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Homestead Update 5/28/2017

28 May


I looked out our back door last week and watched a red fox stroll across the yard. The family of Foxes have been around so long my dogs in the pen don’t even bother barking at them anymore unless they come really close to the pen. But if I want to see a Red Fox up close and personal, I can just go visit my niece who recently BOUGHT a Fox Kit to raise in the house. Are you kidding me!? She has another small house dog and I told her when that Fox is grown, he will probably kill that small dog one day. Some people, Huh?


I have been in the fields working all week and I came upon this large tortoise easing across the field.


I also encountered this 4 foot long Speckled King Snake. I let him live and go on his way; he is a good snake!


I was sitting in my truck one morning, waiting for my employees to come in for work, when I looked up and saw three deer wandering around in our front yard. I am really lucky to be able to go out to work and encounter so much wildlife.


I found this patch of Dewberries on the edge of one of the fields I check. When we were children, we would pick these berries, put them in a bowl with sugar and cream and have a real treat. We would put so much sugar on them, when we ate a spoonful it would crunch because we used so much sugar! These berries in my hand were so sweet you didn’t need to put any sugar on them. And speaking of sugar, I have been mixing sugar water to feed to my honey bees. I have captured and transferred 7 bee swarms this Spring and I have two more traps with bees waiting for me to bring them in. I hope to do that this week. I’ll keep you updated. Until then, keep prepping everyone!


Game Camera Pictures

14 Jun

I thought I might post some pictures from my trail camera tonight. I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have a good excuse. I have been leaving the house at 6:30 am each morning and by the time I return and take a shower in the evening it is usually 8:30 pm. That’s 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past month dealing with other people’s problems, after all, that is what I do, I go look at farmers fields and I give them solutions to their problems. And the way the weather has been this year we have had many problems! But, I know you don’t want to hear about them and I don’t want to talk about them so let’s talk about something better. One of my game cameras said I had 1479 pictures. Great! Well, 1470 of them looked just like this;


A vine grew up in front of the camera lens and anytime the wind blew I got a picture of a leaf! Oh well, that is one of the good things about digital as opposed to film, you just delete the bad pictures and start over.



My game camera caught the usual squirrel .


Here is the Ole’ Possum.


Here is one of the deer.


Here is one of the Wild Turkeys.


In one of my earlier posts I had remarked I had not seen a raccoon on the homestead, well you can scratch that because here is one.


Here is the mama fox. We have a new member of the homestead. The foxes have a young kit! I have seen him following the mama around several times and I finally saw them in the daytime when I had a camera handy.


I know, I know! This is a terrible picture but if you look closely at the circled areas you can see the mama and the kit.

I still don’t know how comfortable I am having foxes on the homestead. After all, I still have my big kitty boys going out in their outdoor play area.



They are enclosed but it is only a thin layer of chicken wire so I am a little worried. I have even read stories of foxes and coyotes befriending domesticated dogs to lure them away from home, then the pack will attack and kill the dogs! They are just too wily and devious for comfort! More to come.

Game Camera Pictures

12 Nov

I have noticed the animals are moving more at night lately.


I still have not seen any bucks, just does.


Got one up close of the squirrel.


The coon and the possum are still coming around.


And the big red fox is still around. More to come.

Red Fox

17 Jun

Sweet Thing and I were walking the dogs at the homestead recently and we saw a Red Fox. He came out of the woods into the grass before he spotted us. When he saw us he just dropped down into the grass and hid. After a few seconds he raised his head up and watched us as we walked closer towards him. Soon he got nervous and jumped up and ran back to the woods. We weren’t able to get a picture, but he looked just like this picture I found.


I don’t know how I feel about having Foxes on the homestead. Until now, I have always enjoyed seeing them. They are not exactly common around here. Even as much as I am out in the fields, if I sight 3-4 Foxes a year that is about average. But this year I have already seen a dozen Foxes. I think because of the extended drought we a having, the Foxes are having to hunt farther and hunt longer for their food so I have more chances to see them. I think they are really pretty, and I might have to call a truce to start with on the homestead. But if my pets, animals and birds begin to disappear, the Foxes might have to go! I already know how I feel about Coyotes on the Homestead. NO!


They say everything in God’s creation has a purpose, but I can’t think of any good reason to have Coyotes! So I have 223 reasons Mr. Coyote needs to stay away, or I will send him to his final reward. Stay Safe.