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Cable Television

2 Jan

Well, the cable company finally came out and started installing the cable.


I was working in my shop and I heard someone driving up to the house. I looked over and realized it was the cable company and I thought “YES!!!” It is about time.


They had this big spool of cable, and as you can see the ground was slick and muddy from the rain. I kinda felt bad watching them slip and slog through the mud but I wasn’t about to send them away!


They worked out on the highway for a couple of hours stringing the new cable down to where it previously ended.


Then they pulled the line from the road to the pole in our yard. These men were actually just outside contractors hired by the cable company to install the main wires. The cable man still has to run the wires into the house and get everything set up correctly. I’ll definitely be giving them a call tomorrow so they will come and finish the job. It should just be a matter of time until we move in. In fact, we moved the furniture for the downstairs guest room today, and tomorrow we will move some of our bedroom furniture in anticipation of finally spending our first night in our new home. YEAH!!!

Bar Stools

17 Dec

I had another little project today. We bought a set of 4 bar stools at Lowe’s on Black Friday, and of course, they were in a box and needed to put together.


The instructions said it would take 45 minutes to put each one together. It probably took about that long to put the first one together, but then I could do it without reading the directions so it only took 20 minutes each for the last three. Another thing that sped me up was to use my tools instead of the allen wrench they included with the hardware.


This is actually all I needed to put the chairs together.


That allen wrench was slow going, so I just used a 5/32 hex bit in my bit driver and 1/4 socket wrench and it went much faster, not to mention the bolts were tightened more securely. The stools are attractive and nice and sturdy, but I forgot to take a picture after I put them together. I’ll post one later.

Our First Christmas Mouse

13 Dec

I was walking into the garage and near the back door I saw this;


Yes, our very own little Christmas mouse. Sweet Thing said “Oh no, we haven’t even moved in and we have mice already?” I told her not to worry, this was just a little field mouse trying to come inside since the weather is turning so cold. Besides, when we get moved in and bring our cats, these mice won’t stand a chance. My puppies might even get a few of them while they are nosing around in the bushes. We can hardly wait to get settled in.

Cloak Room

10 Dec

I haven’t mentioned these two doors in the foyer.



One of them is a small guest bathroom.


The other is a coat room or a cloak room. I guess now I could throw a fancy dinner party and hire a coat check girl. I might even hire a cigarette girl to go around during the party.


Cigars, Cigarettes, Tiparillos. How many of you remember this advertising campaign?

If you can remember this you are old!

Construction Complete

9 Dec

Or as complete as it will ever be. Do you ever get completely finished when you own a home? Isn’t there always something that needs to be done? Well, we had the final inspection and gave the contractor his final payment. Sweet Thing and I decided to put one more coat of sealer on the concrete floors before we put the wax on them. There were some bad scratches on the floors, especially in the kitchen where they slid the cabinets and appliances into place.



Before and after in the kitchen.



Before and after in the hall.



Before and after in the guest bedroom. Well, you get the picture, there were bad spots all over the floor but now they look better.


They are not perfect but they look pretty good if you ask me.


Sweet Thing even put a few Christmas decorations around the fireplace. I’ll have to remember to not light a fire on Christmas Eve, I wouldn’t want Santa to burn his hiney when he comes down the chimney!

After church today, we went in to check to see how the floors looked. We noticed a couple of spots I missed with the roller so we decided to hit those spots today. The biggest spot was in the master bedroom, so I took my roller into the room and started rolling. That’s when I discovered the floor was not completely dry in there. I felt my shoes sticking to the floor and I thought I need to get out of here, I’ll just roll my footprints out as I back my way out. I took my shoes off but my socks stuck even worse! I took my socks off and walked out barefooted. Sweet Thing took the roller and worked behind me as I walked out. Then her feet started to stick! This sealer is supposed to dry in 4 hours and it had been down for 18 hours, but it is rainy and drizzly today so the drying time is much longer. She said “I sure hope this stuff gets dry by tomorrow, I need to put the wax down because we have furniture coming Thursday.” When I finished rolling the floors yesterday, I pulled the roller off of the pole and put it in a garbage bag sitting on the pantry floor. We didn’t redo the pantry floor because it looked OK. Well, when I picked up the garbage bag I discovered the excess sealer that remained on the roller I disposed of had run down into the bottom of the garbage bag. The sealer melted the plastic garbage bag and a big, sticky, gooey spot was on the floor where the bag had been sitting. I thought she was going to cry she was so upset. I told her it would be OK, I will fix it. She said she was tired of fixing things, she was ready to just move in! That is really the only time she has been upset in the entire six months of construction. She really did a great job because she took care of all the construction details herself, I just came to the site and patted her on the back and said “take care of it” as I left and went to work. I know how she feels, I’m ready to get settled in too.

