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Swarm Traps, Homestead Update & Roadside Treasure

18 Apr


I finally took some time to make some swarm traps today. As you can see, I have a large, medium and small size to see which works best. The small size is made from the 10 frame medium super I found on the roadside last Spring. It has propolis and wax on the inside so it should have that good bee smell already. The middle size is made from a new 8 frame deep hive body and the large size is made from a pine 1X12. When I found the 10 frame super I also found 2 frames still intact with old black wax and I will put one in each of the new boxes. Some of the people I’ve read recommended that, but some said not to do that because it would attract wax moths. Well we shall see, after all, this is a new learning experience for me. The weatherman says we will get some storms and rain tonight and tomorrow. If so, I will put a couple of coats of paint on them tomorrow. The lid on the small trap has a single coat of paint I put on it already today. I used a partial can of  paint I bought 17 years ago that has sat in my storage area where it probably froze and thawed repeatedly over the years, but I think it is still useable. Does it have some lumps and clumps? Yes it does, but I am just painting hives with it so I can just flick off the lump when I see it. The bees won’t care if it is a perfect paint job or not.


When I brought the two boxes of bee supplies over to my shop, I set them in the man cave while I went to unlock the back door. By the time I had walked around, Kensey and Oreo had already spotted the boxes. “Hey what’s this? This stuff is new, we need to check it out!” Thanks for the help guys.


I had to make a new burn barrel because the previous one finally fell apart. It lasted 2 years but between being weakened by the heat of the fires and the @#$%!! raccoons crawling in and out of it the wire finally broke down. I’m using rabbit cage wire so I have about $10 invested in it as well as 1 hour of my time. That’s much cheaper than the $459 model from DR Manufacturing I reported on last year!


I also bought this little jewel. I have a large, professional model Troy-Bilt weed eater with the chainsaw attachment. It is a fine heavy-duty machine, but it is difficult to start for the first time of the day, especially if it hasn’t been run for a while. But you can plug this electric starter into the end and push the button and it will fire right up. It cost $29 but it prevents a lot of cussin’ and fussin’ on my part!


I also found this roadside treasure this week. It is a brand new double roll of plastic warning tape, similar to police crime scene tape only it says “Warning, Buried Electric Lines.” Who knows I might need to mark off an area as off-limits some day and this will do just fine. I made Sweet Thing jump out of the vehicle and pick it up, by the way. She wasn’t too pleased about that! I guess that is enough for now, keep prepping everyone!


Game Camera Pictures And Garden Greens

14 Sep


I finally started getting some pictures of Bucks at my feeder instead of just Does. I think I can identify at least three different Bucks.


This Buck has a smaller rack


This one is different still, he has more curve to his tines.


Here is a doe with two Fawns.


One picture with a Doe and her Fawn, a squirrel and two crows.


This pictures two of the bucks at one time. This time of year they still hang out in bachelor herds, but soon the urge will hit and they will start fighting each other competing for the Does. Sounds like us guys doesn’t it?


This is another Buck with small, close set horns.


The Turkeys are still around.


Sometimes the deer and the Turkeys come out at the same time.


This is a different Buck, he actually has a half-way decent rack.


And of course, I still have those dastardly Raccoons hanging around! I haven’t seen any signs of the Foxes this year, I guess they moved on after we moved in.


I planted 4 different types of greens right before the last rain and I got a good stand of all of them. But if you look at the lower right corner you can see the greens look awfully thin.


And this is why, Armyworms! We are having a plague of Biblical proportions. The worms have been destroying lawns and pastures all over the area. When the grass is gone, they move to the nearest available host such as my greens. I hope they go away soon or there won’t be enough greens for me and the deer to eat. Keep prepping everyone!

Game Camera Pictures

18 May


I haven’t posted my trail camera pictures in a while, so here we go. Oh that reminds me, the other day I was getting lunch at a fast food operation. I placed my order and stood back while it was being prepared. The young lady behind the counter put my meal on a tray, shoved it towards me and said “there go your lunch.” I looked at her and asked “where is it going?” She just looked at me with a blank stare, you can’t help some people! HAHA! Up above, you can see the foxes are still around.


