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Ultra-lite airplane

25 Jul


I was in a field that butted right up to the back yard of this house and I saw this ultra-lite plane parked in the yard. I sent sweet Thing a picture and said “look at this”. She sent back NO! I didn’t even say I wanted one! She sure tells me no a lot to any new toys doesn’t she? If you look closely, right in front of the nose of the plane you can see a huge Shell Gasoline sign hanging on the barn. You can also see a big stack of old advertising signs leaning against the back of the barn. I am going to keep my eyes open to see if I can spot that man out in the yard so I can start a conversation with him. Maybe he will let me look at his stuff. He might even sell me something if the price is right.


Earlier in the day, I spotted this large minnow just laying on the ground in the middle of the field. It was nowhere near a ditch or puddle. I guess a bird flew over and dropped it. Or maybe the good Lord sent it to me for lunch like manna from Heaven? Sorry, but raw fish is not on my menu for the day. Keep prepping everyone!