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Traveling Around

9 Oct


As I was traveling around working last week, I took some time to slow down and enjoy the scenery. This is a barge working it’s way up the Mississippi River.



I’ve seen all sorts of mushrooms around the homestead this week. Those round ones we called Poof Balls when I was a kid. You wait for them to mature and turn brown, stomp on them and they go POOF!, a big cloud of spores will go flying away.



Bright blue skies and puffy white clouds over the homestead.


I spotted this Copperhead slithering across the road in front of my truck. Squish! One less venomous snake in the world to have to be wary of.


A farmer was harvesting soybeans in a field across from the house and he left a truck out there overnight. In the morning, just as the fog was lifting, you could barely see it in the mist.


You can barely see them, but a flock of Buzzards was floating on the air currents. I really enjoy this beautiful Fall weather. Keep prepping everyone!


River Flooding

9 Sep

It hasn’t been too long ago many of the fields I check were flooded by the Mississippi River. After The water receded I saw several things of interest.


One of the blocks of ground that was flooded was over 2000 acres with several drainage ditches running across the fields. As the water receded some of these large river fish, probably carp and drum, were stranded in the ditches. The wildlife, namely coyotes and raccoons, were catching these fish and dragging them out to eat. There were probably over 100 of these fish along one ditch and they were making quite a stink that day.


As I was leaving, I saw this river otter that had been run over on a gravel road. I am not a trapper but even if I were, this otter was just a bit too rank to salvage the hide.


I also found this piece of driftwood, it looks just like a piece of petrified stone. I have a piece of petrified stone that was obviously a piece of wood but I can’t put my hands on it right at this moment, it seems to have been misplaced in all of our packing and moving. Keep prepping everyone!

River Flooding

10 May


This is a picture of the overflow from the Mississippi River flooding the fields in the low lands. That is a fertile field under all that water and as soon as the flood waters recede there will be a crop planted on that field. If it is soon, it might be planted to cotton, but with the lateness of the year it will probably end up being soybeans. That is another reason I have the BLAHs right now. We are just sitting around waiting for something to happen. The later the crops get planted, the later I have to work in the Fall until I can finish for the year. Oh well, look at this picture, maybe it will help cheer me up.


As I was out today, I saw this field of weeds and it just caught my eye. I is really pretty isn’t it? It is a solid mat of yellow and green against a blue sky with a few wispy white clouds. It makes you just stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. Be prepared, more to come.

Old Barn

7 Sep


I took a picture of this old barn last week. As you can see, the barn has seen better days. This barn and a few old trees are all that is left of this old homestead. The boards are missing on the front because that is the level where the Mississippi River was 2 Springs ago. This old barn has survived many floods, but it won’t be able to withstand many more without someone to repair and take care of it. These old barns are rapidly disappearing from this part of the country.

Sunken Barge

14 Aug

Some of you may recall my post on March 26 regarding a partially sunken barge on the bank of the Mississippi River.


The river is at near record lows, and someone finally came and salvaged the barge.





They came in with torches and cut the barge up into smaller, more manageable pieces. Then they used this trackhoe with a grappling claw on the bucket to pick up the pieces and load them onto trucks to be hauled away for salvage. I knew with the prices of metal today the barge would not stay there to go to waste.


30 Jun

This is something I have to look out for besides gullies; sinkholes.


This hole is 3 feet by 5 feet and 3 feet deep. You wouldn’t want to be cruising along through this field on your dirtbike and hit this without knowing it! It could be a really bad day for you. These holes show up near rivers especially when they are as low as they are now. As of this writing, the Mississippi River at Memphis stands at –1.9 feet. That’s right, minus 1.9 feet, and it is expected to stay there for at least the next week. When the river is that low, the water table drops and releases pressure against the soil which allows the soil to drop in places creating these sinkholes. Occasionally you will see one much, much larger but ones this size are fairly common. We just know to watch out for them. So watch out and be safe!

Fishing Hole

31 May

One of the fields I check near the Mississippi River has a nice fishing hole on it.


From the field you can look through the trees and see this one little spot of water. But if you step through the gap you can see these views.




I really enjoy fishing, but now-a-days I just don’t have the time. This looks like a really quiet secluded spot to spend a few hours catching a few fish and contemplating the meaning of life. Oh well, maybe someday I’ll have more time to do some fishing.