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Books Full Of Old Wisdom and Knowledge

28 Jan

As we were moving our book collection, I was amazed at the amount of great books for hard times that we had acquired over the past 15 years.


This is one example, a Progressive Farmer magazine from 1958. I paid $3 for this several years ago just because I liked the cover art of the quail hunting scene. But if you look at the bottom of the page, you can see the title of theĀ  main theme for this issue. How to plan a farmstead. How appropriate is that for someone like me just starting a new homestead?


This is one of my favorites, a copy of The Homemakers Handbook, copyright 1935. It goes into great detail with things every woman should know about keeping house. It also includes hints for young brides to do things to please and satisfy her new husband. What an outdated concept! Someone needs to call the Politically Correct Police and get them to ban this book. HAHA! Doing things just to please your husband, does anyone besides my Sweet Thing still have that kind of attitude? I doubt if many young women ( or older women for that matter ) still have that attitude towards their marriage. I am really lucky to have my Sweet Thing, she is definitely one of the good ones!