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24 Nov


I was sitting in our vehicle waiting for Sweet Thing to come out of the grocery store (remember I’m not allowed to go in the grocery store because I buy too many prep items for the pantry) when I noticed this flock of sparrows land on a nearby vehicle. They weren’t afraid of people because they are “town sparrows”. And it sure didn’t stop them from pooping all over that vehicle!


Hey, we could help you with that sparrow problem if you would just let us out of here!


Millie the Wonderdog doesn’t much care for those sparrows either. Keep prepping everyone!


What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

31 Aug

One of the more popular Prepper blogs asks this question every week and with the drama between the US and Syria I started to rethink my prepping. I am in pretty good shape prep wise, but I have a lot more I want to do. I have plans for next week, next month, next year and even plans for 5 years from now.


Two weeks ago Lowe’s got in a supply of really nice fruit trees so I bit the bullet and went ahead and paid full price for some trees instead of waiting until they went on sale. I bought 18 trees and added them to the orchard. Today I went in and they had their vine crops marked down to $6 each for the 1 gallon pots. I bought Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and concord grapes to plant in the orchard. I am going to leave these in the pots for a few weeks until we have cooler weather. I had been wishing for hot weather and we got it! It has been in the mid to upper 90’s the last 2 weeks and I have been scrambling to keep water to the fruit trees I planted. It will be easier to water the new vines if I keep them in the pots for the time being.


I went to the grocery and added some items to the pantry like this 1% milk in a sealed wax carton that you can keep on the shelf with no refrigeration required until you open the carton.


I picked up some Mexican salt, you have so many uses for salt besides eating!


I also picked up some additional Lamp and Candle oil at a good price. What did you do to prep this week?

Stocking Your Pantry

20 Feb

I went to the grocery store today and while I was there I picked up a few extra items for the pantry.


I just keep adding to the pantry slowly, bit by bit. But some things I always make sure to have plenty on hand. Many years ago when Sweet Thing and I first got married, I gave her a clear set of instructions to keep the pantry stocked especially with three things. We should ALWAYS have a supply of ketchup, Pork and Beans, and toilet paper. Those are three of the basic necessities of life. I told her if I ever discovered we were running short of any of those items I would not be able to sleep until they were restocked. She one of us might have to run to the store to restock even if it was 10:00 at night. So always keep those pantries stocked. What supplies do you insist on always having on hand?

Swamp Dog Is Back!

23 Jan

I am finally back online. We spent our first night in our new home two nights ago. It sure seemed like a long time coming. The cable company hooked our cable up at the new home last Monday, and they turned it off at our old home on the same day. Even though I had the internet service at the new house, my computer was at the old house so I couldn’t put up any new posts. It has been a real hassle getting our things moved to the new home. I didn’t realize how much crap we have accumulated over the years. We are definitely going to rid ourselves of some of this clutter in the near future. A lot of the bric-a-brac we box up will just stay boxed up until we can have a giant yard sale, then what doesn’t sell we will donate to Goodwill. The biggest problem we have encountered with the move so far is our cat Frank, he has been completely traumatized by the move. He has always been high-strung and jumpy. If we moved the coffee table to vacuum around it and reset it back 3 inches from where it was, as soon as Frank entered the room he would freeze and creep toward the table like his life was in danger. It might take him 15 minutes to decide the table being moved wasn’t a threat to him. So, as you might imagine, he has not adjusted to the move very well at all.


He spent the entire first day hiding under the couch, then he spent last night out in the enclosed garage hiding under a stack of lumber and boxes. So today I went to Wally World and bought a small harness and a leash to take him outside for a walk. I have to say, after we came back in after a 1 hour walk through the woods he was acting much better. He is beginning to just wander around inside and explore his new surroundings instead of just hiding under the couch in terror. Hopefully in a few days he will adjust to his new surroundings and will decide this is his home now and he won’t try to go back to our old house. We are going to keep him inside for at least 2 weeks, and when he goes out we will keep him on a leash.


We brought the same blankets and throws from the couch in our old house so he would have some familiar scents to make him feel at home and he finally settled in ON the couch instead of UNDER the couch. Oh, I did something else today while I was at Wal-Mart all by myself. Nerd smileI bought another 2 dozen cans of food for the pantry!


Those shelves don’t look quite so bare now do they? Hopefully I can get back to posting on a regular basis now since we are starting to get settled in. Be prepared!

Stocking Our Pantry

3 Jan

Some of you remember I am not allowed to go to the grocery store by myself. Well, Sweet Thing was preoccupied with her cooking for New Years and she needed something from the grocery so she sent me to the store alone. WELL, we have this big new pantry at our house and I just couldn’t resist beginning to stock up the shelves.


I just made a quick run down the canned goods aisle and picked up these staples. I bought several types of beans and peas, beef stew, several soups, hominy, ravioli, Vienna sausage, canned ham, chunk chicken breast, deviled ham spread, olives and sardines. All in all a good start on stocking our new pantry. Sweet Thing doesn’t know about this yet, she will be really surprised when she sees this post. She will be so surprised and happy she will probably send me back to the store alone next week! By the way, this stack of canned goods cost about $35, so if I did this for 10 weeks I would have spent $350 and probably have over 350 cans to put in the pantry. If I waited on sales and planned my shopping I could do much better than that. Now, you might say I can’t afford $35 in one week. OK, how about 20, or 10 or even 5? For $5 a week you could easily average 5 extra cans of food per week. In a years time you would have put away 260 cans of food! Prepping doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but you just have to take small steps and get started.

Construction Update 32

25 Oct

The molding is up all around the ceilings, doors and windows, and the painters are caulking the cracks and nail holes and painting it.




He has built a mantle around the fireplace and put a frame around the top where a lot of people would put a flat screen TV. Not me. Wouldn’t that be a good spot for the deer mount I showed you a few days ago?


We are putting adjustable shelves on one side of the pantry.


The other side of the pantry will have a work station with overhead cabinets.


One side of the walk-in master closet will be a double row of clothes hanging rods, and the other wall will be all shelves.


You might remember, the bedroom, closet, and master bath are storm proof. Well, to go along with that we have these storm proof double thick steel doors with triple hinges on one side and triple locks on the other side. So it also makes the bedroom a safe room from intruders. The contractor said if someone tried to beat those doors down with a sledge-hammer, I would have plenty of time to get my shotgun loaded and be ready if they ever broke through. He thought they might just decide it was too much work and go away before they got in! Anyway, the doors now are ugly and utilitarian, so we are gluing some molding on the door before they are painted to give them the look of a raised panel door. Stay tuned for more!