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Old Coleman Stoves

8 Mar

Stephen, over at dixie critter, is a connoisseur of old camping stoves and lanterns, and I thought he might enjoy seeing my old stove.


This is my old lantern I bought sometime around 1971, and as you can see I still have the original box it came in although I have added some duct tape to keep the bottom closed.


At the same time I bought this two burner stove to go with it.



I also have the original box and instruction manual to go with it.


The price sticker shows I paid $29.88 at Magic Mart. That seems like a pretty steep price for 1971!


I also had a Sears&Roebuck 8X12 canvas tent similar to this one. I had this gear because my friend and I spent a lot of time camping and fishing in our younger days. We started doing this when we were 14 years old. Of course, we felt like we had to have all this equipment to go camping  just like the stories we read in Outdoor Life and Field&Stream magazines. My friend’s brother-in-law had an old Chevy pick-up he would let us borrow and we would load all of our gear in the back and head to the local lakes and rivers in the area. Yes, we were driving at 14 years of age with our parents admonishment to not be driving around in town because the        po-lice knew weren’t old enough to have a driver’s license. Of course, we did go into town anyway, but that is probably a few stories that would best be left untold. Devil Anyway, we would find a good spot and set out Yo-Yos and trot lines and fish most of the night. We kept our own families and several others supplied with fish all the time. Eventually, we only used the camping stove about 3 times and we decided it was too much trouble to carry the stove and the pots and pans and utensils and grease to use with it.


We ended up retiring the stove in favor of a portable charcoal grill we used to cook steaks and hamburgers. We also cooked big hot dogs over the campfire we always made so we had plenty to eat without the Coleman Stove. I still have the Lantern and the Stove so I am prepared to use them if I need them. As I was taking the picture of the Lantern, I noticed the mantles had crumbled so I headed to Wally-World to buy some replacements. There are some replacement mantles stored underneath the lantern in a snap-on compartment, but they are at least 20 years old as well because it has been that long since it has been used!


While I was there I bought another gallon of fuel and I noticed this lantern on the shelf. It is the dual fuel model which uses Coleman fuel or unleaded gasoline. Right now the Coleman fuel costs $12 per gallon and Gasoline is just over $3 and if times get hard, it will be easier to find gasoline than Coleman fuel so I decided to pick up this lantern and put it back with my preps. What did you add to your preps this week?


Water Storage

18 Feb


I have been reading about the extreme drought that is occurring out West and it got me to thing about water storage again. I saw these food grade plastic barrels in Sportsman’s Warehouse recently. The 55 gallon drums cost about $60 and the 20 gallon were $25. With something this large you would need a way to siphon the water out and they had a food grade siphon for $20. A couple of those barrels would take up a lot of space, but if your water quit flowing, it sure would be good to have this on hand wouldn’t it? Otherwise you will be heading to town to scramble with the mob at the stores to buy water or standing in line to get water from the government handout assistance.


I think I have a shortage in my preps! Keep prepping everyone!

Winter Storm

3 Feb


Well, once again we dodged a bullet from a predicted winter storm. We awoke to this sight this morning after a glaze of ice we received last night.


That appears to be about 3/8 of an inch of ice covering those limbs. If the ice had continued just a little longer and accumulated up to 1/2 inch that is about the point where the real trouble occurs.


This pine tree couldn’t withstand the weight; good thing there weren’t any power lines underneath it.


All those little needles just accumulated too much ice. Makes a pretty picture though.




Wilma and Jethro said “Hey, it’s about time you came out and gave us our breakfast!” I want to have some livestock on the homestead someday, but days like today I’m glad I don’t have a lot of animals to take care of.


All in all, it could have been much worse. We had an inch of rain before the temperatures fell below freezing. If that entire amount had been freezing rain it would be a disaster area around here. I would have been fairly prepared for it, but I am glad I didn’t have to break out the emergency supplies, although it feels good to know I am prepared if I need those preps! This is the fifth time the weatherman has predicted a bad winter storm and it has not materialized for us here. I hope our luck holds out. Keep prepping everyone.

Why Should I Prep? Nothing bad will ever happen to me!

12 Jan


You can click on the above link and find out just how wrong the title of this blog could be. the people in the capital of West Virginia have been unable to use water out of their faucets for drinking, cooking, bathing or cleaning. This chemical spill has affected people in 9 counties, over 300,000 people. It may be weeks before everyone has their water restored. As you might imagine, all the bottled water supplies in the area have been bought out and people are getting into fights at the stores, so much so that law enforcement has been diverted to service at places that do receive shipments of bottled water.


Would you like to be trapped in that situation? It has made me reassess my water supplies. You might remember I bought these water containers for our use here at our new home.


These stackable containers hold 7 gallons each which might be a problem for some people because that means each one weighs over 56 pounds.