Construction Update 49

5 Dec

They finished the tub in the master bathroom. It is an Aquatic Serenity air-massage tub with millions of tiny massaging bubbles!



Doesn’t that tile work look good? The tub is really deep and big enough for two! Sweet Thing and I can get in together and be environmentally conscious and conserve water that way. Helping to save the planet! Following is a short video describing the Serenity Bath. That is not Sweet Thing in the video by the way, I tried to talk her into modeling for our own descriptive video, but she said NO!

Ah, it will feel so good coming in after a hard day working around the homestead and filling the tub with hot water, and just lay back and let those tiny massaging bubbles do their work. AH! I can almost feel it now. I hope we have plenty of hot water due to this;


This is an AC Smith tankless hot water heater, it is supposed to provide enough hot water for the entire house. This will be my first experience with a tankless water heater. They cost more on the front end but are supposed to save money in the long run by just heating the water as you need it. So we are almost there!  I will take some final pictures this weekend after we get everything cleaned up and ready.

Construction Update 48

4 Dec

We are just about finished with construction, finally!


The stairs are installed, this is the view coming in from the front door.


The view going up the stairs, as you can see they are still dusty, that is Sweet Things next project, cleaning up the construction dust.  The painter is coming in the morning to put a final coat of stain/varnish on the steps. There is a spot on the floor where the construction paper got wet and stuck to the stained concrete. We scraped up the paper but it left a noticeable spot on the floor, we are going to touch-up the stain in that spot then put down 4 layers of wax on the floor. More tomorrow!

Construction Update 47

29 Nov

The crew that put the granite counter tops in the kitchen put the same granite around the fireplace.


I built a nice little fire this morning while the contractor was installing the wood floors upstairs. I wanted to check out the fireplace to be sure it was working correctly while the contractor was still working at the house. Everything worked perfectly!



The tile man is putting the tile around the bath tub in the master bath. He is using this wet saw to cut the tiles. It is going to take him a lot of time because he is a perfectionist, but it is going to be so worth it. More to come.

Drainage Problem Solved

28 Nov

I have never liked gutters on a house because of the problems with the rot they cause from being stopped up and overflowing or just otherwise leaking. But this house has a steep roof and all the water on the front side drains off at these two points on each side of the porch.


That is a lot of water concentrated into a small area so I needed to do something about the runoff to move it away from the house.


I bought two of these drain catchers to bury in the ground to catch the runoff from the roof. This is a 2 foot heavy-duty plastic box with knockouts to attach drain pipes.


We placed one on each side of the porch and attached flexible pipe to drain the water down the hill.



After the pipe was attached, we put plastic groundcover down to help control erosion. We are going to put rocks around the grate and some sort of large bark mulch over the plastic.


As for now, the pipes are running down the hill into a ditch. In the future I could place a large tank at the base of the hill and run the pipes into the tank for a secondary source of  (free) water. Hummm, just thinking.

Safe Room Complete

26 Nov

Some of you will remember the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet are built with concrete walls and ceilings to be tornado proof. We formed the walls with the insulated Styrofoam forms and poured the concrete in the middle.


The walls are over 12 inches wide, with 6 inches of that being concrete and 6 inches being Styrofoam.

You might remember how ugly and industrial the doors looked at first, but now with decorative molding and a little paint they look much nicer.



The doors are made of heavy-duty steel with triple hinges and triple dead-bolt locks with a steel frame set into the concrete. This door has a full length mirror for Sweet Thing, I myself have no interest in seeing myself in a full length mirror, from the neck up is plenty.Nerd smile



Due to the building codes, all bedrooms must have an exit to the outside either through a door or a large window. Sweet Thing said an outside door in the bedroom made her feel uncomfortable and she would not be able to sleep there. So a window it is. That sort of defeated the idea of being a safe room so we had these wrought iron shutters made for the inside of the window. It has a crossbar in the middle but it can still be opened with one motion, per the code. That not only keeps the room storm proof but keeps it intruder safe as well.


Each shutter has 3 hinges attached with J-bolts set into the concrete wall. That should stop just about anything. I guess if an F-5 tornado picked up a piece of granite the size of a beach ball and hurled it directly into the shutters it might come through, but if there is a tornado outside I won’t be standing in front of the window, I’ll be hunkered down in the shower for ultimate protection. Getting closer!