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6 Mar


So, you think prepping for the Zombie apocalypse is stupid huh? Well, I will agree with that for the most part, but how about a short-term local event like a snow storm? People were stuck on I-65 in Kentucky unable to move for 14 hours due to a recent snow storm. This was a storm that was predicted for a week in advance before it arrived and still people were unprepared. I bet most of those people in those vehicles had made no plans before hand in case of trouble. In our vehicle right now, we have a large canvas bag with our emergency supplies. Like what you might ask? Tools, booster cables, first aid kit, extra socks and gloves, blankets, flashlights, water, food, books and a hatchet. Why a hatchet? I might get caught out without my pistol at times, but with a hatchet in my hands I can stop a lot of BS before it gets out of hand! This kit stays in our vehicle at all times and the food and water gets rotated out a couple of times a year. When the weather is bad you should keep an emergency kit in you vehicle, even if the Zombies never come, at least you can be prepared for a storm! Keep prepping everyone!


Homestead Update

15 Feb

I’ve been busy with job related tasks the last few weeks so I haven’t done much in the way of prepping.


I have attended two meetings in Nashville and three meetings in Memphis in the past few weeks. While I was on the road, I stopped in a convenience store and I saw this firewood stacked by the door. It is for sale for $5.99 per bundle, and it looks like it would take two bundles to fill a 5-gallon bucket. Man, at that rate I bet I have $3000 worth of firewood just laying on the ground behind my barn. I better get out there and cover it up with a tarp, I didn’t realize it was so valuable!


I also noticed the gas prices are going back up quickly. I think they got as low as $1.82 around here, now they are up to $2.09 at most stations. Oh well, I knew it was too good to last. I planned on getting my new diesel tank set up and filled while the prices were down, I think I better get on that next week before the prices go up any further. The weatherman is prediction snow and single digit temps for tonight, I hope he is wrong this time. P.S. As an update to this post, they are predicting 6-9 inches of snow and sleet, then freezing temps all week with one night possibly below 0! I can’t take that! I grew up in SE Arkansas about 30 miles from the Louisiana border, I am practically a Cajun!


I refilled the firewood rack on the back porch. I hope we burn a fire because we want to and not because we HAVE to. Those cold winter days with no electricity really suck, but we are prepared as well as we can be I guess.


I looked over towards the barn last night and noticed the security light was out. RATS! It burned about 2 years before the bulb burned out, but I have it replaced now.


I ordered another beekeeping book. I have three electronic beekeeping books on my ipad, but it might be handy to have a hard copy of one just-in-case.


I also just received an email from Sam’s Club about a fire extinguisher I purchased a few months ago. These units have been recalled by the manufacturer and I have to contact them to get a replacement. I hope we don’t have a fire in the meantime. I’ll probably go to Lowe’s tomorrow and get a couple to have on hand while I wait on my replacements to come in. Keep prepping everyone!


14 Feb


I wanted to make a few more comments about my recent trip to Jamaica. I took this picture from the bus as we were speeding down the highway. These two young men were herding their goats down the side of the road, taking them to a fresh feeding spot. One of the goats was on a leash, the others were just following along. I really like this picture, I wish the picture wasn’t so blurry, otherwise I might print it out and hang it in my office.


There was some construction going on around the resort, and the workers used these scaffolds made of wooden poles lashed together with hemp ropes. Definitely not OSHA approved I would guess.


I noticed the workers were building some new structures in this area, and although they had some electric saws, I watched them use non-electric tools like hammers, axes, handsaws, and bracing bits. I have all those tools myself, and they do the job just fine, but the electric versions sure speed up the process.


Whenever I go somewhere, I am always poking my nose into places where it is not expected. I climbed up and looked over the back wall at the resort and took this picture. It is not a place where many people look, you can see some power lines, sewer lines and the barbed wire topped security fence to keep the riff-raff out. It is hard to see in this picture, but that blue tarp is a poor-mans tent situated in a clearing in the underbrush. Underneath it I saw blankets, lanterns, cookware, food supplies and water. Apparently some of the construction workers were living there while they worked at the resort. It just goes to show how lucky most of us are here in our cozy homes, and should serve as a reminder for us to be thankful for what we have.


