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Mosin Nagant

28 Oct


I have been wanting one of these rifles for a long time, purely for historical reasons you understand. They were manufactured by the Russians between WWI and WWII. By the time WWII ended, they had manufactured 17 million of these rifles, and after the war ended they packed them in cosmoline and warehoused them away waiting for WWIII. Well, since then they developed the AK 47 and made the Mosin Nagant obsolete for modern warfare, none-the-less, many of them are still in use. Although they are utilitarian and butt-ugly, they do the job for which they are intended in a superb manner. They shoot fairly accurately, are reliable, tough, and most of all inexpensive and fast to manufacture. To read all about this marvelous rifle and the history behind it go to Mosin-Nagant. I bought mine from a private individual for a good price, and it included the accessories normally provided such as a sling, oil cans, tool kit, and belt pouches. And remember, these items were manufactured in the early 1940’s, so it is holding history in your hands when you have these items. I’ll let you know how it shoots after I get the chance to try it out. Stay Safe.