You can also buy water in these containers which are 5 and 2 1/2 gallons. The smaller size would be easier to handle weight wise. Storing water can really take up a lot of space but it could be well worth it if you really need it. I recently discovered an acquaintance of mine is also a prepper. We were having dinner along with my business associate and my associate thinks prepping is crazy. This acquaintance and I were discussing our preps and he has 55 gallon barrels of water stored in his basement along with lots of other things. As we were discussing our preps my associate was sitting across the table just rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Well, when TSHTF guess where he will be coming to ask for help? He won’t be getting anymore help from me than the rest of my extended family because he has had plenty of opportunity and assets to get prepared. Oh well, I will keep trying to sway him. This news also made me aware of the fact I need to get going on my secondary water supply. I am going to get a shallow well for the homestead that is fitted with a hand pump. Sure that water will be hard and contain a high concentration of minerals and not taste too good, but if it is all you have it might seem mighty tasty at some point. I am also reminded that even though I have 4 of those 7 gallon containers filled up I haven’t used them in many months. I need to go pour out the old water and refresh the contents. If you do this in the summer, you could water some plants with the old water and nothing would go to waste. So just remember, keep prepping everyone!

Winter Storm Hercules

3 Jan


Winter Storm Hercules blew through here and left us with a light dusting of snow and temps in the teens, but according to the weatherman, that is nothing compared to what we may see in the next few days. Things could get dicey with a 100% chance of precipitation Sunday with temps falling to the single digits. BURRRR! I hate that kind of cold weather. I saw a forecast HIGH for Minneapolis of –7 degrees! I also saw the Green Bay Packers were having trouble selling out the upcoming playoff game. No wonder, who would want to sit out in those kind of temps to watch a game? Anyway, I am writing this on Thursday so I have several days to check my preps and get ready. I sent Sweet Thing to the store today and got the fixings for a big pot of homemade chili so we should be set in case we have to hole up for a few days. Are you ready? Keep prepping everyone!

Why Should I worry About Prepping; Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen to Me

20 Dec

For those of you who have ever made this statement, this article is an example of a situation why you should be prepared. You should have a bug-out-bag packed and ready to go at all times.   Several hundred people had to evacuate their homes unexpectedly, and I will bet most were totally unprepared. I do not have a bug-out-bag per se, but I keep a travel bag with clothes, medicines, and toiletries packed and ready, as well as having needed supplies such as water, snacks, blankets, tools and flashlights in all of my vehicles. I also am fortunate enough that if I had to evacuate due to a local event, I could go down the road 50 miles, rent a motel room for a week, and buy anything I might need to stay for a week and it would not be a major financial impossibility like it would be for a lot of people. If that was not the case, I would be more concerned about having a well stocked bug-out-bag. Take a minute to read this article if you don’t think something could happen to you.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Evacuation orders remained in effect Thursday for hundreds of central Tennessee residents who live near a federal Superfund site where a large industrial fire has been burning since the day before.

Firefighters stopped trying to put out the blaze Wednesday, partly because of fears that two 1,000-gallon propane tanks there could explode and were waiting for the fire to burn itself out.

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesman Dean Flener said that between 400 and 500 people were asked to leave the area, about 45 miles southwest of Nashville. School officials said another 1,800 or so students were evacuated Wednesday from four nearby schools out of concern over toxic fumes from the blaze. A shelter was set up.

Jimmy Vest lives about 3 miles from the fire and said the plume of black smoke was blocking out the sun and forming a cloud over his house Wednesday. The air smelled of burning plastic and ash pieces larger than his hand were falling from the sky into his yard.

“It looks like parts of boxes and plastic,” he said. “It’s weird. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Federal Superfund sites were created for the cleanup or removal of areas in which hazardous toxic waste was dumped.

The EPA website said the former Wrigley Charcoal Plant, located northwest of Highway 100, was placed on the National Priorities List in 1989 because of contaminated debris, ground water and soil in the county of about 24,000. The Superfund area includes a 35-acre primary site and surrounding areas comprising about 300 acres.

The fire occurred on a portion of the primary site occupied by Industrial Plastics Recycling, a small-scale facility that recycles metals and plastics and has waste product storage.

Skelton said there have not been any reports of injuries.

According to the EPA website, the Superfund site was home to various industrial operations, including iron, charcoal and wood distillation product manufacturing, beginning in 1880. Contaminants of concern at the site include wood tar chemicals, metals and volatile organic compounds.

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesman Jeremy Heidt said the propane tanks on the site are designed with pressure release valves that should prevent them from exploding, but emergency officials were concerned that the valves might not work. That’s why they pulled the firefighters off the scene.

Winter Storm

6 Dec


Recently my sister asked me if I had a source of heat for my dogs and I said those mutts don’t need any heat. If I had a heat pad in the house they would eat it!


I built this nice cozy enclosure for them and put individual houses inside the enclosure. I try to keep the houses filled with cedar shavings, but it keeps disappearing. I see very little of it on the ground so I guess they are eating it!


It’s a good thing I have them fixed up nice and cozy because we are in the middle of a winter storm. This is a picture out of our backdoor and all that white is ice and sleet. The weatherman is predicting 3 inches of sleet before the night is over with more possible on Sunday. Let’s hope he is wrong, but I am prepared as well as I can be. I stocked up on more batteries, fuel, and food on Monday and the stores had plenty. The people who waited until yesterday to buy supplies were out of luck. I had to give part of our preps to some of our totally unprepared relatives. I would have let the adults sit in the dark and cold and suffer, but I took pity on the kids and I wanted them to be warm so I took them a kerosene heater and fuel, so one of my backup sources of heat is unavailable to me. Oh well, I have 3 other backups (firewood, another kerosene heater, a propane heater) so we will be OK. Stay prepared everyone!