good news, now we get to try out that first aid kit we bought last year.”


She didn’t consider that good news. As she was cleaning out the wound and dressing it, she finally decided it wasn’t as bad as it looked, it just bled a lot. But that didn’t stop her from scolding me and schooling me on the importance of being safe during the entire time she was tending to me. The stinging I felt from the tree was nothing compared to the stinging I got from Sweet Thing scolding me. And all I could do was stand there and say “Yes dear, you’re right, yes dear, I hear you.” OUCH, be safe everybody!

Safety First

27 Nov

Some of you remember I recently over-inflated a small tire that exploded apart and hit my hand. Well, the doctor said no serious damage was done, but the tip of my thumb and the knuckle of my index finger still hurt, so that is a reminder to be safety aware.


So, keeping with that theme, I replaced the inflatable tires on the small dolly with these solid rubber tires. They cost the same as the inflatable tires, plus they never go flat. I don’t know why they didn’t put these tires on the dolly in the first place! Be Safe!

Boss Hoss Motorcycles

26 Jul


My building contractor came to the homestead riding this last week. I must be paying him too much! This is a Boss Hoss Motorcycle. This is a custom-made bike with an 8 cylinder GM engine. That’s right, the same engine some of you may have in your car is powering this bike. How would you like to be riding along with your legs wrapped around a 445 horsepower car engine? For those of you wanting to know more you can go to this site, Boss Hoss. I told my contractor he needed to be careful and stop riding that thing until he finishes our house, we can’t have him getting hurt or killed! Be safe!

Fire Safety

14 Dec


Sweet Thing and I decided to do a little Christmas shopping in Memphis last weekend where we encountered this. I know a lot of people say to carry a fire extinguisher in your vehicle in case of fire. You know I am all about being prepared and safety, but I don’t carry an extinguisher in my vehicle. I have them in our home and in the barn, but I don’t carry one in the vehicles, I guess I should. But I will tell you why I don’t, it is just a safety issue. A vehicle contains a large amount of gasoline, and gasoline and fire don’t mix! I don’t want to be standing around trying to get my extinguisher out of the vehicle, or using it to put out the fire and have that gas tank burst into flames! A vehicle is not worth getting burned or even killed trying to put it out. That is one of the reasons to carry insurance, to replace the vehicle if it burns, so for my own safety, I am going to stand back away from all that gasoline while the fire is burning. Leave that job to the professionals folks! Be Safe!