Here is a nice Tom turkey.


I’m not sure what this is, it’s too big for a squirrel and the tail is too short. What do you think?


Ah, now I see. It’s a groundhog!


Now Wilma and Jethro are sniffing around all those wonderful new scents!


There are 4 deer in this picture taken just at day break.


And of course, there are those dastardly raccoons! I hear they are quite tasty bar-b-qued or roasted with sweet potatoes. Keep prepping everyone!

This Means War!

14 Sep

And I don’t mean the limited pin-prick war our President wants to wage in Syria, but all out, apocalyptic end of the world survival of the species kind of war. And why am I so ready for war? If you remember, I planted about 50 stalks of Sweet Corn the first of July and despite the late planting date, the high temps, Southern Rust, and corn Ear Worms I was going to have a good harvest. I was watching the silks turn brown on the ears as they filled out and I decided I needed two more days until harvest. When I went down to the garden to harvest my bounty, this is what I saw,


All of the stalks had been broken over!



The ears had been pulled from the stalks and the shucks had been peeled down and the kernels were gone. What in the world could it have been? Was it some malicious neighborhood vandals? No it was filthy, sneaky Raccoons!


Yeah I know you did it, but now it is on! No holds barred buddy, it’s me and you, it’s go time! I’m using traps and guns and dogs and whatever else it takes! Next year I am going to fence in my corn and use a solar-powered electric fence to keep the varmints out. Anyone else have problems with coons?


Out of 50 stalks this is my total harvest. Oh well, at least I got one good meal out of it. Keep prepping everyone.

Game Camera Pictures

14 Jun

I thought I might post some pictures from my trail camera tonight. I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have a good excuse. I have been leaving the house at 6:30 am each morning and by the time I return and take a shower in the evening it is usually 8:30 pm. That’s 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past month dealing with other people’s problems, after all, that is what I do, I go look at farmers fields and I give them solutions to their problems. And the way the weather has been this year we have had many problems! But, I know you don’t want to hear about them and I don’t want to talk about them so let’s talk about something better. One of my game cameras said I had 1479 pictures. Great! Well, 1470 of them looked just like this;


A vine grew up in front of the camera lens and anytime the wind blew I got a picture of a leaf! Oh well, that is one of the good things about digital as opposed to film, you just delete the bad pictures and start over.



My game camera caught the usual squirrel .


Here is the Ole’ Possum.


Here is one of the deer.


Here is one of the Wild Turkeys.


In one of my earlier posts I had remarked I had not seen a raccoon on the homestead, well you can scratch that because here is one.


Here is the mama fox. We have a new member of the homestead. The foxes have a young kit! I have seen him following the mama around several times and I finally saw them in the daytime when I had a camera handy.


I know, I know! This is a terrible picture but if you look closely at the circled areas you can see the mama and the kit.

I still don’t know how comfortable I am having foxes on the homestead. After all, I still have my big kitty boys going out in their outdoor play area.



They are enclosed but it is only a thin layer of chicken wire so I am a little worried. I have even read stories of foxes and coyotes befriending domesticated dogs to lure them away from home, then the pack will attack and kill the dogs! They are just too wily and devious for comfort! More to come.

Game Camera Pictures

12 Nov

I have noticed the animals are moving more at night lately.


I still have not seen any bucks, just does.


Got one up close of the squirrel.


The coon and the possum are still coming around.


And the big red fox is still around. More to come.

Game Trail Camera

29 Oct

I am still getting lots of pictures of the does on the homestead, but I’m still not seeing any bucks.


Here is the doe with the two yearlings coming by for their daily feeding.


This is a big ole nasty Possum coming for a meal. I don’t have any use for Possums, I don’t know if I would ever be that hungry.


This squirrel came by for some corn.


Here is Rocky Raccoon standing up and looking around as he comes by for his free meal. I’m still hoping for a Buck, so stay tuned.