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Porch Swing

30 Nov

We were in Lowes today and saw a stack of these swings and thought that would be nice for the back porch, so we picked up one in a box to take home.


I opened the box to read the instructions first (as I always do) and check the pieces.


Each piece in the box was individually wrapped.


The nuts and bolts were pressure sealed onto this piece of cardboard. They even included the necessary wrenches and a small bottle of touchup paint. The directions said it would take two people two hours to put it together, and sure enough it took two hours exactly. The only complaints I had were the parts were not actually labeled with a sticker on the parts as they were in the instructions.


And on this one leg the hole was drilled too close to the end. The hole on the left was 5/8ths of an inch down, the one on the right was 3/8ths of an inch down. In the end, it worked out ok. I just had to trim the end cap a little so it would go down into the leg.


Now we can relax on the back porch and just be a-swingin’.


27 Aug

Yesterday while I was taking pictures of the wildflowers, I was lucky enough to get close to this cicada. The picture is a little blurry because he was rubbing his wings and making that distinctive whirring sound. EEEEEEHHH! Some people don’t like this sound, they say it is kind of eerie. I like it, the sound reminds me of warm summer evenings, swinging on the front porch swing. Besides, this sound helps dround out the ringing sound of my tinnitus in my ears. HAHA!