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Roundup Wick Applicator Update

31 Jul


After I had the problem of leakage with my home-made handheld rope wick applicator I went out and bought one ready-made. It looks almost like the one I made myself doesn’t it?


The only two differences are the rope is a tighter weave and it has this rubber seal. I had already been told that if you put straight water in this rig, it will leak because the water is too thin. When you mix in the glyphosate it will be thicker and not leak so much. So I filled this with a 50/50 mix and I had major leakage! Maybe my homemade model wasn’t so bad after all. I called the manufacturer and was told after I used and refilled the unit a few times the rope would get “broken in” and would not leak as much but there could always be a little leakage. I was cautioned to not hold it above the desirable plants. Well, that is hard to do in my sod.


I wiped the grass coming through my sod and as you can see the glyphosate is working. I hope the barnyard grass dies and goes away, that is the plan anyway. More updates to come.


Handheld Roundup Rope Wick Applicator

21 Jul

If you remember we recently laid a lot of Bermuda sod around the house. Well, now we have a lot of our old grasses such as barnyard and goose grass growing up through our new sod. This just won’t do! So I need a handheld Roundup rope wick applicator . I tried to find one locally in some of the area farm supply stores but none were available. I found some on the internet for sale but I also found some instructions for making your own. How hard can it be?


So off to Lowes I go and come back with these PVC fittings and 3 feet of nylon rope.



After you put it together it looks just like this, exactly like the ones I saw for sale on the net. You pour the Roundup solution into the handle of the applicator and the rope at the bottom soaks up the Roundup and you carefully wipe the rope across the weeds while avoiding contact with the desirable plants. You can use this in your yard, or around your shrubs and flowers or in your garden. It would really cut down on that hoeing wouldn’t it?

After I got it together I poured a pint of water into the handle to test it out.


Then I saw this; water just streaming out of the fitting dripping everywhere. That just won’t do, I can’t have Roundup dripping all over my desirable plants. So I go back and reread the instructions and I decide I don’t have enough twine wrapped inside the cap to provide a good seal so I go back and re-do the twine.


Still dripping! That is when I realize I have a failure of epic proportions! After looking at it more closely I think my rope is just way too loose and porous. The water is not coming out around the rope, it is coming out through the rope. I am going to find a tighter weaved rope and give it one more try. If that doesn’t work I guess I will have to break down and just buy one.