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Winter Storm Gemini

21 Dec

Well, Gemini is not a Winter storm in our area, just 70 degree temps, high winds, heavy rain, and possible Thunder storms. I know some of you are having snow and ice from this storm and I hope you were all prepared. I knew the rain was coming so I brought two FEL bucket loads of firewood up to the porch while the ground was firm and dry. I purchased a useful item before the last storm that I forgot to show you.

propane adapter

I bought this Mr. Heater brand propane tank refill adapter. You screw it onto a 20 pound grill size bottle of propane and you can refill the 1 pound bottles that attach to camping heaters, stoves, and lanterns. I have never liked these items much because of the high cost of the 1 pound bottles, but when I found a way to refill the bottles, it makes them much more economical. I read the reviews before I purchased the item and most people say you can only refill them 1/2 way up but that will be ok. I have acquired 20 of the small bottles over time so I should be able to get plenty of use out of the adapter.


I am definitely worried about the durability of my Harbor Freight portable garage in the winter. After the last storm where we received 3 inches of sleet, snow, and freezing rain, the roof on the garage sagged quite a bit. I went inside and raised up the sagging spots with my hands and got the snow off of the roof. If you were to get 8 inches or more of snow on this garage I’m not so sure it would hold up. I hope I am not able to give you a report on that this winter, you can keep all those 8 inch snows for yourself! Keep prepping everyone!


Preparedness; Part 3

26 Jan

Continuing on with our discussion about preparedness, let’s talk about staying warm. Most of you who live in rural areas, especially in northern climes, have multiple sources of heat. You realize it is best to not be solely dependent on one means of staying warm. You may have electricity or natural gas as your primary means of heat, but you probably have a backup plan. This plan may be a fireplace or wood-burning stove. You may also have a propane burning heater with one of those big tanks sitting outside of your house. You may have a smaller bottle of propane with a heater you attach to the tank such as the Mr. Heater buddies. This is the tough buddy.


This is the small buddy.


This is the tank mounted buddy.


If we had a weather emergency here in Tennessee, you could survive without any heat if you stayed inside, dressed warmly, and piled blankets on top of yourself. I’m not saying you couldn’t get really uncomfortable without heat, but it probably wouldn’t kill you. But in some places it could get cold enough to be life threatening, and I know most of you in those places are already prepared, so this advice is for newcomers to the idea of prepping.


You can also get a kerosene heater like this one and it would keep most homes warm enough to stay comfortable during a winter storm.


If you read my post from a few days ago you will remember we had tornado watches for the area. I had advanced warning and I had time to double check on my storm preps. One item I have neglected to mention until now is a radio. A radio will keep you up to date with the storm warnings and provide a little entertainment if the electricity goes off. I have one like this which is battery powered, but it also has a hand-crank feature. You can wind it up and play for 30 minutes without battery power. So in review, we have discussed having water, food, medicines, pet food, a can opener, a means of heating up the food, a source of light, a source of heat, and an emergency radio. We will continue this discussion later, until then, be safe!