I took this picture out of my window of the plane. That land mass you see below is Cuba. I bet Castro really doesn’t like the US flying directly over his island. I’m glad he didn’t decide to shoot off one of his missiles at us to make a last grand gesture before he passes away!


Sweet Thing took this picture of me as I was lounging in the pool. I have never seen myself from this angle, not even when I look in the mirror. So, looking at this I think WTH! What is that big, bare, shiny spot on the top of my head? I bet it is caused by rubbing against those chemical company hats I wear all the time. I wonder if I stopped wearing those hats, would my hair grow back? What do you think? Keep prepping everyone!

Prepping Your Water

9 Aug


Why should I go to the trouble of storing water? I am on the public water system and we have never had a problem here. Well, that is exactly what most people in Ohio thought. Over the weekend 400,000 people were ordered to avoid using the water from the system for any reason.

A post to the city’s Facebook page urged the residents of Ohio’s fourth largest city not to drink or boil the water until the city cleared the water for consumption.

The post went on to explain that consuming the water could lead to a series of health complications, including “abnormal liver function, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea numbness or dizziness.” Attempting to boil and drink the water would only worsen those health effects because it would “increase the concentration of the toxins.”


That doesn’t sound good does it? We actually had occasion to use our stored water here at the homestead this past weekend. The main line from the water system was cut by a construction crew and our water was off most of the day. They finally got service restored, but the water coming from the tap was dirty and cloudy for 2 days so we drank and cooked from our stored preps. Imagine if this lasted for several days or even weeks! This has reminded me to call the well driller and get a hand pump installed on the homestead. Keep prepping everyone, and go drink a nice tall, cool glass of pure sparkling clean water!

Burn Barrel

21 Jul


This is a picture of my burn barrel I made from rabbit hutch wire. I think I have about $6 worth of wire in this project. The barrel seems to burn that garbage just fine doesn’t it? It will get about half full of unburned items such as glass and cans in about 3 months, then I will pick it up with my front end loader and dump that stuff in the back gully on the homestead.

burn cage_r

Well, if you don’t like my home-made model you can buy this spiffy-looking super-duper factory model from DR Manufacturing. It looks like it should work just fine. It should because this one is on sale for ONLY $459.99 plus shipping. No way baby, no way! I think I will keep my home-made version and if it burns out I can build another one for $6 and I will still be $447.99 ahead. Keep prepping everyone!

I Found a Balloon!

25 May


As I am checking fields each year, I probably find a Mylar balloon in some field at least 30 times. so if I can find that many how many are actually released and floating around? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Who knows. It seems that at least one of the balloons will have a card requesting a return with the location where it was found. This week I found one from the First Baptist Church in Walnut Grove Missouri. I checked and it is approximately 200 miles away as the crow flies. I sent the card back but I didn’t include my name or return address, I didn’t want to end up on a mailing list and receive all their Baptist propaganda. HAHA! You might notice some of my library of books in the background of that picture.


That little section contains:

The Self-Sufficient Life And How To Live It

The Complete Trees Of North America

The Complete Guide to Gardening

The Complete Outdoor Encyclopedia


Right next to that section I have;

When Technology Fails

Basic Country Skills

Craft Wisdom And Know-How

Country Wisdom And Know-How

Survival Wisdom And Know-How


The shelf right above that has;

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

The Remodelers Handbook

How To Build Small Barns And Outbuildings

There is a world of useful information in those few books alone!

You can also see a jar of marbles I have picked up in the fields over the years and an antique gentleman’s valet with a bird dog figure. It looks like something from the 1950’s, I really like stuff from that time period. Keep prepping everyone!

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

11 Apr


I was in Lowe’s today and I picked up a few more of the old style incandescent bulbs to put away for later. The government has stuck it’s nose in our business once again and in it’s infinite wisdom it has decided these bulbs use too much energy, therefore, we will be forced to buy those CFL pigtail bulbs from now on. Or, better yet you can buy the LED bulbs for $10 a piece instead of the good old cheap incandescent bulbs. Well, I don’t like the quality of light that comes out of those bulbs, so I bought 10 dozen of the 100 watt bulbs last year and put them back. This year I will get twice that many 60 and 40 watt bulbs to put back for future use. Good luck trying to read by that awful fluorescent  light put out by those CFLs. Thanks, Big Brother. Have you added some spare bulbs to your preps? You might want to get some soon before it is too late. Keep prepping everyone!